December 18, 2014

Recipes (Photo Index)

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$2 Dinner for our Whole Family: Crock Pot Turkey

crockpot turkey legs

Over the years, I’ve shared many ways that our family saves money on meats without sacrificing taste or my sons’ need to feed their carnivore selves, but one thing I have never implemented outside Thanksgiving week was to purchase turkey […]

10 Super Fun, Christmas Rice Krispie Treat Ideas

Christmas Rice Krispie Treats

As ovens gear up for hours of Christmas baking, it’s this time of year when I stock up on marshmallows. Yes, my name is Jen, and I am a Rice Krispie treat-a-holic. It started in college when I won fame […]

12 Quick Bread Recipes from 1 Homemade Baking Mix

Amazing homemade baking mix - 12 sweet bread recipes from one mix

A few months ago I finally shared my Homemade Baking Mix Recipe, aka Homemade Bisquick that doesn’t use any shortening. It’s been fun to hear from how so many of you have used my mix to make your baking needs […]

2 Ingredients: Too Good to Be True Homemade Biscuits

2 Ingredient Homemade Biscuits

When you live in the south, it gets quite confusing. There are lots of aunts and uncles around our homestead. We have “real” aunts and uncles and then there are those aunts and uncles you just stumble upon. You know […]

5 Minute Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

5 Minute Christmas Cinnamon Roll Tree

You will thank me later, if only in your mind. When your family raves about your unique creativity and you humbly shrug and respond, “Oh, it was nothing,” you will think of me. When you give them a little wave […]

5 Minute Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (with Double the Chocolate)

Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix with double the chocolate

This polar vortex seeping the country has left many wondering if spring will ever started peeking through. Here in NC, we’ve had a two hour delayed start to school or complete cancellation nearly every day for the last two weeks. […]

5 Minute Pizza Pull Apart Bread

This amazing pizza bread appetizer pleases every crowd!

As a home where this pizza bread is served during sporting events, please pause and mourn the loss of our beloved Packers. (Que silence for a minute 30 seconds.) OK, I feel much better now. Here are a few little […]

5 Minutes, 5 Super Easy Seasoning and Rub Recipes

5 Super Easy Seasoning Mixes and Rub Recipes

Whenever friends watch me in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure I make them nervous. “How do you ever know how much seasoning to put in without measuring?”they always question. “I just taste it and keep adding until it’s right.” At […]

8 Fancy Pound Cake Fix ups (Great Last Minute Desserts)

Eight Fancy Pound Cake Fix Ups at beautyandbedlam

Everyone needs a few quick and easy dessert ideas which they can whip up in minutes. Preferably, not just any ‘ole quick recipe, but one that mimics having spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. Guess what? This […]

Anytime, Anywhere Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza with hash browns, eggs and sausage

Pizza. Pizza in the car. Pizza on the coach. Pizza up high. Pizza down low. Pizza with friends. Pizza alone. Yes, our family consumes a TON of pizza, anytime, anyplace. And it’s a given that anytime pizza is made in […]

Apple Almond Salad

Apple Almond Salad via beautyandbedlam

Summertime is made for salads, and every once in awhile you are introduced to one that is just down right, out of this world amazing. Had I seen the ingredients before I tasted it, I would never have thought to […]

Asian Citrus Salad – Homemade Asian Dressing

Asian Citrus Salad via Beautyandbedlam

  As much as I love salad, I typically stick to my favorite stand byes and don’t venture out with interesting flavors nearly enough. I am so glad that I broke loose with this Asian Citrus Salad. I would never […]

Baked Apple Oatmeal: Baked Oatmeal with Apples


Attempting to add heartier and healthier meals into our breakfast routine, I have been experimenting with a variety of oatmeal recipes and I have found a winner. I have previously posted a healthier version using only honey as a sweetener, but this time decided to indulge just a tad.
The results sheer bliss, and I guarantee you will get requests for this over and over.

Banana Blueberry Muffins and Banana Pancakes

blueberry muffins

Baking/bulk cooking day is off to a great start. Using up a gazillion over ripe bananas is a challenge, so we started our morning with some delicious banana pancakes. Now, please note that one of the first things my youngest […]

Beautiful Fresh Fruit Cake

Watermelon Fruit Cake @beautyandbedlam

Everyone needs a group of friends who inspire you in new and unique ways. I have my frugal friends, my creative friends, my “iron sharpens iron” friends and I even have ladies who continually challenge me in wonderful ways to […]

Berry Banana Almond Delight

Berry Banana Almond Delight

Over the years, I’ve shared my journey with whole foods, organic, junk and everything in between. It’s a continuous balance of choosing that which is best for our family, yet making it manageable. When my teens were toddlers, I was […]

Best Cheese Ball Recipes

Best Cheeseball for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when we search for easy appetizers, and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a good cheese ball recipe. In fact, 99% of the time when I entertain, some form of cheese ball graces […]

Better Than Bought Homemade Ketchup (all natural)

All Natural Homemade Ketchup via @beautyandbedlam

As I shared some of our favorite Hamburger Recipes, and my family’s love of all things burger related, I left out a very simple detail about necessary condiments. A few of our children will eat ketchup on anything, yes anything, […]

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes with Homemade Simple Syrup

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes @beautyandbedlam

The kids clamored for pancakes and this momma came through with a blueberry indulgence that hit the spot. I mention indulgence because I don’t typically add ricotta cheese to our pancakes, but wow, such glorious addition to this brunch of […]

Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Cake is over the top amazing!

The last few weeks have been one of those non stop, go-go-go, invite a ton of people to your home kind of times. Last week alone we hosted two large parties totaling over 125 people. There’s nothing more that I […]

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe (Makes Great Sandwiches too)

Oh my gosh, this is the best appetizer and makes amazing sandwiches too.

Have you ever had those moments when you decide to just have “a bite”, and then too many bites later, you are still standing over that same bowl? Please tell me I am not alone! This Buffalo Chicken Dip is […]

Bulk Baking – marvelous muffins


Are you getting tired of the bulk baking thing?Have I talked you into giving it a try yet?What are you waiting for?Well, since my Blissdom pics arent’ up yet (they are now with some thrifty designer outfits), you’ll have to […]

Bulk Cooking Day


Even though the Pantry Challenge was a huge success, I failed miserably by the end of the month in having meals, snacks and creative cooking ideas ready and implemented. Even with adding on the Super Doubles week, where I shopped […]



It’s pretty easy to see after following our meal plan for a bit, that we love Mexican food, and with our large gang, this is a perfect recipe for a large group, and you will need two 9×13 pans. It […]

Butterhorn Roll Recipe, Butterhorns

butterhorn rolls

via Every time my extended family gets together, you can bet this delicious Butterhorn roll recipe will be shared.  Butterhorns are a fairly simple yeast bread recipe with the added benefit that they have a beautiful presentation, so they make […]

Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day with a Papa Pizza

funny face snacks

Family Celebrations play a large part in my family tapestry, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than preparing those special foods that serve as the “icing on the cake” for family traditions. Tomorrow pick and choose as I share my […]

Cheesey Cheddar Ranch Chicken

Cheesey Ranch Chicken

In my world, I can never create enough recipes that use chicken, and when I make dishes the kids all declare as winners, they don’t mind chicken often. From the first time I made this, it definitely received high ratings, […]

Cheesy Chicken (3 ingredients)

3 Ingredient Cheesey Chicken

When I first got married, I was continually looking for easy and quick recipes that caused my hubby to think I might possibly know what I was doing in the kitchen. Quite ironically, it’s eighteen years later, and I still […]

Chicken Pizzeria

The best flavors for the pizza lover mixed with chicken.

Our family eats a lot of chicken breast and our family eats a lot of carbs. I started playing around with this recipe when I was eliminating various carbs from my diet, but my family still wanted meals packed with their […]

Chicken, Cheddar and Broccoli Braid

One of my favorite ways to dress up a meal - croissant braid and video

It was over 15 years ago when I first used America’s beloved Crescent roll dough to a form a braid; a delicious, edible, almost gourmet like, braid that I could serve. Not only serve to guests because it was so […]

Chili Cheese Egg Puff

Chili Cheese Egg Puff

It’s no secret that our family loves breakfast foods at any time of the day. I shout that fact from the rooftops, so maybe that’s why I continually surprise myself with new and delicious twists and turns for our favorite […]

Chocolate Covered Blueberries: Healthy Treat

So easy and delicious - Chocolate Covered Blueberries

As I look at the NC temps, summer is upon us and that means pool, shorts and tank tops  are calling. Unfortunately, I let my love of all things carbs, sugar and calories have their way with me over the […]

Chocolate Oreo Truffles – Three Ingredient Delight

Easy Chocolate OReo Truffle

I remember the first time that I popped a Chocolate Oreo Truffle in my mouth. I was awed at the deep rich goodness. When I found out that only three ingredients were involved, my heart did a little pitter-patter. Oreo […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats


I sure did know how to whip up Rice Krispie Treats in a microwave.

Many years later, it’s still one of my very favorite treats (especially with peanut butter and chocolate). I’m passing on the tradition by showing my children how to whip up these delicacies in minutes by using our microwave and cereal coupons, of course.

Chocolate Toffee Bars

4 Ingredients Chocolate Toffee Bar, Saltines Toffee Bark

Homemade chocolate toffee is synonymous with Christmas baking and homemade gift giving, but in my opinion, candy making is difficult. I don’t do well having to watch that candy thermometer at all. Some brilliant person made a homemade copy cat […]

Christmas Chocolate Mice (Sweet Treat Recipe for anytime of the year)

Christmas Eve Mice recipe idea

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Well, maybe those mice aren’t pitter-pattering in your house, but in ours they sure are… Our Children’s choir concert reception stirred […]

Christmas Tree Veggie, Fruit, and Cheese Platter Ideas

Christmas vegetable platter

I wander through that kitchen of mine. Yes, she glares at me and then mocks me, along with the used scrapbook “store” I own. She mentions that I am supposed to be making ten minute dinners every night, and yet […]

Cider-Baked Turkey Breast – Whole Baked Turkey

Cider Baked Turkey Breast Whole Turkey recipe

For years, I have recommended my easy recipe for Cider Baked Turkey Breast, but had never converted the recipe to a whole turkey. Being stuck with two eighteen pound turkeys that did not get cooked for Thanksgiving, I realized that today was the day to give it a try.

The results for the whole baked turkey were the same delicious old time harvest flavor that I have received with just a turkey breast.

Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake

Overnight coffee cake @beautyandbedlam

“Wait, I need to snap a quick picture before you polish this off.” My guests swirled around the kitchen. I had a delicious buffet of treats and breakfast casseroles that I had made, but not one picture to show for […]

Crab Salad on Tostadas

So incredibly delicious. Crabmeat Salad on Tostadas!

While visiting the Unilever Test Kitchen, each blogger was tasked with a different recipe to prepare. Stepping outside of my culinary comfort zone, I agreed to make something with shell fish, which typically, I do not eat. Not only was […]

Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Casserole Recipe (5 Minute Prep)

Cracker Barrel hashbrown casserole recipe

Be still my heart! I know it’s wrong to look at this picture and swoon, but I have a serious love affair with potatoes. Yes, I am not proud of that fact, but it’s true. Potatoes are my absolute favorite […]

Cream Cheese Banana Bread Mini Loaves with Maple Glaze

Delicious Cream Cheese Banana Bread with Maple Glaze. A favorite!

These are it! We love any kind of banana bread variations in this home. Healthy Banana Oatmeal muffins with natural sweeteners (one of the most popular recipes on my blog), Traditional Banana Bread, Easy Banana Bar recipe with Cream Cheese […]

Cream of Rice: Homemade Rice Pudding

Easy Homemade Rice Pudding

Rice is one of my  weekly “go to” staple items.  Whenever my rice cooker steams, you can bet I’ve doubled the amount needed for my recipe, with the sole purpose of having extra rice to freeze for later meals. Typically, […]

Create the Ultimate Baked Potato Bar

Try making a baked potato bar. Perfect for a large group.

To open one’s home to others and welcome them to share life with you is one of the greatest gifts we have, yet often we allow our house, budget, decor, cooking skills and a host of other excuses get in […]

Crockpot Angel Chicken (Cook Once, Serve Twice)

Angel Hair Chicken made in the crock pot

With basketball season in full gear, the crock pot has been getting an extra workout. It’s always such a challenge to get meals on the table during this time of year because practices and games fall right during the dinner […]

Delicious Dips for any Get Together

Southern Caviar Dip

Our family loves to whip up appetizers – more specifically…yummy dips. I understand that dips are supposed to be saved for those special occasions, but why wait for special occasions when they are so easy? I have mastered healthier, low […]

DIY Breakfast Bar: Feed Your Friends with Ease

DIY Breakfast Bar - Breakfast Burritoes

Does the stress of sharing hospitality to groups stand in the way of saying “Yes?” As holiday gatherings approach, and we begin pondering how to feed the friends and family masses that we will host over night, it’s easy to […]

DIY Homemade Microwave Popcorn (Why Did We Wait?)

homemade popcorn

Our Stir Crazy Popcorn popper is a regular appliance on my counter top. We are a huge popcorn eating family. The yummy, homemade and oil kind of popcorn. The kind you just can’t get enough of, and people even ask […]

DIY Party Bar (Make Your Own Magic Bullet)

diy magic bullet with blender

Years ago, our grandmothers had creative re-purposing uses for everything. One of those brilliant tips has somehow been lost on my generation, and I feel it’s my duty to get you as excited about this as I am. The Magic […]

Doctored Up Snickers Cupcakes (with cake mix)

doctored up chocolate cupcakes

Over the last few months, I have had to make a lot of cupcakes. With every thing from graduations to bridal showers to “Welcome to America” gatherings, there’s been a desire for the beauty that only a decorated cupcake brings […]

Donut Birthday Cake


Sometimes as women we put so much pressure on ourselves to be “perfect”  – the perfect mom, the perfect employee, the perfect…(fill in your blank). Especially during the holidays, the desire for Martha Stewart decorations, the Food Network’s Holiday Dinner […]

Dutch Apple Cake with Carmel Glaze

Dutch Apple Cake with Carmel Glaze @ beautyandbedlam

I’ve never really felt the need to get bossy in the kitchen before, but I am about to stand up on a soap box and preach. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees outside, you will want to run to […]

Easiest Ever Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Recipe

cookie sandwiches

I’m calling all my chocolate loving readers. Can you clap delightfully for that picture? Is it mean to make you stare without sharing? I assure you I would love nothing more than to enjoy this incredibly delicious chocolate sandwich cookie […]

Easiest Ever Homemade Tootsie Rolls (so much better than the “real” thing)

Easiest Ever Homemade Tootsie Rolls

I know it’s hard to believe, but I have never liked Tootsie Rolls. Does that aline itself as an American travesty? Is that similar to snubbing All American Apple Pie and Baseball?  If it is, then I have found the […]

Easy “Love Note” Muffins (Special “Any day” Tradition)

Start a special tradition with these Love Muffins. Perfect for any occasion.

