November 23, 2017

Men’s Docker Sunglasses: 6 pair – $17.99


My guys go through sunglasses like toothpaste. Not something I am proud to admit, but it’s a fact. Here in the NC sun, protecting their eyes is key. Today only (and they sell our quickly, even within the day), Dockers have six pair of men sunglasses for $17.99.

These are definitely not your typical drug store sunglasses. Made by Dockers these have retail tags from $22.00 – $30.00

  • 6 Pair of Sunglasses
  • Sport and classic styles
  • Many polarized styles
  • Retails between $22.00 & $30.00
  • Docker’s

The photo is an example of styles you may receive.

Order them through, and select deal of the day.


  1. Just ordered! Thanks for the tip. We’re really hard on sunglasses too. Hubby will be happy and whatever he won’t wear, the boys can have.


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