October 18, 2017

Red, White and Blue Dessert Delights – July 4th Inspiration


We are hosting two large groups of people this weekend, with virtually no notice, and the need for some 4th of July dessert ideas inspiration has hit in full force. My teen age sons got home from their work camp […]

DIY Breakfast Bar: Feed Your Friends with Ease


Does the stress of sharing hospitality to groups stand in the way of saying “Yes?” As holiday gatherings approach, and we begin pondering how to feed the friends and family masses that we will host over night, it’s easy to […]

What to Feed a House Full of Middle Schoolers?


Every March, for the past five years, we have hosted a house full of  middle school students (typically around 15 people) for our church’s annual D-weekend (Discipleship weekend).  Girls and boys from various schools, backgrounds and personalities come together for […]

Taco Salad – Great Meal for Large Groups


Whenever I can’t decide what to order at restaurants, I always choose a taco salad. I know, out of all the choices, why would I order something that I prepare all the time at home (and enjoy even better)? I […]

Cooking for Large Groups: Recipes for Large Groups


I love an impromptu troop full of “terrible teens” filling our home. (Terrible teens? I beg to differ…”) And with that troop came so much beauty and bedlam…. We love to open our home, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough […]