October 22, 2017

Coupon Lingo: Couponing Abbreviations


Have you started “Extreme Realistic Couponing“, but feel as if it speaks a different language? Well, it does. Here is an easy Quick Reference guide to learn the abbreviations behind your favorite store match-ups. Print off my Quick Reference Couponing […]

My Extreme Couponing Day


As another episode of Extreme Couponing is set to air on TLC, I’ll spend time answering questions for confused newbie couponers. Shoppers that want to mimic the “expertise” shown on the show, and buy $1000K worth of groceries in one […]

Extreme Couponing – it’s not reality


(My “not so extreme” shopping trip today – $7. Already eaten was our dinner –  a bucket of chicken on sale for $4.99, but marked to $1.99 because the deli was closing, as well as marked down apples.) Extreme Couponing: […]

Extreme Couponing: Grocery Guru Strikes Again


It’s a Grocery Guru shopping week here in the beauty and bedlam household, and I got a cart full of groceries for next to nothing. Some call this extreme couponing, but as I know, this is nothing compared to those […]

Stockpiling Groceries 101


Stockpiling Groceries Having  just returned from my local grocery store with what appears to be a very unbalanced shopping trip, I thought I would share the method to my madness;  a proven method of consistently slashing our grocery budget by […]

Are Coupons Worth It?


A common question I receive from readers and friends is, “Are coupons really worth the hassle?” Guess what, 92% of the time…they are not! Yes, you heard it from the grocery guru’s mouth. 92% of the time, the store is […]

Grocery Guru during Triple Coupons


For those of you who never have had the opportunity to double or triple your coupons, I want you to check with your nearest realtor and move on over to NC.The housing market is great. We have the mountains, beach […]

It’s savings time…again!


Yep, you’ve asked that I give you a heads up when those rock ’em, sock ’em, kick them out of the park kind of savings come around, and it’s here…again. You would have laughed at my friend and me, sitting […]

Grocery Guru saves $125


Do you ever come home from the grocery store and glare at the receipt? Then spy suspiciously at the amount of groceries you have acquired and think…that is all I got? Surely not! Groceries are listed in the top 5 […]