October 17, 2017

TODAY ONLY: Amazing 300 Macy’s Gift Card Giveaway ($10K)


macy's fashion trends

Spring Fashion is in the air and it brings me joy, amidst this icy, snowy, freezing cold winter (no resentment here), to know that bright colors are on the horizon.

Can I tell you how fun it is to see fushia, turquoise and florals peppered throughout this season’s fashion trends?

I love bright colors. Whether in my home, garden or wardrobe, there’s something that makes me feel a bit more daring and anticipate warmer weather.

SO when I saw this trench coat, it brought me back to my love of investing in a core wardrobe.

Nearly five years ago, I wrote about my love of trench coats and their necessity as a core wardrobe piece. They never go out of style, well except maybe the red wool one I showed in that five year old post and they fit every body type. They hide any flaws that we worry about.

But this hot pink trench coat with white pants and heels from Macy’s? I LOVE THIS!

It’s bold, adorable, brings me out of any winter doldrums I’m experiencing, but the fact that I just purchased white pants now has me off to investigate some bright colored trench coats for the spring.

spring trends 2014


Seeing all these fun fashion finds, paired with the fact that I am offering the most AMAZING giveaway day ever , (well officially Savings.com is since they sponsored this post), but I want to take credit for THREE HUNDRED, yes, 300 Macy’s Gift Cards!!

Today only, you have the opportunity to win one of 300 gift cards being given away over at Savings.com.

Yes, do the math and see what they total. ($10K)

  • 100 $50.00 gift cards

  • 200 $25.00 gift cards

Head on over and sign up with a simple email. You will see the entry spot at the top of page and insert your email here!

It is only running today, 3/24 from 9 am – 4 pm PST.


  1. The form loads up fine but then the submit button doesn’t do anything.


  2. This is an awesome giveaway, but I don’t think the widget is working – it won’t let me submit my e-mail.


  3. awesome giveaway!!!


  4. Sally T. says:

    Awesome deal~but your widget does not seem to work. 🙁


  5. Sally T. says:

    My comment is still in moderation?Inow missed the giveaway, 🙁


    Jen Reply:

    Sally – the entry wasn’t for a comment here, it was just for an email submit at the form so if you did that, you are good.


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