November 18, 2017

Otterbox Case (Father’s Day Bash)


Otterbox was first introduced to me last year, and now it’s a household name, not just with my teen sons, but for me as well.

There are not many things we splurge on in this household, but technology is one of them. Protecting those investments is very worth it to me, and considering the wear and tear that our phones, ipods, and now the newest ipad receives, having this case be practically indestructible is a worthwhile expense.

I love Otterbox’s Defender Series, and if you are a person on the go, or have children sharing technology with you, I highly recommend this series. It’s part of their most rugged line of cases, utilizing multi-layer technology and designed to withstand just about any environment. Don’t worry about losing any access or functionality in the Defender Series; they’ve designed it so you can use all of the features right through the case. The inner polycarbonate shell has a foam interior to protect the back from scratching, while the durable silicone skin works its magic by absorbing shock. If you are needing a waterproof case, there are cases that meet that need as well.

Since my sons are the beneficiaries of Otterbox’s generosity, I’m having our eldest son tell you his thoughts on what he picked out last year. This year my choice was the Defender Case for my Ipad and it’s amazing.

My son:

“The  Otter Box case for the iPod 3rd generation iPod is absolutely fantastic. I have never found another case with the quality it provides you with. It has 3 layers that makes it almost impossible to get damaged, with a screen protector which still feels like the exact iPod screen. An innovative three layer design protects your device from bumps, drops, scratches and dust while keeping your iPod fresh as new. I’m no longer scared to drop my ipod because I’m pretty sure with this case you could drop it off of the Empire State building and it wouldn’t be damaged.

It does make your iPod slightly heavier, but not enough difference to bother the user. It has silicone plugs that protect your ports as well. In the past, I have had problems with the Ipod ports being damaged by dust or moisture but that problem is completely taken care of with this case. This case will completely leave you satisfied to protect your ipod in all ways imaginable. It is not protective against water but it is almost impossible to find a waterproof case. No worries about the buttons not being accessible because this case makes it very easy to use external buttons on your ipod such as the volume, lock button and menu button. The screen protector does not make the screen harder to see either, it is almost impossible to tell you have a screen protector. Overall, I love this case,  and highly recommend it to all iPod 3rd and 4th generation users.”

As part of our Father’s Day Bash Giveaway, two winners will have their choice of an Otterbox case,  up to a $50 value, and trust me, if you enjoy technology, there is something for everyone.

You can receive $5 off any Otterbox order of $50 or more here by using Coupon Code: SEARS2011.

There are multiple ways to enter (up to 4 entries total on my giveaway), but only one entry is necessary.

* Be sure to enter a separate comment for each method of entry (one comment for Facebook, one comment for Twitter, etc.). You may leave up to four separate comments.

1. Comment – For what device to you need a indestructible case?
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I received an Otterbox case to review and to giveaway. Entries for this giveaway will close on Monday, June 12 @ 3p EST. The winning entry will be selected via The winner will be contacted directly and must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected.

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  1. I need one for my cell phone, for sure!


  3. Would love one for mine (or my hubby’s) iphone!

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  6. Deb Boerema says:

    My husband’s cell phone.

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    I’ve been considering getting an Iphone and definitely would need a case! I am constantly dropping my current phone. Would love to win this to protect hopefully purchased soon iphone! 🙂

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    I need a case for an Android!

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  12. My son needs a new ipod case–his broke a while ago!

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    For my phone

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  22. The defender series would be perfect for my husbands fathers day gift because he is always dropping his phone.This is my first ti me on your website and I will tell others about your webpage.

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    What a cool gadget

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  26. I need an Otterbox case for an Ipod! With two little ones in the house, it sounds like this case is what I need to protect it!

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    We could use a case for our iPod Touch…either that or my cell phone could use one too!

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    I would love to have one for my LG Optimus.

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  41. Right now I have an iPod, but,soon I’m going to get a new phone. It may or may not be an iPhone, but it will be a smart phone that needs some protection!

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    Would love one for my husband’s Ipad. 🙂

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  46. christina jeanne says:

    my husband’s cell phone case! he is always dropping it (he works outside)!

  47. i need a case for a droid x! (: thanks so much!

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    i like you on fb!

  49. Mary Treadway says:

    I could really use the otterbox to protect an Ipod Touch. Mine really takes a beating!

  50. We could use protection for either my Ipod Touch or else my husband’s phone.

  51. Amy Verdensky says:

    could use one for my iphone!!! Love this one

  52. florrie b. says:

    If I was lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would select the Commuter series case in purple and white for my daughter’s Ipod 4 G so I could give my husband peace of mind for Father’s Day! (Peace of mind knowing his investment is well protected.) Her Ipod definitely needs protecting from accidents, the elements…..and her 4 year old brother!

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    Would love to have a box for my iphone. Defender or Reflex.

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    I have a HTC Incredible 2 and would love to have one of the cases

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  73. We have a brand new Samsung Android Charge in the house and yes, it needs one of the Black Defender Series cases

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  81. I need one for hubby’s new toy – his Ipad!

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    If I were the lucky winner, I would use the Defender case for my Samsung phone…
    thanks for the chance, stay blessed!

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    For my iPod touch, definitely!

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    My iPhone 3GS would need a case

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    For my brand new Ipod which I’m getting TONIGHT!!!!

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    I am already a subscriber via Google Reader. Thanks for all of the great info you provide and for this offer!

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    I subscribe via Google Reader. I’d want one for an iPod touch.

  93. Martha in Georgia says:

    I’ve been REALLY wanting an iPhone. My husband has one. I’d *wish* for the iPhone and the defender case to protect it!

  94. Michelle Singer says:

    My husband needs one for his iPhone.

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    thank you, we love otterboxes

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    My husband & I *just* got new iphones & are still on the search for good cases. We would LOVE to win this.

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  109. My daughter and I would use this as well.

  110. Great for a Father’s Day gift.

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    I would love to have an Otterbox for my iPhone 4!!! My dad has one too, but it would be hard for me to hand it over. I think I could do it though. 🙂

  137. Would love to win it for the family Ipad since vacation is just around the corner.

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  139. Katja Brown says:


    My daughter just got an ipod touch and since she is only 10 years old she could surly benefit from a better scratch protection!!!

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    PS: forgot to mention that I already get your e-mails, like you on FB and subscribe to you on twitter!

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    I need one for my phone… to protect it from my new grandbabies!

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    Sony Xperia X10 Commuter Series Case

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    I would get a case for my husband’s HTC and give it to him for father’s day. . .which is just around the corner 🙂

  178. I had not heard of otterbox until the other day when my aunt showed me hers for her iphone. I’m not sure which device we would use one for…maybe the ipod/iphone.

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