November 22, 2017

Popover Recipe: (Give it a try and never go back)


It’s a chilly, rainy day today, and nothing seems more inviting than a bowl of simmering soup accompanied by some fresh, out of the oven, popovers. A few months ago, I visited my sweet sister in-love and she introduced me to this easy popover recipe.

Just a mixture of simple ingredients, which produces light and airy popovers. The key to this baked delight? A light touch when mixing and a nice, hot oven.

“The popover is a culinary marvel, a loose batter that, with the aid of a hot oven, expands like a golden cumulus cloud, producing a crisp, hollow pastry with a soft, eggy interior. While the mixture is very similar to crepe batter, when you confine it to deep, narrow, muffin-like molds, the surface of the batter sets and the air is trapped, so that the pastry has nowhere to go but up and out, creating a gravity-defying bubble.”

Isn’t that a wonderful description, courtesy of the NYT’s? It makes me want to try every popover recipe available. Enjoy this simple popover recipe that warms the soul on a cold, rainy day.


  1. We are on the same wave length! I made soup and popovers yesterday!!!


  2. Robn Sorrells says:

    Just “popped” these in the oven! Was already having corn and chicken chowder so these will be a yummy addition. . .


  3. It’s nearly midnight…I probably shouldn’t wake up my family by baking…but OH MY GOODNESS these look DELICIOUS!!!


  4. Love Popovers! We call them Yorkshire Pudding and the recipe is a little different but they look the same.


  5. I had never heard of popovers until I saw this recipe; are they a regional (i.e. non-Southern) thing? Anyway, I made these last night with some Chicken Taco Soup – absolutely delicious! And easy! (Both things I look for as I’m trying to feed myself, my hubby, my two-year-old and 9-month-old!) Thanks so much!


    Jen Reply:

    So so glad you enjoyed them. Now you have me wondering if they are regional, so tomorrow, I will ask an unofficial poll on my facebook page. 🙂


    Angie Reply:

    What did you find out? I heard about them when I was working at General Mills in Minneapolis, but hadn’t before then. Come to think of it, can’t think of anyone else who has ever talked about them when we lived in Nebraska and now back in North Dakota. Perhaps I’ll have to start introducing the yumminess to all my friends!


  6. Remember that department store Bullocks? They used to serve these with Chinese chicken salad! YUMMM!! Anyway…thanks so much for posting this! I lost my copy of this recipe a year ago and searched online but the portions where always wrong 🙁 This looks more like the recipe I used to have and I am so excited!! Anyway I am in California if that helps with the regional question 🙂



  1. […] are my FAVORITE! I have been making popovers for ten years, but found this recipe from beautyandbedlam a year ago. It is so easy and the popovers are just as incredible as the more involved recipes. […]

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