October 17, 2017

My Fashion Haul – Frugalista Style



(Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress for less with designer outfits for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits  from head to toe are less than $15.)

When I was in NYC with some blogging girlfriends, we were told about this new craze on You Tube called a “Fashion Haul.” Typically, I tune out the “what’s in” stage, but this was pretty interesting with my Fashionista tendencies.

It’s basically where girls, women, and shopaholics, from all walks of life, come home from a spending spree and then video tape their finds to show their viewers.  Most of them are sharing crazy amounts of clothing for an even crazier amount of cash.

Well, I had a Fashion Haul of my own at one of my favorite “hot spots,” – the mother queen of all fashion yard sales.  Three women with amazing taste in clothes cleared out their designer closets, just so that I can show you all the possibilities that are out there to become your own Frugal Fashionista. This is now the second year I have been fortunate enough to hit this jackpot, and you can can bet that I will prioritize it every year.

So at 10:30pm this evening, I decided to show you my own Fashion Haul – Frugalista style. I hope you enjoy it.

(If you’re receiving this by email or reader, you’ll need to click over to my site to watch the video.)

Obviously, the more clothes I bring in, the more I need to clean out. This has been my biggest struggle with my Frugal Fashionista status. I find amazing clothes for next to nothing cash wise, but stuff is stuff and stuff takes up room. I used to buy clothes that were just a bit too small with the hopes that I would fit into them within “xyz” months. I’ve learned the hard way that those items just accumulate in my closet causing more STUFF.  I am doing a better job of passing on the things that I’m not wearing knowing that there are more great deals right around the corner.

As you watch this video and see the large amount of clothing I got for only $15, wrap your brain around the fact that this was a drop in the bucket in comparison to the clothes that were still there, at which I didn’t even look. On my way to speak at a conference, I literally had minutes to “shop.” My sister in love went after I did and picked up around thirty items for herself and my nieces  – all as cute as what I found.

I know, I know….I wish you had been there as well. 🙂


  1. Love the video of your haul! It’s so fun to see your bargain finds!


  2. So fun to see you with your frugal finds–great video!

    I had terrific luck at the thrift store this week. I got a beautiful Territory Ahead dress (short–to belt as a tunic over leggings/jeans or to wear as a swimsuit cover-up), a silk-cashmere pullover in my favorite shade of teal, a great hoodie, and a NWOT winter dress for my daughter–all for $7. But you have me beat! 🙂


  3. You ROCK on video!!!!
    Such good finds… you inspire me.


  4. I just love your frugal fashionista posts. Your video was excellent! I am a big-time garage sale addict and buy nearly all my clothes this way. I am very excited by your coats!! I can never find coats that fit my extra-long arms. I, too, have a yearly garage sale I stock up at. My SIL and I call them “the shopper ladies”, and we look forward to their sale every year!
    Great finds and great video!


  5. As a frugal fashionista…..Love the videos! I only buy the top end designers pieces and the fashion staples (cashmere, Michael Stars, Ralph Lauren, and …..designer shoes!). The best staple piece I have found to date has been my REAL long, beaver fur coat for $24.99…..every lady needs one (real or fake).
    I keep searching for the LV Speedy….one day, I will find it at a bargain price!! Happy searching 🙂


  6. Sadly the video isn’t there for me, but I will check again later.


    Jens Reply:

    @domestic extraordinaire, hmm….it doesn’t show up at all? That’s so odd. I’ll have to figure out what is going on. Anyhow, if you want to see it, you can watch it here. 🙂


  7. Oh lucky you! And cute video. I love the idea of a Frugalista Fashion Haul Video and if I ever find stuff like that it might be the push I need to try a video.

    And as I’m watching all these items you’re holding up for so cheap – how in the world did those ladies do their pricing? I mean those are some crazy low prices for very nice items! Oh well – maybe they are paying it forward and blessing others. 🙂


  8. You’re right, I do wish I would have been there! What a great haul! Maybe for your next Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show, you could do frugal fashion haul video link ups 🙂

    I recently cleared out 90% of my closet – things that didn’t fit well, didn’t really match my style. I’ve been slowly adding in new pieces from yard sales and Goodwill. Mostly cute skirts and A-line dresses.

    Mary Ellen


  9. Jen, LOVED your video! My 11 year old daughter and I watched it together and had fun watching you with all of your goodies. My daughter said, “I just love that lady”. Anyway, I had a nice haul today too for my daughter but found 2 pair of shoes for myself (Clarks for $1!). It’s soooo much fun having a “good garage sale day”. Have a great weekend!


  10. OMG, I love your green coat. {swoon} I don’t go to many yard sales but I do love my Goodwill. I could spend hours in there pouring thru all the clothes and home goods. But you did inspire me to find that type of yard sale, I’m gonna start asking around.


  11. I want the fun shirt that doesn’t fit!!!! Bring it to Breck!


  12. Theresa Charley says:

    Jen I like whenever you have YOUTUBE video but more importantly, I love when you have Frugal Fashionista posts! Your fashion posts (whether it is from you or guest posts) REALLY DO INSPIRE ME TO: not spend tons of money, look out with a sharp eye and know when to say yes or no without regret.

