November 18, 2017

The “We All” of Family: Cultivating Memory Making Moments


With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will turn our hearts towards traditions. There’s such power and importance in establishing them, yet with our busy schedules, maybe consider implementing some Once a Month Memory Moments, instead of piling more pressure […]

To Mothers, Women, Mentors: My Important Reminder


It all matters!! I’m finishing up a 60K word book manuscript this weekend.  I’m exhausted. I’ve written about our home and hospitality and mothering with more words than I ever thought in me. I’ll share more soon because I have a […]

One Little Perspective Change Altered How I Mother


With a song in her heart, my mom’s sweet little voice sang out.  Relishing in the joy that music brings to the soul of a young child, her heart filled and was satisfied. Then the words came. Words that changed […]

Care Packages for the Homeless: Way to Help the Homeless


Nationwide, temperatures have been frigid. Ice courses through the bones. And while I tucking my children into bed, years of route “courtesy prayers” are spouted… “Lord, thank you for our yummy dinner tonight. Thank you for our house during the […]

Dear Me: a Letter to My Teenage Self


Dear Teenage Self Me, In one week, you will turn 16. I just love that you are so full of  life, and innocent enough to believe that this magical birthday will suddenly allow life to explode with possibilities. I know, […]

Special Ideas for Grandparents


Celebrating Grandparents – This Sunday, we celebrate an overlooked, but wonderful holiday –  National Grandparents Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, the holiday was created to remind grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents […]

Love Them Well


“We’re praying for this next chapter,” I heard the greeter mention to someone as they walked out of the sanctuary. I glanced up to see who she was addressing, and my sweet friends came into view. “Chapter, what chapter,” I […]

Little by Little: Life Lesson for Moms and Kids


Within a few weeks, kids everywhere will be back in school. Whether one schools at home or structured in the classroom, I find that the start of the school year gives way to a plethora of opportunities that just begs […]

Won’t You Join Me?


There’s a soft subtle breeze that whispers through the tree tops. The crickets, frogs, birds, and a host of other creatures I try to identify without success bellow a cacophony of instrumentation that I haven’t heard in months. It’s a […]

Dream Big Dreams (with your kids) + St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, now is a great month to start a family tradition that makes you think about the importance of dreams all month long.  Share some of your dreams with your children (or maybe you are […]

It’s Worth the Fight (Sibling Relationships)


Last week I happened upon this two year old photo. If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in our home, it’s the way our eldest always has his little sister’s best interest at heart. He cares for her. He […]

Taking Dinner to New Levels: the Ground (Literally)


Sometimes creating special family dinners requires taking your surrounding ambiance to new levels. For our dinner last night, I literally took it to a different level – the ground. It’s been challenging to get all my guys home on the […]

Family Fun Night: Camp Out in the Living Room


When our children were young, Friday family nights consisted of free fun. We prioritized it. We fought for that time together. Now that we have three teen boys (as well as our two younger girls), it’s a bit trickier to […]

Cultivating is Key (and I’m not just talking gardening)


It’s gardening time on our homestead, and it’s fun to see all the new growth. We tripled the size of our garden, and it was incredibly time consuming. Since we have rock hard, red clay, I spent days tilling, and […]

Blessings in Raindrops


This last week I have been doing some heavy duty pondering about blessings. Blessings, not in the sense of bounty or abundance, but the power and physical act that a spoken word, a intentional blessing has on another person – […]