October 21, 2017

Spring Blooms…


Spring flowers blooming_opt

Finally, the sun’s rays peaked through the clouds with the last hint of frost’s chill callously clinging to the branches.

Our homestead’s first day of spring blooms greeted the morning – just a few sprinkled haphazardly throughout our lot line.

We rushed to pick them, so thrilled to pull out just a few of our many vases –  treasured finds at yard sales.

There’s just something about fresh flowers that makes my heart sing and frees my soul to rejoice…

His majesty…declared in the details of those first spring flowers.

dafoldills blooming_opt


  1. His handiwork is simply amazing! Loving springtime right along with you! Blessings!!!


  2. beautiful. I can’t wait for mine to bloom.


  3. I just love daffodils, they have to be the most cheerful flowers – besides pansies which always look like they are smiling 🙂


  4. Amy Kinser says:

    God is the greatest artist, isn’t He?


  5. I love when the daffodils bloom as do my little ones. They’ve been picking them, and then scattering them around the yard. I didn’t think to look in my glass jar box for little jars to accommodate flowers with a short stem!


  6. What beautiful pics. I love to ponder His majesty and find Him in the little but extraordinary things He created.


  7. Beautiful!

    He is all things! Have a nice Sunday.


  8. So pretty! We’re still waiting our first ones, but we’ve got some south-side tulips that look like they’ll send up buds any day!


  9. We just got our first yellow beauties this week. Thanks for the photos.


  10. Yes! Yes!! The heavens–and the flowers!–declare the glory of God!

    I get chills every time you use the word “homestead.” What a blessing.

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. Gorgeous daffodils!


  12. Beautiful spring blooms! Looking forward to these blessings in the mountains of Colorado. Enjoy their sweet fragrance!
    All the Best,
    Lori (the BlogFrog)


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