April 24, 2017

Once Upon a Family: Give Memories – Family Tree, Recipe Album, Date Night Deck (50% off)


Date Night Deck -$11

Fifty-two date ideas to help you connect, rekindle and strengthen your love, all centered around the three style of attention couples need. It’s Such a fun gift.

 For years, I worked with Once Upon a Family sharing my passion for family traditions and preserving memories using unique heritage building ideas and tools to capture those.

This is the time of the year when we gather SO MUCH STUFF, but by January, half of that stuff will not matter. The memories and traditions that you capture will be those gifts that matter most, and that last a lifetime.

All of Once Upon a Family’s product line can be tied into a special tradition. These heirloom quality gifts at 50% off are an amazing opportunity and honestly, when I worked with them, I only got 25% off and I purchased a bunch of these products at that price.

Yet this weekend only everything is 50% off.

Also, don’t forget that everything on inspirational Dayspring site is also 30% off your entire order, plus the super sale items that are 60-75% off (through Sunday.)

Family Tree – only $16.

It’s beautiful and such a special gift. Have everyone fill out their own leaves in their own handwriting.

Over the years, this Family Tree was my best selling item. I had one woman purchase four last year and she emailed me letting me know it was the most special gift she had ever given. The frame is just a poster sized frame that I bought at Walmart for around $15, which makes this such a unique and memorable gift at such a great price. It looks like an ornate work of art when it’s done. People purchased these in droves at $32, but you can receive an ADDITIONAL 50% off through the 25th.

Creating your own Family Tree can be an easy and fun family activity. Write the names and birth dates of each family member on a leaf and “hang” them on the Family Tree Poster. This is a powerful way to connect the generations, understand your roots, and create a sense of belonging. 25 leaves included, but I have actually seen 100 leaves on one tree. Fits into a standard 18″ x 24″ frame

As you browse the site, click on the picture of the product and you can read the memorable idea associated with it. I’ve shared about my special Family Recipe Album. It’s one of those special gifts that everyone should have. You can make one or purchase it beautifully done here.

Family Recipe Album  The Perfect Gift: Your Family’s Treasured RecipesFamily Recipe Album

I can’t begin to touch on all the products, especially the Family Values/Character building line since I have extended it into so much more than just “products” but I’ll share a few quick and easy gift ideas.

christmas ornament box Do You Have a Christmas Ornament Tradition? (Start one now)

My Christmas Tree Ornament Box – I’ll be passing on one of these to each of our children when they either get married or go out on their own. I’ve been buying them one special ornament every year.

Remember all my traditions surrounded around Gratitude? Many of you asked where I purchased the word, gratitude. It was through here and typically, they are $15, but this month, take an additional 50% off. That’s an amazing deal. (It’s located under the “Teaching Values” section.)

Silk Christmas Album – just add one picture each year and this accordion style album becomes the centerpiece of discussion as you look back at Christmas pictures, not to mention the children snuggled up at night with the Dear Santa pillow. Only take it out in December and it becomes a precious tradition.

Date Night Deck, I Love You pillow (slip those notes in at times when you just can’t find the words), Our Time Together or Daddy Date night leather journal to capture those precious moments.

The Dear Sweet Child Letter Box, Precious Handprints, or the Birthday Book are all special choices that create a legacy of memories, but only require you to do something once a year. Over time, this is a generational gift of heritage that can’t be matched.

This month ONLY: Once Upon A Family 50% Special and Holiday Shipping

USE COUPON CODE: blackfriday12 at checkout. (Nov 23 – 25)

Enjoy and gather memories, not stuff! 🙂


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  1. I used to be a OUAF consultant. I have the family tree hanging in my living room still and receive so many compliments. I love the product line and the concept. Thanks for sharing the coupon code!


    LaDonna Reply:

    @Melissa, Does OUAF still accept consultants? I can’t find any information online about signing up. I would appreciate any information…


    Jen Reply:

    LaDonna – OUAF does not do any direct sales anymore. They only sell online now. I was privileged to be a part of it for years, but they stopped the consultant avenue about 3 years ago.


    LaDonna Reply:

    @Jen, That’s a shame – thank you for letting me know!

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