November 24, 2017

Painting an Ugly Brass Lamp & Making It Beautiful


I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that those are the same lamps, but they are. Even my husband dropped his jaw and said, “I can’t believe  it.” A total transformation with just a little bit of paint and […]

Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: “Good “enough” Things


Two years ago, I gazed at beautiful, new cabinets and dreamt about the day when I could create the kitchen of my dreams. Instead, I went to my Good “Enough” Plan B, and knew that updating my knobs would suffice […]

Do You Decorate Above Your Doors?


As I stumbled across this 1949 picture on, it conjured up so many feelings – a time when life was more simple, when boys were content to play with one truck on the floor, and when Family Managers focused […]

DIY Lamp Shades – Getting Inspired by Pottery Barn


As we gaze and gawk at the Pottery Barn catalogs each season, those first tendencies to compare, complain and covet can get us, can’t they? Well, I may be speaking for myself, but I can’t help mourn the fact that […]

Spray Paint and Organization – Spring’s a comin’


Window’s cracked open, spray paint bottles dusted off, and storage bins pulled for a make-over…life is good. Spray paint sprayin’ definitely means springs a comin’. Forget the ground hog, this is a much surer sign. This $5 yard sale shelf […]

Beautifully Budgeted Bathroom Redo – Before and After


In my mind, my home decorating skills are living large with HGTV quality, but in reality, I have put many household renovations on the back burner for years. If I spent half of the time doing, rather  than just dreaming […]

Laundry Room Redo – I Love Paint


My laundry room has been in disarray for years. Now for most, that is pretty typical but there are no worries because one just closes the door to the laundry room and the worries melt away. Well, not so in […]

DIY – Creating Beautiful Easter Baskets: Easter Basket Ideas


DIY Easter Basket Ideas, Easter Basket Craft and Easter Basket Gifts Many of us have an abundance of baskets stashed in the depths of our closets;  holding onto them for that perfect use. Well, let’s pull them out, avoid the […]

DIY Pedestal Cake Plate – Easy Centerpieces


Creating a frugal, yet elegant tablescape begins with a wonderful centerpiece. I shared how one of the easiest ways to achieve that look is by layering cake stands, yet I realize that many of you many not have any cake […]

Decorating on a Dime with Chalkboard Paint


For months, I have had the epitome of frugal decorating fun sitting patiently in my attic. It has been whispering, “Jen, just take me out to play for a few minutes. Please, you won’t regret it.” So I finally paid […]

Painting Lighting Fixtures


When Tim asked if I would join his remodeling round up, I quickly started having heart palpitations. I am great at finding things that need remodeling, it’s the doing it part that gets me every time. He doesn’t know this […]

Spray painting Brass


In continuation of my mad spray painting rampage, I give you some more of what I did when “I shopped my house.”Again, this was done in a few mere minutes, and the total cost was $2 (including the brass pieces […]