Often, in this world of Pinterest perfection, we forget that it’s truly the little things that create the biggest memories. For over five years, I’ve shared my desire to build up a legacy of simple memories and traditions that become […]

Easy Almond Buttercream Frosting


For years, the idea of little ‘ole me, whipping up my own delicious homemade frosting seemed daunting. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who still feel the same way, but let me put your mind at […]

Easy Banana Bread – Baking in bulk

banana bread

There are so many things that I love to do with one hour of my time. Some choices benefit me. Some choices benefit my family, and some benefit a whole bunch of people. My choice of an hour benefited all […]

Easy BBQ Chicken in the Crock Pot

Easy Crock Pot BBQ Chicken

There is a  Bulk cooking day in process at our house. Yes, it can be intimidating, but it’s SO worth the time. Where should one start when you no idea what to do? Easy  BBQ Chicken in the Crockpot With […]

Easy Breakfast Skillet (Freezer Ready for Rushed Mornings)

Freezer Meal Breakfast Skillet

As our children woke to the delicious aroma of a hot, home cooked breakfast, they stumbled down the stairs to their choice of eggs, sausage, hash browns, french toast and fruit salad. As the candles flicker, their sweet spirits slowly […]

Easy Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch

This easy buttermilk pancake is our go to recipe.

With five children, I need a pancake recipe that is easy on both the budget and my time. This perfect buttermilk pancake recipe from scratch meets both criteria and my kids love it. I can’t double, triple, quadruple the recipe […]

Easy Butterscotch Torte

Layers of delicious flavors make this Butterscotch Torte a perfect indulgence.

Do you love browsing old church cookbooks as much as I do? Honestly, one of my favorite recipes come from sweet Edna and Edith’s collections . Those ladies know how to cook and they understand the definition of comfort food […]

Easy Cheesy Vidalia Onion Dip

Love all these savory treats

As each of our children turned five or six, they already knew how to make their own Taco Dip. Yes, this is true. We are a family which holds a deep and abiding love for our appetizers and some of […]

Easy Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake (with hint of coffee)

chocolate cake_opt

Creating cakes that look and taste like they came from a bakery is my desire, yet reality sets in and I am drawn to my second choice of finding recipes that can mimic that desire. This easy chocolate recipe takes […]

Easy Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

cream cheese crescent roll recipe

How is it possible to have three, tiny ingredients taste like you spent all day in the kitchen, and have a group of 30 women ask for the recipe? Often, my desire is to bake from scratch, but too many […]

Easy Cream Cheese Frosting

The Easiest Cream Cheese Frosting Ever

Cream Cheese frosting is by far my favorite frosting to make. Not only is it delicious, but it’s so easy that my children can whip up homemade frosting in a minute’s notice. There are so many versions, and honestly, I […]

Easy Crockpot Applesauce Recipe: Homemade Applesauce

easy crockpot applesauce

I don’t have time to make professional applesauce. As much as I would love a perfectly creamy sauce, the extra peeling and straining time it requires isn’t a priority for me. So I make:
The Easiest Ever Homemade Applesauce in a Crockpot

Easy Dumplings with Savory Soups

easy dumplings

There’s nothing that says warm and cozy more than a roaring fire and a bowl of hot soup. Recently, we’ve had quite a few opportunities for that, haven’t we? I’ve taken advantage of these snuggly days by maximizing on a […]

Easy Homemade Baking Powder Biscuits: Biscuit Recipe for Kids

baking soda biscuits

As a Family Manager, one of my goals is to spend quality time in the kitchen with our kids. In a previous post,  I asked my readers when you all learned to cook. It hit me just how emotional of […]

Easy Homemade Bisquick (Baking Mix)

Easy Homemade Baking Mix (aka Bisquick)

There’s a reason that Bisquick has been one of America’s favorite convenience products since 1930. It allows us to not only whip up fresh biscuits in minutes, but pizza crust, coffee cakes, pancakes, waffles and my fall favorite –  Homemade […]

Easy Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

This Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce is a gift to chocolate lovers everywhere. Add a touch of kahlua for over the top gourmet flavoring.

I admit, sharing this easy Homemade Hot Fudge sauce recipe is a gift to chocolate lovers everywhere. Can you imagine receiving this as a gift “just because?” Oh my!! To take it up even a notch further, add a touch […]

Easy Homemade Pumpkin Cake

Homemade Pumpkin Cake

With fall weather kicking in, my sweaters are coming out, right along with my cans of pumpkin, and pots for chili. Baked goods, which include pumpkin of any kind, are some of my favorites, which is quite ironic, since for […]

Easy Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Easy Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Learning to mix and match spices becomes one’s foundation for good eating in the world of cooking. When we learn to combine flavors, we start on the road of taking otherwise basic meals and really creating something special. I will […]

Easy Homemade Waffles without butter

Easy Homemade Waffles without butter

We love homemade waffles in this house, but my “Go to” Malted Belgium Waffle recipe consists of a lot of butter. Trust me, my  Belgium Waffle recipe is worth the extra time,  but I have been experimenting with an easy […]

Easy Marinated Cheese Appetizer Recipe

cheese appetizer 2

Growing up in the good ‘ole dairy state of Wisconsin, I assumed I had sampled every version of cheese appetizer known to munchers like myself. Obviously not because this unbelievably delicious make ahead marinated cheese appetizer is TO DIE FOR […]

Easy meal planning tips – 4 meals in 4 minutes


Easy meal planning tips – We all desire something quicker, easier and more effective in the world of meal plans. I spontaneously decided to jump into the world of vlogging today, and I’d love for you to come along and […]

Easy No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars

5 Minute No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars

I’ll never forget the first month I sent our 17 year old son to public school. Homeschooled since Kindergarten, but needing to be on a public school football team to receive scholarship offers, it was a whole new world. Now, […]

Easy Oatmeal with Diced Apples


Easy Oatmeal with Diced Apples When trying to get away from eating all fifteen boxes of our stockpiled $0.50 cereal in one week, I realize that hot breakfasts need to be served 4-5 times a week to preserve. Since we […]

Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe

Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe

Entering my mother in law’s kitchen and viewing a huge jelly roll pan of pumpkin bars gracing her counter top is the first memory I have of holidays in her home. Isn’t it amazing how smells, sights, and a great […]

Easy Pumpkin Cake Decor in Minutes

Easily Frost Cake to make it look like pumpkin

As the holidays approach, many of us become overwhelmed feeling as if we need to keep up with “Martha.” Even though all her suggestions denote, “It’s a good thing,” it’s never good if it leaves us stressed, discouraged or feeling […]

Easy Ribs Recipe (that Anyone Can Master)

BBQ Pork Ribs

I am a northern Wisconsin girl, who moved to the south. Yes, a Midwesterner that loves to grill. Alongside the Packers, it’s kind of a lifestyle. Tailgating is a separate entertainment category that holds special memories, but when I moved […]

Easy Strawberry Pie from Scratch

strawberry pie

Every single day this week we have been enjoying the fruit of our labor…literally. I love strawberry picking season, but this year, I didn’t pick enough – only three pathetic gallons. We just finished the last of our fresh berries […]

Easy Veggie Tray – (Adorable Turkey)

Vegetable Tray

As much as we all love our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas, it’s always a wonderful option to offer a lighter fare and this adorable Turkey Veggie Tray brings healthy eating and gorgeous presentation together. My sweet friend, Heather, inspired […]

Easy, Healthy, Homemade Granola Recipe

easy homemade granola

One of the very first recipes I posted when I started my blog was homemade granola recipe, but since then, my recipe has evolved, and so has my recipe printable feature. Easy, yet healthy, homemade granola provides an incredibly frugal […]

Easy, One Minute Fruit Cobbler (using Cake Mix)

strawberry cobbler

With summertime in full force, fruits of all varieties beckon from those farmer’s market stands. We’ve already gone strawberry picking and cherry picking, yet I am most excited to see raspberries and blackberries start to ripen in my garden. If […]

Easy, yet Elegant, Bavarian Pear Torte


No other recipe have I been asked for more than this easy, yet elegant Bavarian Pear Torte. As a young bride, it was that special recipe that fooled others into assuming my culinary skills were much more advanced than they […]

Egg and Cheese Puff: 5 Minute Delight

egg picture

In the past year, I have experimented with dozens of egg recipes, egg casseroles, egg crescents, egg omelets, you get the picture. Eggs are not only a great source of protein, but a budget conscious cook’s dream with endless versatility.  […]

Elegant Egg Bake (Prep Time Only Five Minutes)

Egg bake

Thank me later. No really, I know you will. If you are scrambling for an easy, yet melt in your mouth, egg dish for company, look no further. Once you try this, is won’t be saved for just company, I […]

Everyday Waffles

easy every day waffles

Our family loves waffles, and the kids want me to buy them all the time. Yet, with the increase in waffle prices, this is something that’s been crossed off my shopping list. The price point is just too high. This […]

Fabulous Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

Let’s just stop and ponder this photo for a minute. I completely understand that it may not be the best quality photo you’ve ever laid your eyes on since it’s from my i-phone, but the subject matter deserves an award. […]

Fabulously Fun High Heel Cupcakes

How to make a High Heel Cup Cake

When ladies of all ages get together, why not embrace the girlie girl in all of us and celebrate with some high heel cupcakes? When some of my best friends gathered to celebrate a birthday, one of them shared her […]

Festive Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

Can you believe that Christmas is just days away? With that comes all the last minute baking and preparation for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Meal. Our Christmas Eve food takes a turn from the traditional meal, since I […]

Florentine Turkey Meat Loaf

Turkey Meat Loaf beautyandbedlamdotcom

As many of you know, I’ve been working hard over the last few months to change the way I think about food and to lose these extra pounds that I’ve let slip on over the last few years. I’m down […]

For the Love of Blueberries


Blueberries and I have a long standing love affair. She woos me over and over again with her many, delicious attributes and reminds me of why my quest for the perfect basket of blueberries has been an annual tradition for […]

Fresh and Delicious Southern Caviar Dip

Fresh Southern Caviar @beautyandbedlam

I just love all things summer and that means taking advantage of the fresh garden produce that graces our presence during these months. We’ve been making a variety of vegetable dips these last few months and they hit the spot. […]

Fresh Peach Pie Filling to Freeze & Make Ahead

Easy Freeable Peach Pie Filling. Fresh Pie in minutes

As you stare at this computer screen, I’m most likely enjoying a piece of homemade  and oh-so-deliciously fresh, peach pie with crumble topping. Yes, hot out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream melting down the edges, it’s […]

Fresh, Homemade Pico de gallo

What a wonderful way to garden indoors

As I’ve shared a little about our homestead, with 30 acres, 19 cousins and my siblings, I’ve also shared my attempts at gardening. There’s something about the onset of spring that brings out the Little House on the Prairie feel. […]

From My Bed & Breakfast: Peach Puff Pancake Recipe

This delicious peach puff pancake is the perfect blend of all my favorite breakfast treats.

Did you know it’s always been my dream to own a bed and breakfast? As a teenager, I would imagine sitting on my front porch sipping coffee with my guests. Yes, sipping coffee, swapping stories of adventure, and then parting […]

Fruit Smoothie Recipes

fruit smoothie recipe

In our family, summer equals the best in sensational smoothies. Since I love taking advantage of seasonal fruits, marked down produce, and a produce warehouse where you must purchase in bulk, I often have large amounts of fruit that are […]

Fully Loaded Tex-Mex Nachos

Who doesn't love nachos Loaded with melted cheese and various toppings, this is a meal.

Last night, our son announced, “Mom, I’m going to make some amazing Nachos. That’s alright with you, isn’t it?” My mind raced, “Alright? Alright? Of COURSE, it’s alright.” When any of our kids determine they are going to cook, and […]

Glazed Apple Bread

Keep diced apples on hand for any number of recipes

There are certain foods in which you can’t just stop at one piece. You try. You really do, but they are just that good! You tell yourself that you will cut one small serving size and then walk away. You […]

Grandma’s Texas Sheet Cake Recipe


When one has a large family, recipes that feed a crowd, yet taste delicious, are always on my radar. The Texas Sheet Cake certainly fits that the criteria, and what’s even better is that is bakes in TEN minutes. Yes, […]

Gratitude Rolls: Special Food Tradition

gratitude rolls

Grateful Rolls – This simple tradition is a fun way for your family to express what they are grateful for during your Thanksgiving dinner. As guests arrive have each person write a few things that they are grateful for on small sheets of paper. We always make our special “butter horn” rolls each Thanksgiving,

Grilled Veggie Pizza – your new grilling “Go To” recipe

Grilled veggie pizza - there's just nothing quite so delicious!

Fresh Basil, garden tomatoes, sliced peppers in my stir fry, and the grill cranked all summer. Can you hardly wait? I can almost smell and taste them right now. Our North Carolina ice and snow-mageden is finally over and yesterday’s […]

Grilling Corn on the Cob

Grilled corn on the cob @beautyandbedlam

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to experiment with all kinds of fresh produce. One of my favorites summer time treat? Grilling Corn on the Cob. I typically just have the kids husk the corn and […]

Healthy Baked Oatmeal Sweetened with Honey

Baked oatmeal

For decades, women have shouted from the rooftops, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. ” Yet, some how in the hustle and bustle of early morning activities, it’s also the hardest for me to implement on a […]

Healthy Pumpkin Coffee Cake (using homemade Bisquick)

Quick Pumpkin Coffee Cake using homemade Bisquick

Someone has to stop me!! I am besides myself with trying new recipes using my Homemade Bisquick Mix  and I nearly ate this whole Pumpkin Coffee Cake by myself.  Fortunately, I’m focusing on creating treats that are low fat and healthy, […]

Healthy, Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Banana Oatmeal Muffin Recipe at

There’s something about this cold weather that just calls for turning on the oven, and filling the home with baked goods to tantalize our taste buds. Well, my taste buds have been tested with SO many sweets during the holidays […]

Hearty Garden Harvest Vegetable Soup

Delicious veggies sauteing for our garden vegetable soup.

