November 21, 2017

Crockpot Angel Chicken (Cook Once, Serve Twice)


With basketball season in full gear, the crock pot has been getting an extra workout. It’s always such a challenge to get meals on the table during this time of year because practices and games fall right during the dinner […]

Taco Casserole Recipe (Our Kids’ Favorite Family Casserole)


This easy Taco Casserole recipe is one of those melt in your mouth goodness recipes that I could make continuously, and my family would never complain. I first shared this recipe a few years ago in my Mexican Freezer Recipes […]

$2 Dinner for our Whole Family: Crock Pot Turkey


Over the years, I’ve shared many ways that our family saves money on meats without sacrificing taste or my sons’ need to feed their carnivore selves, but one thing I have never implemented outside Thanksgiving week was to purchase turkey […]

Grilling in Bulk – C.O.S.T Cooking


Sizzle your way to fantastic summer meal plans by firing up the grill and letting it do the work for you. Typically, we all love summer grilling because it keeps the heat out of the kitchen and allows us to […]

C.O.S.T. cooking – have you thought ahead?


Since I am the Queen of Best Intentions, I challenged myself to put my money where my mouth was during some of my meal planning/couponing posts, and “walk the talk” with C.O.S.T. cooking – Cook once, Serve Twice (or three […]