October 21, 2017

Nuwave Counter top Oven: Holiday Giveaway Bash


Monday began our annual week long holiday giveaway bash, but since I have the privilege of  heading to Peru with Compassion International and live blogging about our time (beginning Tuesday night), I have a few giveaway posts pre-scheduled.

Enter to win all the great giveaways I have going on this week (and more at the end), and my apologies for taking the week off unexpectedly for Tasty Tuesday. It will be back up with pictures from Peruvian meals we enjoyed.

The night before I was leaving for Peru, I was desperate for something quick to eat. I saw four frozen hamburgers (not enough to make for the family), a frozen bag of chicken nuggets, some veggies and fruit for a cobbler. In the mail,, I had just received my new Nuwave Counter top oven and honestly, I didn’t want to turn on my big one, since it’s been having problems heating quickly. I decided to see if this could keep up to the ONE STRAIGHT hour of infomercial that I had watched the week before.

Honestly, I was enthralled watching the show. I couldn’t shut it off. Having just launched 10 Minute Dinners, I’m looking for appliances that really are worth the investment they rave about and stand the test of time.

Now, I’ve only used my Nuwave one evening, but I first cooked the hamburgers from a frozen patty, then the nuggests and finally backed cobbler. It was awesome and I can’t even wait to quick a REAL meal. The burgers took ten minutes and honestly, that was too long. It was my first guess and I figured since they were frozen, it would take that long. No, they could have been done in 7 and that is some fun, quick cooking.

I’m really excited to use the recipe book that came with it and try out a variety of techniques and recipes. This may just revolutionize my 10 Minute Dinners in a fabulous way.

A few key points about the Nuwave Oven:

  • This patented three-way cooking system using infrared, conduction and convection heat cooks up to 50 percent faster and saves up to 85 percent of the energy compared to conventional ovens.
  • I really can broil, roast, grill, bake, barbeque, steam, dehydrate and even air-fry in this one appliance. It requires no preheating or defrosting, which for me, was a huge sell.
  • It requires no fats or oils for cooking poultry, meats, pork and more.. One thing I noticed is that the claim that the oven drains off two to three times the amount of fat drippings than a conventional oven is true.
  • Portable – Perfect for meals on the go almost anywhere.
  • Contained Heating – Won’t Heat the Kitchen
  • Convenient layered cooking system that allows for multiple foods to be cooked at the same time, without mixing or mingling flavors.
  • Safe – FDA-approved Plastic Dome Won’t Shatter or Burn


Enter to Win: You have four chances to win, but only the first entry is necessary, others are optional.

1) Go visit my new site 10 Minute Dinners and tell me what recipe is joining your meal plan.

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(This giveaway will be open for until 11/20.  At that time, I will randomly pick a winner and that winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Please see our terms for specific guidelines.)


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