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine I heard light sizzling snapping from the kitchen. Sauteed in bit of olive oil, the delicious aroma of diced red onions, zucchini and squash floated through the home. […]

Heath Bar Mini Muffins

Oh my! Heath Bar Mini Muffins

With a large family that’s on the go more than I like,  muffins are a wonderful option for breakfast on the run. I’d love to say we rarely eat in the car and that meals are always a leisurely, relaxing […]

Homemade Brownie Recipe: Fudgy Brownies

fudgy brownies

Last year, I had the opportunity to tour the Good Housekeeping headquarters. My favorite part of that day was spending time in their test kitchen, and the chance to ask questions of their full time bakers & cooks. Not only […]

Homemade Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Homemade Granola Bars

One of the all time great “Eat on the Go” snacks in our home has always been the granola bar. With every flavor, variety and healthy option, typically our pantry shelves yields quite a few choices. But recently, as the […]

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (Copy Cat Cinnabon Recipe)

Cinnamon Rolls Cinnabon

We’ve all stepped into the food court and smelled the amazing Cinnabon Rolls from afar. Our mouths start watering instantly. We see them rolling, baking and frosting, but then we see the price, and have sticker shock. Well, with a […]

Homemade Dumpling Recipe

easy dumplings

Homemade dumplings are such an easily overlooked comfort food.  Nothing says cozy more than a roaring fire and a bowl of simmering soup, but please don’t forget to make this easy homemade dumpling recipe. With only a few minutes of […]

Homemade Mint Chocolate Pudding

Homemade Mint Chocolate Pudding - so delicious!

Last year, I made homemade pudding for the first time and I was hooked. The problem? I’ve had that post sitting in my blog drafts and never did share just how fun of a culinary discovery it has been. So […]

Homemade Pizza Crust

pizza crust dough

Our house is full of guests for the week, and I am feeding 20 plus hungry people. Guess what we made this evening? BBQ Pizza is so delicious, but whipping up my Homemade Pizza Crust is the perfect fit for […]

Homemade Pumpkin Gingerbread (Perfect Mason Jar Gift Idea)

Homemade Gingerbread Mix

On arrival, I tore open that adorable little snowman box. It must have been torture for the poor postman to hand off because the smells emanating from the box told me something inside would be delicious! It did not disappointed. […]

How Do I Cook Bacon in the Oven? (Cooking Bacon in Bulk)

bacon in the oven

When I agreed to make brunch for my sons’ football team, I knew I would be going through enormous amounts of food. Since I would be cooking bacon in our hotel condo, creativity was key, so I brainstormed on Skype with the best of them. My friend, Lynn from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures, is a “professional bacon cooker”. They actually grow their own pork, and I knew she would have the answers for me on the best way to cook up bacon in bulk. I wanted to cook it in the oven, and she shared an option of cooking it ahead of time and reheating it.

Cooking bacon in the oven is a wonderful way to avoid the splatter and mess that comes from frying it on the stove. I recommend layering your cookie sheets with parchment paper or tin foil for easy clean up. Unfortunately for us, that was an afterthought.

How to Cook London Broil?

London Broil

London Broil creates a sense of wonder for my food budget. Often, it’s  marked down due to a short dated sale, allowing me to prepare a carnivore’s dream for only a few dollars. The problem? For years, I’d grab it, […]

How to Make a Barbie Cake: A Birthday Delight

barbie cake

We have just finished three birthdays in 31 days. Yes, somehow three of our five children gravitated their arrival to the same time of year. I love sharing special birthday traditions, but I must confess, creating masterful birthday cakes has […]

How to Make a Dirt Cake


I continue to marvel at how God reveals himself through the minuscule, seemingly “meaningless” things. My daughter happened to mention that she wanted a dirt cake for her birthday months ago. Agreeing wholeheartedly with her, that thought went in one […]

How to Make Homemade French bread

french bread

Making homemade bread seems like a daunting task, but this detailed video of me going on and on will show you how you can literally make homemade French bread with only ten minutes of your time (plus, the extra time […]

How to Make Pumpkin Puree & Save Money

pumpkin puree

Last week, I shared on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page about my love of all things fall, including my yummy and oh, so easy, Pumpkin Bar Recipe. A few statuses later, after I got everyone excited about quadrupling […]

How to make Whole Wheat Bread


In the midst of my two week travel excursion, I just realized that my one year blogging anniversary has come and gone. I thought it would be fun to re-visit my very first “foodie” post, written when five of you […]

Important Baking Tips (from my behind the scenes trip to Southern Living)

Southern Living Headquarters

Years ago, I asked the question “When did you learn to cook?”  Over 100 of you chimed in and it was truly inspiring to hear all the stories. My first pivotal baking memory was the summer of my 8th grade year […]

Join me! Cooking in my Kitchen (video)

Love this delicious egg bake

As so many of you know, welcoming you into my kitchen is one of my greatest joys. Not because of the food we are going to enjoy together, but because of what’s going to occur while we’re breaking that bread […]

Keeping the Weight Off: What are You Eating?

Healthy Peanut Butter Reeces

Healthy organic, dark chocolate peanut butter  balls (no processed sugar) Nearly a month ago, I completed my 7 day detox, and after I posted about this GM Diet Plan, I received a lot of questions. As I mentioned in my […]

Kitchen Tip: How to Peel Whole Peaches Quickly

How to peel whole peaches quickly and easily.

When our son decided to go to school in South Carolina, it never clicked in my mind that one of the bountiful blessing that would come from all our trips to watch his football games are the fresh peach stands […]

Little Smokies Cocktail Sausages Appetizer

Little Smokies Appetizer - three variations. All Easy and delicious!

Growing up in Wisconsin, sausage and cheese are staples at the family dinner table. In fact, last week, I came across some little smokies turkey sausages marked down, so I whipped them up with just some bbq sauce and sauteed […]

Low Fat Blueberry Pound Cake Recipe

Low Fat Blueberry Pound Cake

I realize that it’s the time of the year when we all want some figgy pudding or fudge or hot chocolate,, or (name your favorite) but honestly, a delicious low fat lemon, blueberry pound cake recipe sounds just about perfect […]

Low Fat Orange Chicken Recipe (in less than 10 Minutes)

Orange-Chicken recipe

Over the last year, I’ve slowly been increasing our repertoire of deliciously, simple recipes, which are easy enough that my kids can make. It’s completely a bonus when I’ve tweaked the recipe to where they are low fat as well. […]

Low Fat Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Crumble Topped Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

One can not have enough pumpkin in the home at this time of year, but can I tell you a secret? I don’t like Pumpkin Pie, but I love everything baked with pumpkin, so between my Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe, […]

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes – Freezer Mashed Potatoes

make ahead mashed-potatoes

Make Ahead Freezer Mashed Potatoes (To put in Fridge or Freezer) Mashed potatoes are one of the easiest comfort foods around. Since potatoes are literally my favorite food in the whole world, I typically mash ten pounds of potatoes ahead […]

