November 17, 2017

Breakfast in Bed – Not Just for Special Occasions


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Breakfast in bed for birthdays are an annual tradition.

The “You Are Special” plate or any number of our personalized plates are dusted off. Candles are lit and typically waffles topped with ice cream, whipped cream and lots of other goodies adorn them. Since I love painted trays, my biggest dilemma with breakfast in bed is deciding which serving tray to use.  I found this old fashioned wooden one below for just $2 at a yard sale. I am thinking of painting it turquoise, since I have so much left over from painting my laminate island.

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Yet, here’s my take on breakfast in bed. Why do we save it for only really special occasions? Are time, money or schedules factors which put it in the “only for special occasions box?” One of the things I have learned in my balance of beauty and bedlam that I reiterate over and over again is that it’s “The little things that are the big things.”

Setting a beautiful table, or eating by candlelight for instant ambiance are things that we reserve for company, but why?

I realized that it took me literally one extra minute to pull out the tray to serve breakfast.

Don’t put pressure on yourself that is has to be a gourmet breakfast. This is about taking intentional time to say, “I Love You” …just because.

We had one lone, left over Krispy Kreme that in some miraculous feat our boys did not eat.  I threw a few strawberries on top, along with the typical scrambled eggs and one lone cookies (which she did NOT eat…)

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Substituting my coffee (pic below), I added in what she has been asking “pretty please”  for all month long because “every one has them.” In less than five minutes, a memorable moment was shared…in bed.

(Total Tangent: Does anyone else wish that you were the ones to “invent” this new craze of silly bands/animal bands? Aren’t we supposed to be able to buy 100 rubber bands for $1? I mean…seriously.)

silly bands animal bands_opt

Did you have a rough day with a child? Maybe the best way to encourage and build up that relationship is by serving their favorite cereal to them in bed? It will become a shared magical memory that will last forever.

So don’t let procrastination become your middle name by waiting for just the right time.  Honestly, when I do that, it’s never the right time.

Show someone how much you care by serving breakfast in bed this week. The reason…just because. Cherishing your special one  takes just minutes of your time and will speak in ways that will not be remembered with just words.

So what about you? Is breakfast in bed something that has been (or will become) a tradition in your home?

Are you up for the challenge of picking a day this month to go above and beyond by choosing to be intentional in the little things? Let me know what you decide to do. I’d love to hear about it, and if you decide to go the breakfast in bed route, I know you’ll find great ideas at Tasty Tuesday.

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  1. I love this idea. What a great way to make someone feel special.


  2. So adorable! The tray, the girl, the whole concept. 🙂


  3. Very nice idea! I would love to have someone serve me too!
    Not sure my teenage boys would appreciate it 😉
    Thanks for hosting!


  4. Aw. She must have felt so beloved. I’ll have to keep this in mind for when my girl gets to that age. Great idea!


  5. It blessed me to read this post. So TRUE! I love making “restaurant” style meals for my husband. We put on soft music, light candles…it really is the little things you were talking about that make a big difference. Thank you so much for hosting this every week. I truly love being a part of it. Blessings to you!


  6. What a wonderful idea! We never have breakfast in bed as we always seem to be rushing around but your post has reminded me that it might be a good idea to slow down and try it. What a great way to make someone feel really special!


  7. Love this post – what a great reminder! It can be so quick and simple and yet the memories and feelings last a lifetime – thank you for sharing this special moment.


  8. We don’t do breakfast in bed much at all these days, when my husband and i were first married though we’d take it in turns to make one another breakfast in bed every weekend!

    Perhaps it’s because we live in a single floor apartment now? Our kitchen really isn’t far from the bedroom so we drag ourselves out of bed!

    Thank you for hosting!


  9. Thanks for the reminder about how the little things matter! We played in the rain BEFORE church on Sunday – even though my first answer was no! But then I figured, why not? we have time, they’re still in pajamas! They had so much fun! So did I. 🙂

    I think we’ll hold off on breakfast in bed because my oldest is five – she *might* be able to do it without the sheets and carpet being cleaned afterward, but there’s no way the 3- and 1-year-old could!


  10. What a great way to make a child feel special! I may try this – this weekend – it’s my middle son’s 8th birthday! Thanks for the linky – can’t wait to check out some of these great looking dishes!


  11. Victoria Kageni says:

    What a neat idea.I can’t WAIT to see the look in my 5 yr old turning 6 on the 15th.These “little things” remine etched in the minds of our loved ones.Thankd for sharing.Be Blessed! 🙂


  12. That’s really sweet! But can I make a confession? I don’t like breakfast in bed. I know! What’s wrong with me? My hubby and kids always bring me BIB on special occasions and I always appreciate it because of the thought and care they put into it. But I’d rather eat off the lovely tray at the table. 🙂


  13. Hey, Jen! Got our first tomato for a yummy sandwich & enough blackberries for a blackberry crisp. I love this time of year!

    Your breakfast in bed looks like fun! I can’t even remember if I’ve ever had breakfast in bed, unless I fixed it and came back in there to prop up & watch TV.


  14. What an awesome idea! I’ll need to do that this week with my kiddos.


  15. SmlTwnLdy says:

    great post. Yesterday my sisters and I were saying the same thing about inventing something that catches on. I think my little girl and I need a “special occasion” this afternoon.


  16. Great idea to do breakfast in bed for birthdays! I love your tray and dishes. What a fun way to make a child feel special.


  17. cute idea, but I must have OCD tendencies… I can NOT imagine letting my kids have FOOD in their bedroom!!!


    Jens Reply:

    haha, you can do it…how about something crumb free? lol


  18. Too late! Procrastination IS my middle name. I have never brought anyone breakfast in bed. Our kids did bring us breakfast once about 15 years ago. It was such a sweet surprise. We have a rule that food is only permitted in the kitchen/family room area of the house and that would make breakfast in bed so special.


  19. Looking at all this YUMMY food makes me so hungry! I can not wait to try some of these. Thank you ladies for sharing!!


  20. My kids go nut for them stupid bands! 7&8 year old boys!


  21. YES!! I do love this idea! We have done breakfast in bed lots of times – not just for special occasions – because sometimes it’s nice to be random or break silly rules. 😀 However, it has been a while since we have been random like this, so thanks for the reminder. I love it!! I really like your simple idea for pulling this together to make someone’s day!

    And YES on those bands, too! Sheesh. I wish I could think of the next craze like that. The side money would be nice! 😉


  22. While I think it’s a great idea, I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old and unless there was NOTHING they could spill, it might be soemthing I’d consider but an open glass… GASP… NO WAY! Hee hee hee…


  23. Thx for this information. It is much appreciated! Cheers.



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