November 21, 2017

Sharing Cookie Memories (and some free coupons from Nabisco)


I close my eyes, relax my memories, and instantly, I am transported to my childhood kitchen table.

It’s 3:30pm and a toe headed eight year old perches next to her mom ready to ramble through the details of a long school day without stopping for breath.
Sometimes there were giggles, sometimes tears, but there was always a listening ear for a heavy heart, and a sweet snack for a famished tummy to nurture the soul.

Seriously, what is it about simply sharing cookies and milk over conversation that can bring me right back to precious childhood memories?

Life was perfect when a plate of Oreos and milk was there waiting (although I would have welcomed Nutter Butters as well)oreos
Last week, I used our free Oreos coupon (that I posted on my new Facebook Fan Page), and our family indulged in a package.  Don’t ask me how quickly the ENTIRE package was eaten – it’s embarrassing to admit.  Yet, it was so funny to watch how the varying personalities played into how they were eaten. Some dunked them in milk, others separated them and ate the white stuff off first, one princess savored hers, while at least one  boy just shoved two in his mouth in one, fell swoop. (That’s teenagers for you and thus the quickly eaten bag.) 🙂

As much as I love warm cookies out of the oven, I hate to admit,  but if my boys had the choice…well, I won’t even ask.

So what is one of your favorite cookie memories?

And I am just curious….how do you eat your Oreos? I am SO a dunker…all the way!!


(Even though Nabisco sponsored this post so I could share this amazing coupon with you, the Oreo memories, along with the fact that my kids ate a whole bag in one sitting, was all free…from me. )

Here are the details to get your free cookies…

GO JOIN Nabisco’s Facebook Fan page, and starting March 1 and the first Monday of every month for the rest of 2010, there will be a coupon for a free package of Nabisco cookies available for download on the Fan Page.  It’s redeemable when you purchase a gallon of milk and another package of Nabisco cookies, and considering how fast we polished off one bag, I’ll gladly take a second bag for free.


  1. Hi Jen!
    Growing up the only cookies my mom baked were spritzer cookies and we baked them around Christmas time. So, we did eat store bought cookies more often. When it comes to Oreo’s, I am one of those people that likes to take it apart and lick out the creme inside and then put the cookie back together and eat it. I know, weird,right?
    Nowadays, I am taking easy on the sweets, but every now and then a gal has to have a homemade chocolate chip cookie…and yes, I like to eat them warm right out of the oven… No dunking.


  2. I remember making sugar cookies with my mom – and I’d always get tired and give up about halfway through the decorating part!

    I dunk the Oreo still sandwiched together, I’m not a twister!


  3. I didn’t grow up with the cookies and milk program, but my husband has taken on that history with our daughter. He’s truly a cookie monster and Oreo’s are at the top of the list. He’s a dunker and so that is how he taught our daughter. Dunk first, but still eat the middle separately. My mother-in-law has even told me that he used to dunk them in Kool-aid b/c he’s lactose intolerant and doesn’t drink milk. Eeeewwww! But, he loves ’em so who and I to judge? Our daughter dunks them in milk, usually. To each their own, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing your childhood memories. So very sweet!


  4. Kerry D. says:

    Personally, I like to nibble away at the cookie, bit by bit. Your post made me laugh, because I teach students (college) how to organize an essay, and use topic sentences/transitions, by writing an essay together, about all the ways people enjoy eating oreos! (Sometimes I bring in cookies and milk for the discussion.)


  5. My mother made cookies. I loved them. We did have Oreo’s occasionally. I think I was one of those who opened them up and ate the frosting out first.


  6. I don’t like oreos by themselves! They have to be in a shake, a cheesecake or something else. However, if you are talking about the free golden double stuff coupon they gave away….OH MY GOODNESS! Those were so yummy! Hubby is such a tease…I went to the cupboard to grab a few and he left one little cookie in the package…like anyone could only eat one! I’ll be using my coupon this week to pick more of those up!


  7. arrggg . . . I don’t like facebook and am not on it. I’m sad to miss out on free cookies because my husband and I love some mint oreos but facebook is just one place I’m not willing to go. 🙁 Oh well.

    I have memories of my great-grandma walking into a family gathering with a collection of old tins filled with homemade cookies, oatmeal raisin, sugar, fruitcake cookies . . . those memories have grown more and more dear with the passing years.

    Also, I remember when my mom had to go back to work when my family was in it’s own “God watch” time when I was in middle school and my main worry was that there wouldn’t be chocolate chip cookies after school anymore. 🙂 My parents, grandparents and extended family were all so wonderful and I certainly had many, many “perks” and blessings even when my mom went back to work. God is good. All the time.


  8. who doesnt love free cookies!! i never dipped and usually eat the cookie outside and throw away the cream. weird huh?


  9. I am a dunker, but the milk has to be iced cold!!


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