November 17, 2017

Easy Beach Crafts – Plaster of Paris Sand Prints


Since it’s that time when many hit the beach, I thought I would share this post from a few years ago. Not only do I still have my box of Plaster of Paris ready for another set of prints, but […]

Little by Little: Life Lesson for Moms and Kids


Within a few weeks, kids everywhere will be back in school. Whether one schools at home or structured in the classroom, I find that the start of the school year gives way to a plethora of opportunities that just begs […]

Peek into our family’s fun, American History Day


Some school days are just a bit more fun than others, especially when learning takes on a whole new twist. Rarely do I have time to write about our home school journey, but this is one of those fun activities […]

Home School, Private School or Public School: Touchy Subject


A recent post on the New York Times parenting site made this statement. “There are certain words you learn to use carefully when you write about parenting. Breastfeeding is one. Co-sleeping is another. Home schooling is on the list, too. […]

Brain Power: How Deeply Do you Think?


Many stay-at-home moms mourn the state of their “brain power.” With wiping noses, changing diapers, and speaking on a 2 year old’s vocabulary level, the tendency can be to forget the power and gift that deep thinking can be. We […]

How to Make Snowflake Crystals


Homeschooling is so much a part of our every day life, but I realize it’s not something I address on my blog very often. With our oldest child weighing in at the ripe, old age of 16, and our youngest […]

Expanding the bad word vocabulary


Expressing oneself openly is a dynamic part of our happy, but harried homestead.Many people say to me that they want to be a fly on our wall…I doubt that. You would definitely get smooshed.I let a little chaos, maybe some […]