October 20, 2017

$50 Food Lion Giveaway (Box Tops for Education)


Oh yes, it’s January. A fresh start. A month filled with New Year’s Resolutions and all those old familiar sentiments and goals. The kids are excited to start back with some new routines, and for me personally, it’s a month […]

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System – Holiday Giveaway


For years, I helped students with their public speaking skills. One of the first things I always focused on was establishing a good first impression. Even fourth graders understood that you only get one chance to make a good first […]

Holiday Giveaway Bash: Amazing Sleep/Music Machines for Kids


It’s that time of year when every one is coming home for the holidays. My niece just arrived from New Hampshire and I haven’t seen her in a year. It’s such a delight. As a new mom, she is in […]

$100 Tupperware Giveaway


Every time I enter my mom’s home and take a sip of water, wonderful memories come rushing back. She still has the same Tupperware plastic glasses that I used when I was a child and they still are in perfect […]

Reeves International 3 Toy Holiday Giveaway


I can’t even tell you how many memories were brought back as I opened up this box of toys. The realization that my baby boys are no longer playing with trucks makes me nostalgic. Not too long ago, I was […]

Formula 409: Baking & Cleaning Holiday Bash Giveaway


Oh, this is the most wonderful time of the year. I just love everything about it, the baking, the cooking, the decorations, the friends, but NOT the messes, clean up and miscellaneous bedlam. Fortunately, Formula 409® takes away some of that […]

RC (Remote Control) Extreme Hero Toy Giveaway


 When our three teen boys were little, every year another variety of remote controlled gadgets were on their wish list. There’s just something about boys and their toys and being at the controls. WOW, has the toy industry come a […]

Holiday Giveaway Bash: Hollywood Fashion Secrets


When this gift package came in the mail, my teen age daughter ripped it apart and instantly claimed every item for herself. (Until I realized what she was doing. :)) With holiday festivities around the corner, it’s that time of […]

Adorable EnviroSax Bags: Holiday Giveaway Bash


Our daughters can not get enough hand bags. Well, I should preference and say our youngest daughter. They are her “thing.” Any style, any size, any color. Two years ago (see above picture – wow, they’ve grown), we were introduced […]

Holiday Giveaway Bash: Nordic Games for the Wii (We Sing Pop & 80’s)


We Sing: 80s (with 2 Microphones for Nintendo Wii) The minute this came in the mail, I turned the cover over and broke into song. Yes, there’s nothing like creating a little nostalgia in the kitchen for your kids by […]

Veggie Tales: Holiday Giveaway Bash


 (giving away all of these) We are starting out our Holiday giveaway bash with one of our family favorites. Our home swarms with Veggie Tale books, DVD’s and even quite a few old VHS tapes (yes, I am slowly weeding […]

Dayspring Blow Out Sale + $100 Gift Card Giveaway


As For Me and My House – Canvas Framed Print (may personalize with name) For three years now, I’ve had the privilege of being a contributing writer for (in)courage. I’ve met some of my sweetest blogging friends through that group […]

Gap Skimmer Jeans + $50 Amex Gift Card


Jeans, Jeans, Jeans The perfect pair can make or break an outfit, but fit them wrong and our kids cringe. Mom Jeans are the worst. We love the thought of rocking that great new pair of jeans, but based on […]

Wearables by Kid Construction: Holiday Gift Giveaway


My nine year old daughter and I just spent a few hours together coloring and creating together. Honestly, I thought she would be too old for this adorable carriage, but today, I sure am glad she isn’t. I savored every […]

Ziplock Vacuum Sealer System (w/ Target Gift Card): Holiday Giveaway Bash


Since I’ve been in Peru all week, my Holiday Giveaway Bash got put on hold. I’m finishing up the rest of my great giveaways. As you read this, I’m flying home from Peru. I’d love for you to read about […]