October 20, 2017

The Best Christmas Present Ever


The white lights twinkled on the tree, Christmas carols played softly in the back ground, and my mom bustled in the kitchen pouring eggnog and plating cookies. The stage was set for a most memorable Christmas Eve, and I could […]

The Secret’s in the Cake


“Vinegar and Cocoa,” Bitter and sweet, “and cafe.” “Ahh, yes, coffee makes everything better,” I declared, priming Selena for her secret chocolate cake recipe,” we can be coffee loving sisters together.” “I owned my oven for a long time before […]

Boys Will Be Boys, but… (Peru: Day 3)


He knew I was watching him. That cute, little rascal. It started as a quick pinch to the kid sitting next to him, and oh, how his eyes danced as our eyes locked. That pinch became a full fledged body […]

Writing Life Stories Through the Scars (Peru)


(Read the rest of my posts about my life changing trip to Peru here) After tiresome hours of exhausting labor, I vividly remember my first moments with our eldest son.  I close my eyes and am instantly transported to his […]

I am Heading to Peru with Compassion International


In one week, I will be packing my bags for a journey that will surely change my life. As many of you know, three years ago, I had the privileged of heading to South America to bring my precious nephew […]