November 17, 2017

Speaking Topics

After speaking to thousands of women on a myriad of topics, there’s one thing that remains true, we are on this journey together.

With a heart to encourage women and remind them to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of everyday life,  I look forward to working with you to create the best event for your group, while tailoring it to meet your particular needs.

Whether it’s struggling to get meals on the table, balancing our budget or wrestling with an overarching feeling of insignificance, I will share openly and honestly on the practical insights that I’ve learned throughout the years.

A few of my recent workshops have included:

Balancing Meal Time Mountain and Beyond
It’s 5:00pm and the dreaded, “What’s for dinner?” question beckons once again. If there’s one day to day stress point with which every Family Manager deals, it’s getting organized in the kitchen without spending a fortune to feed the family. Let’s tackle this dilemma together as we brainstorm meal planning tips (even if you are not a planner), C.O.S.T. Cooking (Cook Once, Serve Twice), freezer meals and ways to save in the kitchen even if you never desire to cut coupons (gasp).  Jen will finish with ideas to make your house a haven with a “Welcome Home” mentality; entertaining on a budget is so much easier than you ever thought possible.

Putting It All Together: Balancing the Budget
Most of us run from the dreaded “B” word –budget, but all the coupon cutting and thrift store shopping in the world will not make a dent unless the basics of our personal finances are in order.  Jen will share her family’s personal story of navigating difficult financial circumstances and how that has prepared them for the future. She will give an overview on some key aspects; understanding how to live without debt, creating a budget that works for you, brainstorming ways to increase your income, teaching your children about money and more.

Live the 80% off Lifestyle and Love it!
With five children, Jen can make a dollar stretch with the best of them. Learn how you too can enjoy living on less and loving it. Covering every aspect of home management on a budget (aside from food, which is covered in other workshops), Jen will walk you through holiday shopping, tips for children, the ins and outs of thrifting as a lifestyle with pro tips on yard sale discoveries, as well as putting together a designer wardrobe for pennies on the dollar; Frugal Fashionista syle. She will share her expertise on cutting ones household budget dramatically in most aspects of your life.

Once a Month Memory Moments: The Power of Purposeful Traditions

Sleeping under the Christmas tree, Family Fun Night…Easter Eggstravaganza, Cozy, childhood memories…  Jen will encourage you to maximize your family time and build strong family ties by weaving simple traditions into everyday life. Learn how to create powerful lifelong associations between family bonding, traditions,  and the values that you cherish. Evaluate your own family time to see if it has the essential ingredients to leave a lasting legacy, and start new traditions that will have your children anxious for more.  Bring a notebook. You will leave with creative ideas, both crazy and meaningful,  that you can implement immediately and you don’t even have to spend a dime.

* Leaving a Lasting Legacy

*Insignificant Me

* The Three Mirrors…Living beyond the Lies (works well for a weekend retreat)

* Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

* Character Counts: Polishing the Pearls Among the Pandemonium and Poopies

* Creating a Welcoming Home (can also be designed as a weekend retreat)

* Meal Planning 101

* Becoming a Grocery Guru – cutting your grocery budget in half

* Living on Less and Loving it (choose between two hour workshop or weekend retreat)

* Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the best home school mom of all?

* Homeschooling the kids, and living to tell about it

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