November 28, 2015

The Best Christmas Present Ever – Now is the Time


As I regroup from this Christmas week, my husband frantically works long hours trying to finish his office’s fiscal year end. His account mind also gathers year end tax deductions. As I share this post from my trip to Peru, […]

The Secret’s in the Cake


“Vinegar and Cocoa,” Bitter and sweet, “and cafe.” “Ahh, yes, coffee makes everything better,” I declared, priming Selena for her secret chocolate cake recipe,” we can be coffee loving sisters together.” “I owned my oven for a long time before […]

Boys Will Be Boys, but… (Peru: Day 3)


He knew I was watching him. That cute, little rascal. It started as a quick pinch to the kid sitting next to him, and oh, how his eyes danced as our eyes locked. That pinch became a full fledged body […]

Writing Life Stories Through the Scars (Peru)


(Read the rest of my posts about my life changing trip to Peru here) After tiresome hours of exhausting labor, I vividly remember my first moments with our eldest son.  I close my eyes and am instantly transported to his […]

I am Heading to Peru with Compassion International


In one week, I will be packing my bags for a journey that will surely change my life. As many of you know, three years ago, I had the privileged of heading to South America to bring my precious nephew […]

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