November 22, 2017

New Year’s Day Tradition Your Family Will Love


new years day party

New Year’s Day Party


As I think longingly on the days when my husband and I declared, “Sleep is overrated, I realize that I am just not as young as I used to be, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations with little ones.

With young children and the high cost of child care for New Year’s Eve, the traditional late night  festivities just won’t work for many of you.  Why not change things up a little bit and ring in the “Noon” Year.

This is a wonderful way to share the excitement of the New Year with your children during a time when they can really enjoy it. Instead of celebrating at midnight, save the New Year’s Eve party for the next day. Invite friends, neighbors and/or family to a special brunch starting at around 10 a.m. and culminating at noon with a celebration just like you’d typically have at midnight.

Encourage kids to  get up on chairs, “leap” into the New Year, pop balloons filled with confetti, and blow those loud horns. Be sure to take a photo of everyone leaping in their party hats. Place it in a photo frame, along with a little saved confetti and hang it on the wall just inside your entryway for the month of January. It will act as a reminder of how much fun a party can be anytime of the day, and your kids will remember what cool parents they have.

This is the time of year when people LOVE spontaneity.

I guarantee if you call up a few family friends today, and have every one bring a little dish to share, you will have a low key, low stress party (since it’s last minute, no one will expect it to be over the top)  that everyone will cherish.  Remember, hospitality is about sharing time together, and this is a perfect time to remember the blessings of friendship.

If you LOVE staying up till midnight, check out these New Year’s Eve Tradition ideas for the family.


  1. Oh, I love the idea of a brunch! Just might do the impromptu last minute get together as we have “last minute” guests arriving Friday! Thanks for the ideas!


  2. love that idea! thanks!! we have three little ones who love parties (thanks to me!), but i don’t really want people at my home til 1 am!! this is a great solution. much better than asking everyone to leave at 10 pm before the real new year!


  3. This reminds me of a fun tradition that we had when our children were younger. It will only work for those on the west coast but we would celebrate our New Year’s at 9 p.m. in CA when the ball actually dropped in Times Square. We watched the telecast on the news with friends and had a celebration with confetti, noisemakers etc. That way everyone was home and in bed long before midnight!


  4. What a fun idea Jen! I cannot make it till midnight, so this is a fun way to celebrate as a family. Happy New Year to YOU!


  5. The personal aspect is great! But you can also check with your closest zoo or city young professionals, entertainment area, etc. I live in Cleveland,OH, and our MetroparksZoo follows up “Boo at the Zoo”and “ZooLights” with “Noon Year’s Eve”- and it is a full day of games,food fun&prizes! Akron has “FirstNight”, held at the Lock3 entertainment area where they have summer concerts&foodfests, with a NewYear’s twist-bands, games, food, cocoa,hot cider,polished off with fireworks. Lock3 is on what’s been restored of the OhioCanal, and there’s a real train in the nearby Nat’l Forest that does specialty “PolarExpress” runs around the holidays,right along the Canal. This year,too, the Tribe’s baseball field is packed with snow in the seats&bleachers for tubing&tobogganing, and the warning track is a bona fide ice rink,so they are running a family special for that weekend too. I LOVE your ideas,but if you can’t for some reason this year,check for nearby family events-our area has so many I wouldnt know where to start! -s-


  6. Grrreat idea! But if for some reason you cant pull it off this year, check for family events in& around your area. I am in Cleveland,OH, and our zoo polishes off its event season with “Noon Year’s Eve” (i looove Boo at the Zoo & ZooLights,too). The Tribe’s ballpark seats& bleachers are packed with snow for tubing &sledding, and the warning track is a bonafide skating rink! Slider the Mascot is a hoot! “SnoDays” lasts till school restarts, and they have funpak specials if you bring food&clothing for shelters, Coats4Kids,etc. FUN WITH GIVING 😉 Akron,OH has “First Night” every year at Lock3, the 3rd lock on the Ohio Canal. The Cuyahoga Nat’l Forest has a train that runs “Polar Express” interactive train rides all through the holidays, and runs right along the Ohio Canal, as well. There are sooo many family-oriented things to do in NE OH, I am sure other areas do too. Maybe check with your nearest zoo first?. All my greatneph’s/nieces got their first trip@2yo to Boo at the Zoo courtesy of “Ah-soo-see” & “grampagreat”,and we had more fun than they did. Topped off with smiley p’cakes@Denny’s on the way home. 😀 one year Dad&i waaay overdid &did both”zoolights” and the downtown lighting of PublicSquare, including the Parade of Carriages. Parents happy,kids slept late a.m. Grampa&AuntSusie’s RA & SLE kicked in&we cudnt walk for 3days!haha ohhh it was worth the joy…so maybe check out some local stuff too? -s-


  7. Pls accept my apologies for the double post–stoopidphone at its finest hour. Ha. Mea Culpa -s-


  8. Jennifer Young says:

    I did this yesterday with 3 friends and all our (small) children. I didn’t have anything really structured. The kids just ran around and played during the morning. Seven children under 6–it was a little crazy! I bought hats and noisemakers too. Don’t make the same mistake I did and hand them out in the beginning of the morning;) I also bought some special neon orange dixie cups and gave everyone a small cup of sparkling cider. Some of the older kids and moms said what their new year’s resolutions were going to be, and then we counted down to noon and toasted. Then I served homemade pizza, goldfish, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip, and jello squares. Everyone had a great time!


  9. We have a new year’s eve baby and used to have his birthday/new year’s party in the afternoon on new year’s day. This fell by the way when he grew up (he just turned 24). I had been contemplating reviving this tradition and phoned family members for Sunday, January 2. We played games and had a simple buffet supper with whoever was free and in town.


  10. such a fun idea! i love it!


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