May 24, 2017

McDonald’s Deal: 5 Big Macs/5 Fries $13 (Great for sharing with homeless


Regardless about how you feel about the nutritional quality of McDonald’s, there’s just something special close to my heart about their french fries.

Yes, it goes way back, those McDonald’s french fries and me, so when I saw this deal for 50% off at McDonald’s through Living Social, I snagged it this morning, since it’s only good today.

You will be shipped a coupon book, filled with ten voucher for five fries and five Big Mac’s. What I love about these kind of coupon books is that you may keep them in your car, and when you see someone in need, you have something tangible to give to fill a hungry belly besides money.

Our family looks for ways to help the homeless and refugee families in our community, and we often make care packages for the homeless and feed the refugees on Christmas. A coupon for a free Big Mac and fry would be something wonderful to include, or just to be able to hand out.

For $13, this is a great stocking stuffer for many people in your life. These coupons DO NOT EXPIRE!

If you are new to Living Social, sign up here (pick the city closest to you, even if it’s not your home town, These coupons are good throughout  the US). Once you sign up, the deal could possibly be located at the bottom of your screen as a “nearby deal.”

If you have signed up for Living Social before, go straight to purchase your great deal.


  1. What a great idea. I saw that deal this morning and dismissed it,thinking I would have no need for 5 burgers and fries from McD’s, but that’s a great new thought and perspective! Thanks. 🙂


  2. Eileen Petersen says:

    I have a question about the Living Social McDonald’s deal. Is the web site secure? I did see a lock where you enter CC info but not at the search bar where I am used to seeing it on other sites. Thank you. I love reading your blog.


  3. I bought these too. We’ll use the french fry ones for the kids but I’ll give the big mac ones away as a gift. I only wish I could buy more for people!


  4. What a great idea!!! When I first saw the deal, I thought…that’s the last thing I need (on Weight Watchers:)) but when I saw your post, I thought WOW, it’s not alway about me:) Purchased mine and can’t wait to give to someone in need. Thank you!!


  5. This is frustrating. We don’t even buy fast food for our own family. Going out to eat is a luxury, not a right. The vast majority of homeless in our area are homeless because they want to be, not because they have to be. In all the 17 places areas of the country I’ve lived in my lifetime when I knew what was going on in the real world, as well as the 20 something areas my husband has lived, it has been much the same, so I don’t think the mentality is isolated. Most of the time, they are users, not needy, except in the spiritual realm of things.
    Once – meaning last year around this time – a man came up to my husband and asked for a Whopper. My husband kindly said, “No, we can’t financially do that right now, but come with me to my house and I’ll give you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some cocoa if you are hungry.” The man said, “Whatever, I don’t eat that kind of @#$%@. What a cheapskate.” He then continued to cuss my husband out, in front of our kids, because we are supposed so show compassion, and give him what he wants, and he deserves better than a stupid PB & J. We continued our sledding outing, and before we left he had gathered a whole group of his friends and told them what happened, they all had plenty to say to us as we were leaving. It was very scary to our young children. This is by far not the exception where we are. We have plenty of other situations we have encountered on this issue.
    Do you want a real glimpse into their life? Many homeless are running from something. Many the law, many child support. They are able bodied people who hang out at our local mission and get free hots and a cot every day for 30 days. Since you can only stay at the mission for 30 consecutive days, then at least 7 days before you come back, some get temp work for 7 days and stay at the Amtrack station. Some opt to commit a petty crime, such as drunken disorderly, so they can spend the 7 days they can’t stay at the mission in jail, so they still get free meals, a place to hang out and sleep – yes, this is their life, and they brag about it – my husband works with some of them on his construction crew – yes, they have a job sometimes, but don’t report, anyway….
    I truly hope your efforts here are not misguided. The Lord Jesus said, ” The poor will you always have with you…” and this was in the context of addressing greed and dishonesty. I have no doubt there are some who really are in need, but there are many who just need to own up to the child support they owe and stop lying for hand outs.
    God advocates people working for what they get, and says point blank “If a man will not work, neither should he eat.” The old adage says ‘ Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” Most of us are providing for our own, and are happy to give, without thanks, to people who are truly in need, but it is not Christian charity to enable people to continue in a lifestyle of entitlement and laziness by giving freely without addressing the real needs of their lives. In fact, I believe it is sin on the part of Christians to indiscriminately hand out the resources God has entrusted them with, calling it serving God, when actually Jesus Christ himself addressed the spiritual needs far more than the physical. When He did heal, feed, etc. He always spoke to the spiritual first. He is our example. Why not give through your church? Most know where to go when they are truly destitute, to a church, or truly humble themselves and reconcile with family whom they have wronged. That is the true spirit of the season. Reconciliation. God with mankind. Mankind with God. Mankind with each other. Let’s keep this in perspective. Christians are called to be God’s ministers of reconciliation. Sometimes this means giving, other times serving, other times exhorting and correcting. There needs to be balance.
    Sorry for the long rant.


    Jen Reply:

    I can tell that you feel strongly about this, and while you have some points by which I totally agree, such as many homeless are users, as well as your final points in that reconciliation is so crucial, and that Christ dealt with the spiritual, I can not begin to be someone’s Holy Spirit.
    Scripture asks me to give in His name. In fact, the times when it really meant something was when we gave to others in the midst of our unemployment, since even when we could not afford things, we looked at various refugee families who were so much worse off than us and I felt blessed, when we had nothing.
    With our sharing with the homeless, I am not responsible for whether or not the recipient uses things responsibly or not, and I certainly can not begin to determine who “deserves” our help or not. My husband often says to our children, “We deserve nothing, which is why His grace is SO amazing.
    I hope our family ministers in that way. For reasons you have mentioned, we don’t give money, but put together care packages that can help meet basic needs, especially during the winter months. We ministered to homeless camps where men, and women were in tents in below freezing weather. We brought wood etc, and even had a woman into our home to share Easter with our extended family.

    As I re-read your comment, there’s obviously many things behind what might stir your words so much, things that I don’t understand, nor can I begin to know how recommending sharing a few coupons with the homeless or refugee family leads you to believe we are out of balance. Like you said, sometimes it’s giving, other times serving, other time exhorting and correcting – balance, for sure. Those are wise words which I agree with, yet we will still continue to serve others, above and beyond what we do through the church, so that if for nothing else, we can model for our children a servant heart, regardless of circumstances, or regardless of if the recipient is deserving. It’s actually even more fulfilling when there’s nothing in return, and I grow in my walk with Him when there’s no appreciation because it refines me and why I do it. For HIM…to glorify Him, not for anything else.
    It’s all grace, and I know I am the most undeserving.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do know that those issues are frustrating, and for me, some of those feelings run through my mind when it comes to government programs, but I still know that it’s out of my hands and I am only responsible for my heart attitude. Hope that puts my perspective in there for you.


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