November 17, 2017

To Mothers, Women, Mentors: My Important Reminder


It all matters!! I’m finishing up a 60K word book manuscript this weekend.  I’m exhausted. I’ve written about our home and hospitality and mothering with more words than I ever thought in me. I’ll share more soon because I have a […]

Kitchen Sisters’ Club: Tasty Tuesday


This month over at (in)courage, we’ve been talking about in real life friendship. We are kicking off week four with practical ways to build community, and they asked me to share a bit about building friendships through my Kitchen Sisters’ […]

The Importance of Real Life


(Some of my real life friends, sampling spinach smoothies, on our quest to decide between a Vitamix or Blendtech.) This photo was snapped on Tuesday. Yes, I deemed Valentine’s Day the official Pajama Day for our home school group because […]

Becoming 2011 (A Weekend Like No Other)


Over two years ago, I mentioned to my real life friend, The Nester, how much fun it would be to gather our blog readers together for an event. Back then, we were fairly new bloggers, and that dream never became […]

Through the Eyes of a 7th Grader…


As I put-zed in the kitchen,  slowly stirring the brownie mix, I listened carefully. Thirteen seventh grade girls, sharing their heart on the topic of relationships; relationships with family, friends, authority figures, and even “those that don’t fit into the […]

Another Year…Remembering…


As we grow older, what feelings do birthdays conjure up for you? It’s definitely not the cakes, balloons and blow horns we had when we were children, especially if it falls on a weekday. We still have obligations, meetings, deadlines […]

Choosing Healthy Living…Day 3 (Check in)


Why am I doing this? This 30 days of torture is about a healthy lifestyle, right? Remind me of that, and I am reminding you of the same thing. 🙂 Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred is over, and […]

30 Day Shred – Day 2 (Check in)


(Jen wondering if this is really worth feeling this horrible) Day Two of the 30 Day Shred is over, and I was actually looking forward to starting the work out. I was sore before it began, but my arms finally […]

30 Day Shred – Finished Day 1 (Chime in)


Day One of the 30 Day Shred is over, and I KNOW I can do this (repeat this five times fast). I just can’t tell you how much I dreaded this day, but I finally got it over. Not only […]

Join me on the 30 Day Shred & Giveaway


Reading the comments on my last post, The Weight Loss Roller Coaster, excited me to no end (and made me a little nervous too). 🙂 I am thrilled that many of you want to join me during these 30 Days […]

The Weight Loss Roller Coaster


I’m tackling a subject matter over over the course of the next week that I have been avoiding for too long. A topic that steps on toes. A topic that pulls at the root of many womens’ emotions. A topic […]

31 Days of Amazement


Fall is in the air (It went from 98 to 85 degrees and in NC that  just might mean I need a sweatshirt.) I LOVE this time of year. Decorating for fall, picking apples, simmering soups, and spending Friday nights […]

Saturday Shout Outs


One of the blessings of this whole world of blogging has been meeting some really amazing women. I thought I would highlight some old and new friends today, and share some of their posts. My sweet friend, Amy, is getting […]

Simple Summer Time Brunch and Tablescape


Recently, I’ve shared about my Harried Hospitality and our Spontaneous Family Reunion. I was convicted and inspired about why we open our home. It’s not about the house, or the food, but about the connections being made. With that being […]

Ideas to Strengthen Ties with your Neighbors & Friends


As people lead more hectic lives, it’s often difficult to strengthen ties with our neighbors and friends we want to get to know most. Here are some simple ways to begin building those relationships with some quick and meaningful ideas. […]