November 17, 2017

Quick and Easy Quiche Recipe


In high school, I can remember the bumper sticker that became popular, “Real Men Eat Quiche.” Well, it’s a good thing I am raising some real men, or they might go awfully hungry.

I enjoy cooking up a quick and easy quiche recipe because not only are they delicious, but the recipes are a wonderful way to increase proteins and veggies (if you choose to add vegetables), while making wonderful use of items that are already in the fridge (i.e my Pantry Challenge.)

This easy quiche recipe whips up in minutes, meeting my prerequisite for a Ten Minute Dinner standard, and yes, I make quiche for dinner. So many variations can be adapted from this quick and easy quiche recipe that you would be making a mistake if you only thought it works well for breakfast or brunch. I have given you a basic recipe, but this is another recipe where creativity is key. Add ingredients that you love. In the above photo, I even had some left over diced potatoes. I added them in and it was delicious.  It’s impossible to mess up quiche. 🙂




  1. This looks similar to our favorite quiche recipe. And if you are concerned about using Bisquick you can use this recipe to make your own- it works fabulously!


  2. I make a Salmon Quiche that we love. Mix together 1/4 chopped green onions, 1 1/4 cup evaporated milk, 4 eggs beaten, 1 can salmon, 1 cup swiss cheese and 1 cup cheddar cheese. Pour into unbaked pie shell and bake at 375 for 35-40 min. Of course you could add veggies to this recipe. I serve it with a salad and dinner is ready.


  3. Cool thanks, this is what for dinner!


  4. I made this for a party we were having and it was a huge hit. I used a mix of cheddar and parm cheeses, some herb d’provence and a bit of all purpose seasoning powder from Badia. I added some mushrooms and smoked sausage along with bacon and the salt was ideal.


    Jen Reply:

    YAY! So glad to hear that and what wonderful additions you put in. That is the best part about this. You can dress it up how ever you want.


  5. Carla Miner says:

    Looks delicious!! When you add veggies to this quiche, do you add about the same amount as the meat? Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to make this this weekend!!!


    Carla Miner Reply:

    @Carla Miner, Oh also! Do you pre-bake the pie crust? Sorry, I’ve never made a quiche before!! Thank you again for your help!! 🙂


  6. Sue Ann says:

    I wanted to make an “impossible quiche” using Bisquick but didn’t want to use the typical store-bought kind. While looking on line for a good, homemade baking mix recipe, I found your website. I noticed one of your recipes used both a pie crust AND some homemade bisquick. Have you ever made an impossible pie of any kind with your mixture? Thank you, Sue Ann


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