November 24, 2017

Valentine’s Day Tradition – Hearts of Loving Kindness (Free Printable)


Hearts of Loving Kindness – It’s wonderful to look back and see some of the special memories our kids have from traditions that we’ve carried through their childhood. Our baby may have just turned 13, but I think I need […]

Creative, Fun, Family Ideas for Valentine’s Day


This is my updated list of our favorite Family Tradition Ideas for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to check back here for more inspiration and ideas for all your holidays and celebrations. Often, the fondest childhood memories stem from family traditions […]

Easy “Love Note” Muffins (Special “Any day” Tradition)


Often, in this world of Pinterest perfection, we forget that it’s truly the little things that create the biggest memories. For over five years, I’ve shared my desire to build up a legacy of simple memories and traditions that become […]

Share Your Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas


As Valentine’s Day is here, many sweethearts turn to traditional thoughts and ideas about this big day: cards, flowers, chocolates and a fancy night out at a special restaurant. While filet Mignon, grilled asparagus and twice-baked potatoes perfectly prepared by […]

Date Night Deck, Love Notes Box: Sweet Ideas for Everyone (50% off)


Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with meaningful gifts that speak encouragement and legacy to the special people in your life. There are special ideas for the whole family. We’ve kept a Father/ Daughter Date Night album for years, and […]

Easy Valentine’s Day Love Muffins


Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast muffins – Store bought mixes save the day in a pinch, but if you’d like a recommended recipe, I love my banana nut or banana blueberry muffins.

Ten Things I Love About You (free printable)


The power of words is an unbelievable thing. They cultivate a range of emotions. Words can inspire, encourage, devastate, uplift, tear down and ultimately change the direction of a person’s day, week, and in some rare instances, their life. Be […]

Valentine’s Tradition – Treasure Hunt of Love


The Treasure Hunt of Love – This Valentine’s tradition combines the fun of a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt with the sweetness of showing love and appreciation. The older our children get, the more I realize the importance of filling their love tanks by praising […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions – My Secret Valentine


I’ve often shared that the fondest childhood memories stem from family traditions that were lovingly repeated throughout the years. Family traditions have family at the center of a celebration spending time together and creating lasting memories. If you don’t already […]