October 17, 2017

Fresh, Homemade Pico de gallo


As I’ve shared a little about our homestead, with 30 acres, 19 cousins and my siblings, I’ve also shared my attempts at gardening. There’s something about the onset of spring that brings out the Little House on the Prairie feel. […]

Meal Time Magic: the Joy of an Unexpected Blessing


Make Family Meal Time a Priority Gather Together over a Shared Meal The Importance of Family Meal Time Laugh More, Laugh Loud Creating Ambiance through Candle Light around the Dinner Table Gathering together around a shared family meal is an […]

Hospitality for the Non Perfectionist


For the first time in over a week, I sit in silence. Our house has been bustling with a spontaneous family reunion (They drove from CO, WI, Oregon and MN). The chatter has been non stop (understatement), the fridge has […]

Just Another Day in the Country…(sheer bedlam)


Often there is an idyllic image that goes along with our family homestead. Do you envision waking up every morning to the sweet sound of chickens crooning softly? Flowers meandering in perfectly neat rows, smiling pristinely for our cutting pleasure, […]

Setting Financial Goals: For What Dream are You Saving?


(Edited to add: We are Celebrating!! The porch that took 17 years to build has finally been completed.) When we built our house thirteen years ago, we purposely designed a colonial style because our dream style for our home was to […]

Homestead Hospitality…only at my ‘haven’


I sincerely believe in the spirit of a “Welcome Home” mentality.I want every single one of you to feel as if you could “make yourself at home” on our home stead, and come away refreshed and renewed from your stay.I […]