Make your Own Beans – Freezer Cooking (Refried Beans, Crock Pot Beans)

How do I make Homemade Refried Beans

  It’s been a busy work day during this freezer cooking/spray paint my kitchen island kind of day. I have ten pounds of chicken cooking in some way, shape or form. I made up lots of turkey bacon, and then […]

Malted Belgium Waffles, Feather Pancakes – bulk baking


Baking, baking…all this for your taking. While many of you were cozied in with mounds of snow this last week, we took what we could get. Only in NC, would all area school districts cancel for this. Even though I […]

Mashed Cauliflower: How to Cook Cauliflower

This Yummy Mashed Cauliflower is so easy and delicious with none of the carbs

When our family gathers together, we have so many different diets and eating preferences represented. Typically, I do not cater specifically to all the varying tastes, but when there’s a recipe liked Mashed Cauliflower that pleases both the low carb, […]

Melt in Your Mouth Pecan Apple Coffee Cake

easy apple coffee cake

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods. You are in for a treat today. I can’t believe I am sharing this tried and true secret because it’s one of those recipes that tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen, […]

Mini Pecan Pie Muffins

Mini Pecan Pie Muffins

For three years, I rented booth space at our convention hall’s local holiday market, worked harder than I’ve ever worked, and served thousands of these delicious Mini Pecan Pie muffin samples (along with other items) to shoppers near and far. […]

Mom’s Homemade Lasagna

Mom's Homemade Lasagna

I rush in from school and ask my mom, “What’s for dinner.” I’d hold my breath praying it would be one of my favorites and oh my, she did not disappoint. You must understand, I grew up in a “sticks, […]

Mom’s Homemade Sloppy Joes

Homemade Sloppy Joes made with Ground Turkey

There are just a few choice recipes that when I close my eyes, I’m  transported right back to my childhood kitchen. This Homemade Barbeque is definitely one of them. We know them now as Sloppy Joes, but as a child, […]

My Favorite Cold Veggie Pizza Appetizer

Served on crescent roll dough, this is my favorite Vegetable Pizza Appetizer

For many of us, this delicious Cold “Veggie Pizza Appetizer or Veggie Bars” recipe created with crescent rolls, cheese, veggies and an amazing ranch cream cheese spread has graced our tables for years, but just in case it hasn’t, you […]

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies

It’s amazing to browse the cookie aisle, and see how many choices we Americans have. It’s crazy… really. But I am only going to give you two cookie choices, and they are pretty similar…in fact, the best ever!!! For years, […]

New Ten Minute Meals (and my changes)

Easy Baked Ziti

Citrus Herb Chicken Ever since the holidays, due to many unforeseen circumstances, my schedule has been thrown for a loop and it’s been spiraling downward ever since. There’s no worse feeling for a Family Manager than to know you are […]

No Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

Such a delicious and easy dessert. Perfect for days you don't want to heat the oven

It’s hovering at 92 degrees here in NC and our upstairs air conditioning has been out for weeks. Yes, adding more freon didn’t work, so it’s a whole new unit for this family and apparently, every air conditioning repairman has […]

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Admittedly, there’s one sweet treat combination I can’t pass up, and that’s the amazing mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. From my Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats to these amazingly easy No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, I love […]

No Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Recipe (aka If you’re in a HUGE pinch dessert)

Peanut Butter Oatmeal No Bake Cookies - if you think you can eat just one, you'd be wrong

Over 20 years ago, I received my handy dandy Recipes for Youth Group Survival cookbook. Yes, as a junior and senior high youth director, my high school kids wanted to make sure I knew some of their favorite Desserts for Teens and […]

One Dish, Mock Chicken Pot Pie

So creamy and delicious Mock Chicken Pot Pie

It’s always fun trying to recreate our good ‘ole favorite comfort foods with a slight twist. There’s just something about these meals that just make me want to hunker down and stay at home. Our family loves every variation of […]

One Minute Smiley Face Pancakes

smiley face pancakes

You know how I believe that the little things are the big things? Well, this one little addition to your morning pancakes is sure to make everyone in your house smile. The next time you make pancakes, turn them into […]

One Skillet, No Flipping, Potato Lover’s Pancake

One Skillet, No Flip Potato Pancake @beautyandbedlam

Whenever my grandpa came over to eat, my mother served Potato Pancakes with applesauce. I remember her spending all afternoon grating potatoes for this special German delight, and my grandfather always said it reminded him of the old country. It […]

Overnight Breakfast Praline Bread Pudding

Overnight Breakfast Praline Bread Pudding @beautyandbedlam

As the kids meander down the stairs with that sleepy, groggy look that tells me sleep is not over rated and they need more of it, I quickly pull out this delectable delight. With pecans, brown sugar, and bread that’s […]

Overnight Refrigerator Rise Cinnamon Rolls

Overnight Refrigerator Rise Cinnamon Rolls

As the coffee pot rumbled, I stumbled to the fridge half asleep, and reached in to pull out my tray filled with yummy cinnamon rolls just waiting to be popped in the oven. The work, which was really quite easy, […]

PB & J Noodle Salad ($5 Dinner with an Asian Twist)

PBJ Noodles

Since our family has been on a huge Chinese binge lately, it’s always fun to try something new. Peanut Butter noodles are always popular, but last year I was introduced to a unique twist on a Chinese noodle favorite. Since […]

Personalized Egg and Cheese Crescent Ring

Personalized Egg, Cheese and Bacon Ring

Creativity hits when I am crunched for time. I think there are two kinds of people. One who needs slow, down time to allow those creative juices to spur them on and ignite their spirit, and then there are those […]

Pineapple Banana Muffins (or Bread)

Pineapple Banana Bread @beautyandbedlam

Every once in awhile, instead of being irritated, I give a high five when things don’t go the way I planned. In this case, my lack of planning led to a new recipe that I would never have tried, and […]

Pineapple Carrot Cake Muffins (starting with a cake mix)

carrot cake pineapple muffins via @beautyandbedlam

There’s nothing I appreciate more than a homemade carrot cake with an easy cream cheese frosting. Knowing all the love that went into shredding those carrots, measuring the spices and whipping that cream cheese makes it ever so much more […]

Pistachio Pudding; “So Easy, You Can Make it in your Car” Dessert

eating fruit salad

Last week, I shared the importance of having friends with which you can just be yourself. True friends with whom you can share your bedlam and know that it’s ok. In the midst of that post, I told the story […]

Pizza Casserole with Biscuits (Ten Minute Dinners)

pizza casserole

(photo) With five children, three of them being teen aged boys, you can imagine the amount of pizza that we go through in this house. Often homemade pizza and easy pizza crust is my go-to meal when I serve large […]

Popover Recipe: (Give it a try and never go back)

easy popover recipe

It’s a chilly, rainy day today, and nothing seems more inviting than a bowl of simmering soup accompanied by some fresh, out of the oven, popovers. A few months ago, I visited my sweet sister in-love and she introduced me […]

Portobello Pizza Burgers

Portebella Mushroom Pizza Sandwiches

Trying new recipes pulls us all out of the cooking rut. I was amazed at the delicious taste of this vegetarian alternative to the big, juice burger. Not only are the Portobello Pizza Burgers tasty, but SO incredibly easy. It’s […]

Praline Icing (Perfect with Fudgy Brownies or Apple Cake)

Praline Icing

This decadent Praline Frosting spread or drizzled onto these Homemade Fudgy Brownies make for delicious and ultra-rich Praline-Iced Brownies, but don’t stop there, it’s delicious with Apple cake, Spice Cake, Carrot Cake and so many more baked treats. Use my […]

Puff Pancake Recipe

This perfect Puff Pancake recipe makes such a wonderful presentation, but is so easy for guests.

