November 24, 2017

DIY: Old Headboard Into New Welcome Sign


Living in the country has a slew of pros and cons.

The obvious highlight is the breathtaking beauty we experience every day coming down our winding driveway. The leaves haven’t reached their peak yet, but in another two weeks, this will be spectacular.

Since I’ve caught the painting bug over the last few weeks, I’ve been having fun sprucing up a few pieces of furniture. With that, my daughters have also been wanting their own pieces to paint, namely our nine year old.

I’ve thought it would be warm and inviting to add a Welcome sign at the top of our hill for awhile, and knowing we had groups of people coming to our home for the weekend, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to let the girls have a little fun with some extra paint I’ve had laying around for awhile.

My goal was to let them make it their own, knowing that what ever the outcome it would be a Good enough Thing.

Our daughters’ bed broke over a year ago, and the queen headboard has been sitting under our lean to that entire time.  Yes, it’s been patiently waiting for us to do something with it, and because it had been accidentally exposed to the elements, the bomb fire was calling its name.

Fortunately, creativity hit, and I thought this would be a perfect project for the girls, and they were so excited.

If it didn’t work, no financial outlay had occurred, and they learned some great, additional DIY skills in the process.

Since I knew that no one would ever see this up close, I told them to skip any sanding, but we cleaned it well first.

We then used an oil based Kilz primer since I knew this would be outside. We let that coat dry, and then used a can of light blue latex paint by Glidden that I bought over two years ago and had never finished.

You CAN use latex over oil based paints, but typically, not the other way around.

I love that we are doing a unique DIY project using only what we already had on hand.

Since Chalk Board paint is much more expensive, I told the girls NOT to paint the entire headboard with it. It would have been very neat, but would have driven up the cost.

Many people confuse Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with Chalk Board Paint. I love both, but found out an interesting fact about Chalk Paint. If you apply three layers, it becomes not only water resistant, but it also becomes a chalk board.

Since I had a small sample pot of Chalk Paint on hand, the girls used that instead of chalkboard paint.

Once it was finished, my son leveled it right into the side of our hill. Guests now turn the corner by our mail box and are greeted with a special note just for them.

It will be fun to write all kinds of encouraging words to my family too.  Although, if they are in trouble, it could yield a surprise warning as well, so they better keep on their toes.

I want to add a few smaller signs now around the yard. Since this is such a large headboard, I will be looking for some smaller twin sized ones at yard sales. Typically, I find them for around $5. We’ll use one for a score board by our volleyball court and maybe one for just a weekly bible verse.

My girls did such a fabulous job!

They had fun painting. It was a “free to us” project. We re-purposed and reused items on hand, and now we have a special Welcome sign.

I do admit, giving your children room to create is a wonderful thing, but this is where a mom has to restrain herself and let them do it.

Everything in me wants to go and “perfect” the sign with a perfectly painted blue chalk board area along with a detailed calligraphy greeting, but guess what?

I love it!!

It’s another amazing day in the month of “Good enough Things.”

Has there been something in your month that has been a Good enough Thing? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Katherine Pereira says:

    You are awesome – your creativity is boundless!


  2. Great idea! Love it!


  3. How did you secure it into the ground?


  4. Marty Larson says:

    This is fantabulous!
    I love the sign and wish I was coming to visit. How fun – and inspiring as I’m trying to figure out how we can make this fit our family.


  5. Angela Watson Newsom We used a post hole digger and just dug down deep enough. With head boards, the legs are much longer than you’d want showing, so it worked perfectly.


  6. LOVE it Jen! So cute and so creative! I also LOVE that you used only what you had on hand! I am working on a post for tomorrow of cool upcycled projects for the home–this will definitely make the cut! 🙂 xoxo


    Jen Reply:

    ruth – you have done an amazing job with your series. Way to go! Mine – 31 days spread out to keep my sanity. 😉


    Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less Reply:

    @Jen, Thanks Jen. I don’t blame you for spreading them out, especially while you are doing TWO simultaneously! You crazy girl! I am going to be wiped out when the month is over–my husband is already counting the days. 🙂 I love it though!


  7. That is such a cute idea! What a way to repurpose a piece of furniture. I need to take lessons on letting kids do things their way. I struggle greatly with that.


  8. Such a cute idea! I love the shape of it, and I love the colors in it! Your girls did a great job! Hope you gave them a high five!


  9. That turned out so great!


  10. This would be a great idea for an outdoor wedding, reunion or graduation party, too if your venue allows temporary signs. So many possibilities! 🙂 Love it!


  11. Michelle Prince Morgan says:

    Love it.


  12. Carole Cannon says:

    What a great idea…..I love it!!


  13. Very sweet! I love it! And they must be so proud!


  14. That is so cute!! What a great idea and such a sweet way to welcome your guests! 🙂


  15. Your girls did such a great job. I actually love that the chalk paint doesn’t cover the entire front. I like that boarder.


  16. I really love this and am so glad you didn’t try to touch it up.


  17. I love the sign and I love that you are passing on the fun of “not perfect” to your girls!


  18. Now, that is just adorable!


  19. Really cute! What’s a bomb fire? Is that like a bon fire?


  20. I love this!!! You are a great mom and have great girls! Beautiful job!


  21. wow! your property is like the size of my entire town! haha


    Jen Reply:

    🙂 Yes, we are so fortunate. We bought 12 NC acres sight unseen when we still lived in WI in a tiny little apartment (with the dream of moving down.) That was 20 years ago. 🙂


    jane Reply:


    What a lovely story! I’ve only ever lived in the cities (bedfordshire back in England, and now in Honolulu), so it’s always been small. In fact right now me and the boyfriend are only renting a single room in a tiny 2 bedroom flat! Sucks! But I’m only 19 yet, so hopefully one day I’ll have something bigger! Anyway, your property is so very inspiring!


  22. Love this idea. Great for those times when you can only find a headboard and not the foot board.



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