    Keep up the great, hard work it’s truly appreciated.



  13. Wow, Jen! Totally stumbled.


  14. Love, love, love your Frugal Fashionista blogs. I look forward to them every week… and especially love the video idea!


  15. Jen, Great yard-sale haul! I love seeing others who get just as excited as I do about second-hand shopping. And, by the way, you don’t need to lose any weight: you look fabulous as you are.


  16. My favorite pieces on you are the geen jacket with short sleeves (looks good w/your yellow tee), the black skirt, & the green purse! Amazing!!!


  17. I loved, loved, LOVED the video! It was SOOOO fun seeing your fashion haul and hearing how you spent such a tiny amount for SO much!

    More, more, more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d love to see further frugal fashion vlogs from you AND from your readers! Looking great for pennies on the dollar should be CELEBRATED!!!!!! 🙂


  18. Although it might take persistence to search out, there are a variety of places where you can find frugal fashion — in all sizes.

    In my location, the garage sales are uninspiring and time-consuming, and some of the thrift stores are overpriced, but, over time, I discovered TWO little local thrifts with great stuff and great prices. They’re only open for limited hours each week, but the savings make it worthwhile to get there. For example, one thrift is only open on Wednesday mornings. However, it’s near the doctor and the dentist, so I make all the kids’ orthodontic appointments for Wednesday mornings.

    I go to the closest one whenever I get the opportunity (sometimes 2 or 3 times a week — it’s next to my grocery store.) and to the farther one about once a month.

    If I were a size 10 or 12, I’d have the most selection, but, sadly, I’m a 1X-2X. Nevertheless, I have found plenty of lovely clothes — in the styles and fabrics I prefer. And my skinny teen finds lots of the brands she likes — Volcom, Hollister, Hurley, Billabong, Wet Seal, ….

    Here’s an example of some of the great large-size clothes I’ve scored: On our last vacation, (Grand Canyon), all my clothes, [except my undies, swimsuit, and my Gore-Tex rainjacket], were thrifted — and most of the clothes I took were excellent brands: Coldwater Creek; Chico’s; Travelsmith; J Jill. My Fossil purse was also thrifted. And my most useful vacation shoes were a pair of thrifted Merrell’s.

    For example, I took a skirt very similar to this one:


    Only I paid $2.50 at the thrift store.

    It’s worth the time to seek out your local sources of frugal fashion.


    Jens Reply:

    @Jora, whoo hoo….so fun to hear your wonderful scores. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how vastly thrift stores can vary within the same city? We have a few that are crazy overprices as well. You’re so right, a little perseverance can go such a long way. Since I have worn thrifted clothes from skinny sizes to plus size, I know what a little searching can do and I love to hear about your perspective and treasures as well. Thanks for sharing.


    Jora Reply:


    Thanks, Jen.

    When I lived in the Midwest, garage sales were the best — and the thrift stores were …. okay.

    I remember one garage sale where I bought 2 Northern Reflections sweaters with pretty buttons: one red and one blue. $2 apiece. I wore those sweaters for years. When they finally gave out, I saved those buttons.

    In my part of the Midwest, garage sales went on for days — Friday and Saturday, at the very least. Sometimes 9-5 over 2 days. And there were often NEIGHBORHOOD sales, where you’d park your car, grab your tote bags, and hit 20 houses before returning to the car … and then going to the next set of sales.

    In those days, my kids were little. They had lovely wardrobes, mostly from garage sales: Rothschild coats; Osh-Kosh; My Michelle, Gymboree, ….

    Here in the desert Southwest (at least my part), driveways get pretty hot. A lot of garage sales run 8-11 on Saturday morning, then it’s over. Maybe that’s why prices seemed high — with only a few hours, sellers didn’t have a lot of time to get bored! However, when the garage sale is over, the family often hauls their sale items to the nearest thrift store!

    It took me 3 or 4 years living here to figure out the system.


  19. Wow, fun stuff! That’s amazing. I would love to find someone who would be selling their stuff that cheap. What a great way to save $$$!



  20. Hi Jen, congratulations on your fashion haul! How fun…

    I’ve recently been going to our local Goodwill each month for their 1/2 off sale, and I’ve found some amazing things as well. I’m getting more compliments on my outfits these days, and many are from Goodwill! Plus, I’ve found great shoes. This past weekend, I found 7 great pairs of shoes…two of which were brand new!

    Thanks for the encouraging blog, and happy hunting!


  21. What a fantastic find! We have a couple of great thrift stores around here and you can’t beat the price. I love clothes and this is the best way to stay in fashion without going broke. Love your site!


  22. New to this blog but I love the concept. Nice clean design and color scheme, too. (Sorry, the graphic design nerd in me had to speak out!) I can’t wait to check it out more when I get home tonight and in the coming weeks. 🙂


  23. Lynne in NC says:

    What a great “haul”. Thanks for sharing through video — you did great!
    I am inspired!


  24. Awesome scores!


  25. You are so cute. What a fabulous find!! I love it all.



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