Saturday morning symbolizes pancakes in our family. Often, I make our delicious Swedish Pancakes or Easy Buttermilk Pancakes, but for a large family, it’s time consuming to stand over the griddle flipping them (especially when you make around fifty.) I’ve […]

Pumpkin Pie (or any Pie flavor) in a Jar

Put a fabulous twist on the original pumpkin pie recipe.

There’s just something about serving food in pretty glass jars that makes me so happy. I bought two cases of brand new canning jars at a yard sale, so this holiday season you can bet I will putting them to […]

Quick & Easy: Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Recipe

Quick and Easy Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

I still reach for them often; those dog eared, dripped on, food stained recipe cards that symbolize a gift of years gone by. Those precious ladies took pity on me, the soon to be, new bride with not a lot […]

Quick and Easy Appetizers

cheese ball with rasberry jam

Appetizers aren’t just for parties any more. Here are some of our family favorites.
Easiest and Tastiest Cheese ball EVER!!

Quick and Easy Quiche Recipe


In high school, I can remember the bumper sticker that became popular, “Real Men Eat Quiche.” Well, it’s a good thing I am raising some real men, or they might go awfully hungry. I enjoy cooking up a quick and […]

Quick Batter Yeast Rolls

Quick Yeast Bread Rolls

There’s just something about making homemade bread that creates memories. Memories that encompass every single one of our senses from the moment you start forming the loaf to the smell of baking bread floating throughout the home to the taste […]

Recipes to Use up Squash – Squash Casserole

Paula Dean's squash casserole

It’s that time of the year when our garden starts to blossom, and we begin to wonder what in the world we were thinking when we planted all that zucchini and yellow squash. Within a month, well meaning church friends […]

Red, White and Blue Dessert Delights – July 4th Inspiration

kids cupcakes

We are hosting two large groups of people this weekend, with virtually no notice, and the need for some 4th of July dessert ideas inspiration has hit in full force. My teen age sons got home from their work camp […]

Resurrection Rolls – Making Easter Recipes Meaningful


Finding simple, yet meaningful, traditions which make an impact on a child’s long term memory can be a challenge, but these Resurrection Rolls fit both prerequisites. Our family celebrates Easter as the Resurrection Sunday of our Lord. If you do […]

Rice Krispie Easter Basket: the Best in Easter Basket Treats

Easter Basket treat

With Easter right around the corner, people will begin hunting for fun, yet easy, Easter recipes that are a perfect idea for Cooking with the Kids. There’s nothing better to spruce up Easter Basket treats then to make them ourselves, […]

Sausage Crescent Rolls Recipe

Sausage Bars with Crescent Rolls

So many of us are fretting over what to make for holiday breakfast and brunch dishes. Stressing how quick and easy this recipe is should relieve any unneeded pressure you are putting on yourself. This simply easy and delicious sausage […]

Simple 5 Minute Corn Salad

Simple Corn Salad @beautyandbedlam

Sometimes diversions occur in the kitchen and afterwards, you are thankful for the delightful surprise. This simple, fresh corn salad created just that diversion and now is in our summer side dish line up. Typically, I love Grilling Corn on […]

Simple Blueberry Banana Muffin Recipe

Blueberry Banana muffins

I am not a morning person. Never have been, never will. I’ve tried everything to embrace those dark, still moments with joy, like so many of my other friends who think early hours are heaven on earth, but the only […]

Simple Homemade Marshmallows

How to Make Homemade Marshmallows

 Everyone needs to try their hand at Homemade Marshmallows at least once because the end result is just SO MUCH FUN! The amazing thing with this recipe is that once you make them, you will not want to go back […]

Simple Sesame Chicken at Home

Sesame chicken

This is a quick and easy version of Simple Sesame Chicken without all the extra calories from deep frying. While it will not end up tasting exactly the same as the Chinese restaurant, since the chicken isn’t deep fried, it’s […]

Skinny Chicken Soba Noodle Soup

Chicken Soba Noodle Soup

Our family loves Asian cuisine, but what I really enjoy is having someone else make it for me.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit in the family budget, so slowly, I am trying to incorporate more meals with an ethnic flair. I […]

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings – Just Like Mama’s

Chicken and Dumplings in Crock pot

What is it that draws us all to go ‘ole comfort food? When our family has bowls of these super easy, Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings in front of us, we do a collective sigh. Well, I do, my teens […]

So Very Simple Homemade Blueberry Syrup

Making a simple blueberry syrup @beautyandbedlam

“Mom, how can the syrup be all gone? I have a plate full of pancakes s and no syrup?” Syrup and gone were two words that I thought I’d never hear in the same sentence, but alas, my son was […]

Sour Cream Banana Cake/Bread

sour Cream Banana Cake

With the holidays approaching, we all want the easiest, most delicious, inexpensive, and the most beautiful recipes, don’t we? That’s not asking for a whole lot, is it? So many of our favorite traditions revolve around food. The smell of […]

Speedy Chicken Cacciatore

Easy Chicken Cacciatore

As the flower buds begin to bloom and warmer weather peeks through the horizon, my menu plan reflects the change of season. I use the oven less, the grill and stove top more and begin to incorporate more and more […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle


For me, the kitchen feels like the heart of our home. One whiff of my coffee brewing in the morning lifts and soothes my spirit. The sight, smell and taste of a particular recipe has the potential for such an […]

Strawberry Margarita Pie

Strawberry Margarita Pie @beautyandbedlam

It’s that time of year when I get a hankering for anything strawberry, and I count the weeks till we can go pick them ourselves. I just love a good Strawberry Pie, especially one mixed with fresh strawberries and whipped […]

Strawberry Milk Recipe (Great Gift Idea)

Strawberry Milk that's Perfect for a gift

 ”My family didn’t have a lot of material things growing up, but we always loved when my mom would buy the Strawberry or chocolate drink mixes and mix it in with our milk for a special treat. Now I’ve found […]

Strawberry Snickers Trifle

snicker strawberry trifle

I mentioned on the invitation to bring either a side or dessert. No need to RSVP. Who actually responds promptly these days anyhow? Sad, but true. The guests started entering, and our table began to fill with food. Lots and […]

Strawberry Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Strawberry Filled Crescent Roll Ring

As you might know by now, I have a teeny tiny love affair with all things crescent rolls. There’s  nothing that can go wrong with those delightful creations and they are nearly impossible to mess up, even when making them […]

Stuffed Breakfast Biscuit Muffins

Stuffed Biscuits with bacon and eggs

In the realm of all things food, there’s nothing I love more than breakfast food. At any time of the day, breakfast is my mantra. It speaks comfort to me. My Copycat Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole? ALL. DAY. LONG! My Delicious […]

Stuffed French Toast Casserole with Fruit

stuffed french toast casserole

Stuffed French Toast Casserole Regardless of how many mouths I have to feed, there always seems to be a few pieces of left over bread discarded, with new loaves opened. Yes, no regards for finishing the last loaf. I never […]

Stuffed Pizza Puffs

Pick Your Own Topping Pizza Puff

Stuffed Pizza Puffs This past weekend, iconic football games lured my guys to the TV for more hooping and hollering than I have heard in a long time. That says a LOT considering I sit through more noise than any […]

Super Easy Pumpkin Roll Recipe

This Delicious Pumpkin Roll treat just screams comfort food at its finest.

