November 23, 2017

I Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up (finale)


 via While all of you have been waiting patiently for part three and hopefully the conclusion of our “I Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” trilogy, I’ve been sending another son off for his first year of college (football players […]

I Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up (part one)


This should be an inspirational post about sending our sons off to college. I should share how my heart is breaking bit by bit because I miss our big boys being around. I should recall deep, meaningful insights such as […]

Another Bedlam Moment: Tanning Mishaps


There’s something magical that happens in our backyard when the sun starts peeking through the trees, and that’s just what our 13 year old daughter thought this past week too. Our 30 degree rain and frost crazed days scrambled all […]

How a Magazine Outted My Age & What I am Doing About It


Last week, a reader left a comment. “Jen, I just opened up my new issue of All You magazine and saw you featured. How Cool!” It was at that moment that I realized I had not yet renewed my subscription […]

Can You Freely Share Your Bedlam?


The story of the recipe that is so easy, it was made in the back seat of a mini van – literally. Last night, we hosted a cook out for families involved in the Classical Conversations home school program that […]

I Walked Onto the Set of I Love Lucy: Bulk Food Storage


It’s posts like this where my blog name comes to fruition. Sheer Bedlam! Last week, I starred in the latest episode of I Love Lucy. I know some of you think it’s been off the air for over fifty years, […]

Stressed Some?


The holidays are the least stressful time of the year for me. Can you believe it? When everyone else is running ragged, I thoroughly enjoy my month of December. I partially plan ahead, clear my plate of many outside responsibilities, […]

Confession Time: Is Your Christmas Decor Still Up?


Over the past few snow days, different teen guys have been in and out of the house. When not just one, but two friends asked my sons privately why their mom still had her Christmas stuff up, I started feeling […]

When Bedlam Strikes, You Have a Choice…


It’s been “one of those” weeks for me, and that is an understatement. A multitude of bedlam moments struck full force causing untold damage that is so unbelievably blog worthy, I can’t even stand it. For the sake of protecting […]

Join me on the 30 Day Shred & Giveaway


Reading the comments on my last post, The Weight Loss Roller Coaster, excited me to no end (and made me a little nervous too). 🙂 I am thrilled that many of you want to join me during these 30 Days […]

Just Another Day in the Country…(sheer bedlam)


Often there is an idyllic image that goes along with our family homestead. Do you envision waking up every morning to the sweet sound of chickens crooning softly? Flowers meandering in perfectly neat rows, smiling pristinely for our cutting pleasure, […]

Frugal Family Fun – Be Easily Amused


It never ceases to amaze me how the spontaneous, crazy and FREE things in life become highlights of our family time. I love instilling a “be easily amused” mentality; it reaps rewards by children who enjoy frugal family fun. Everyone […]

Before Hiring a Santa…


Dear Retail Establishments:

Before hiring a Santa, please ask to see what “said Santa” looks like in his Santa gear. Not trying to perpetuate the attitude that “looks are all that matters,” but when hired Santa sends children screaming to their mamas, an image consultant needs to be consulted quickly.

Are you a “Yes Mom?”


In a culture that screams “Yes” to everyone and everything that the world has to offer, I am a mean mom that says “No” quite often. “No” to ideology that says truth is relative. “No” to many movies, music and […]

Please remind me…


It’s just been one of those weeks. Please remind me… that the days are long, but the years are short. Please remind me… that when I am old and gray, I will miss not having a moment to go to […]