For years, our family has devoured the delicious and easy Pumpkin Bar recipe passed down from my mother-in-law. I know most people only bring out their pumpkin recipes during the fall, but honestly, these are some of my favorites and […]

Swedish Pancakes

So light and delicious. These Swedish Pancakes are amazing!

It’s embarrassing to admit that since I scored 20 boxes of cereal for $0.25/box, this mom has been force feeding cereal on her children. They aren’t complaining, since it’s a once in a life time thing, but  I thought I […]

Sweet, Sugar Cinnamon Popovers

Easy Popover Recipe - just a touch of sweetness and so very simple.

Last week, I shared my simple popover recipe. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional dinner roll or bread; a crisp hollow pastry with an eggy interior. I love dipping popovers in my soup or slathering them with butter, but […]

Taco Casserole Recipe (Our Kids’ Favorite Family Casserole)

easy taco casserole

This easy Taco Casserole recipe is one of those melt in your mouth goodness recipes that I could make continuously, and my family would never complain. I first shared this recipe a few years ago in my Mexican Freezer Recipes […]

Taco Salad – Great Meal for Large Groups

Taco Salad @beautyandbedlam

Whenever I can’t decide what to order at restaurants, I always choose a taco salad. I know, out of all the choices, why would I order something that I prepare all the time at home (and enjoy even better)? I […]

Thai Mushroom Chicken Stir Fry

Thai Mushroom Chicken Stir Fry @beautyandbedlam

For twenty years, I’ve been making dinner for our children, and while I think I’ve “finally” gotten the hang of it, the majority of these meals have pretty much stayed within the realm of comfort foods. I stray outside that […]

Thanksgiving “No Need to Bake” Cookie & Treat Ideas

Turkey cookie

It’s that time of year when our ovens typically go on over drive, and we find ourselves baking around the clock. Why not take a break from baking, gather the kids,  and create some adorable Thanksgiving cookies and treats? Every […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake (Fun for Kids)

Adorable Turkey Cake

As adults, we all covet our Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie and Dutch Apple Pie, but do the children enjoy those traditional choices as much as we do? I know when our children were young, they would always pass on the […]

The Perfect Beer Dip Recipe

Beer Dip for Pretzels

Born and raised in Wisconsin, known for their cheese, beer and Packers, I would be remiss to not share this amazing Beer Dip recipe that my sister in law introduced me too. It’s a perfect pairing with pretzels or Frito […]

The Perfect Short Cut Trick for Homemade Egg McMuffins

baked eggs in muffin tins

Months ago, I put this picture on Instagram (beautyandbedlam) with the caption, “Breakfast of Champions.” Anyone that knows me, understands my deep down delight in all things french fries, as well as the fact that I am a City Girl […]

Tomato Mozzerella Appetizer

tomato basil mozzerrella appetizer

Enjoy the blend of flavors with this simple summer Tomato Mozzarella appetizer. With a slightly sweet taste from oranges, you can go wrong with this delightful blend.

Top “Must Try” Summer Recipes

top summer recipes

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s just something special about summer gatherings with friends. Those care free, lazy days of summer, where friends come together around some scrumptious summer foods, are some of my favorite memories. Today I have the privilege […]

Treats Teens Love (Share Yours)

Teen Treats Love @beautyandbedlam

Fresh out of college, I dove right into my role as Director of Music and Youth at our local church.  My days were spent working on music and my evenings kept me incredibly young as I shared life together with […]

Triple Berry Quick Bread (using homemade baking mix)

Triple Berry Quick bread using homemade bisquick

Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, yes, I love them all. We are definitely a very berry kind of family and since our daughters make daily smoothies, we stock bulk quantities of frozen fruit in that freezer of ours. So as I […]

Turkey, Ham and Cheese Ring

Turkey, Ham and Cheese ring @beautyandbedlam

  We love to open our home to friends and family, and since we live on some acreage in the country, fall is a perfect time to host our guests outside. Our home is set back in the woods, so […]

Twiced Baked Potatoes – Double Stuffed Potatoes

Double Stuffed Twiced Baked Potatoes

I do believe I have shared over and over how potatoes are my favorite food. Who could not love those pure gold spuds fried, mashed, cooked, baked, grilled. I’ll even take them sauteed, steamed, or quite possibly frozen. Yes, the […]

Veggie Cake (Great Twist on the Typical Veggie Platter)


There’s just nothing better than a great cake on your birthday. Yet, as crazy as it may sound to some of us chocolate lovers, there are times when celebrating without the sweets is a wonderful alternative for  special occasions, especially […]

Veggie Egg Casserole

Zucchini Vegetable Egg Bake @beautyandbedlam

Photo quality courtesy of my smart phone. Even though it’s the middle of winter and many of you are in the midst of a blizzard, I’ve been craving Zucchini bread. Yes, Zucchini Banana bread to be exact. You are pondering, […]

Very Berry Cheesecake Oat Bars

What happens when you combine cheesecake, short bread and fresh berries Sheer delight

What happens when one combines three of their favorite desserts into one bite? Pure bliss, that’s what. Pure over the top, I can’t stop eating them bliss. So I should confess that one bite is a bit of a stretch. […]

Watermelon Margarita (with or without alcohol)

Watermelon Margarita @beautyandbedlam

 Oh summer, how I love your fresh fruits a plenty and the refreshing juices you provide. Recently, devouring watermelon seems to be a family night tradition, yet depending on which children are at home, we’ve had some left over. Enter […]

What’s Your Thanksgiving Menu?


As I shared my Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe yesterday, decades of memories eating them came flooding back. It’s amazing to me how a special recipe will do that, isn’t it? Not so much that the food is award winning, but […]

White Chocolate Dipped Oreos with Candy Cane

White Chocolate Dipped Oreo with candy Cane

Oh yes, this will make your day. More Simple Holiday Recipes that can whip up in minutes. We want to enjoy this holiday season, not add more stress. I’m sharing one of those decadent dessert short cuts that will make […]

Whole Wheat Bread using Evaporated Milk

whole wheat bread

Tackling homemade bread is a topic that sends any reasonable homemaker running for the hills. I mean seriously, why would one spend hours mixing, kneading, rising, shaping, and baking when she can go to the store and purchase a loaf […]

Yummy Banana Bar Recipe

banana cake

Our family tends to have an overabundance of ripe bananas at all time, so there’s never a week that goes by when easy banana recipes aren’t being baked, discovered, rediscovered or shared. This yummy banana bar recipe is one I’ve […]

Zucchini Banana Bread

Banana Zucchini Bread

This Zucchini Banana Bread is a wonderful choice for my Baking Days. I tripled the recipe because it’s a perfect bread to freeze. For those times you are trying to do too many things at once,  I always love a […]