November 17, 2017

Love For All Things Discounted – TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshall’s Giveaway


TJ Max

It just wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t declare up front my love of all things “Trash to Treasure.” I love finding something old and ugly and giving it new life, but if we’re all honest, often many don’t have the extra timeΒ  to wait for that hidden gem. That’s when TJ Maxx and Marshalls comes into play.

Look at that eye candy pic from that I stole from my dear friend, the Nester, who will love me anyhow. I know…it makes my heart go pitter patter as well. Those are MY colors. Anyone who has seen my new bathroom makeover or the colors of my island, understand that blue and white are bringing me to my happy place these days. πŸ™‚ Here’s the thing, next to thrift stores and yard sales, Tj Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods bring you the best in discounted items at a fraction of the retail cost. Plus, my favorite part in the whole store is their clearance aisles. That’s when I take the already slashed price, but find it marked down even further. Yes, we’re talking yard sale prices. Here is the best example of that in my home.

TJ Maxx

I love all these kitchen items in my home, but wow, do they have a variety of prices. One is from an auction, one was purchased online and one was from TJ Maxx. Any guesses?

The white glass canister set I won at an auction and love them. The set? A mere $8, but it took all day waiting around to win that bid. The bread box you may recognize from a major domestic goddess. She used it on her TV set for years, has a major magazine and thinks that paying $75 plus shipping is a “good thing.” (Yes, I still am drop jawed to think of this gift from my hubby about 8 years ago – although it was SO sweet since he knew I admired it.) Lastly, the green Flour tin I purchased last year on Clearance at TJ Maxx. It had been separated from a three set canister set so it was marked down…$3.99! Woot, Woot. That is my kind of savings.

T.J.Maxx and Marshalls provide shoppers with such incredible savings. but how does those deals make it’s way to the store? With more than 1600 stores across the country, there is a great deal of buying power behind both chains that allows a lot of flexibility in negotiating prices. T.J.Maxx and Marshalls buyers also buy merchandise closer to the time it is needed in stores, which opens up opportunities to score great deals on current season styles. Their buyers on are on the hunt over 40 weeks a year looking for the hottest items of the season. Now, let’s talk their deals on clothes. When a designer overproduces and department stores overbuy, TJ Maxx swoops in, negotiates the lowest possible prices and pass on the savings to us. They have thousands of items delivered to their stores every week, so just like a great yard sale, it’s never the same store twice.

I love my Frugal Fashionista shopping, but this year, we’ve had to turn to TJ Maxx and Marshalls for many of my teen sons’ Back to School shopping needs. Two have grown four inches in about six months, putting on pounds that make my scale shake. Finding pants and shoes in those sizes at Goodwill, which haven’t been on someone’s shelves for the past decade, is nearly impossible.Β  Plus, if your teen girls want to dress like twins such as the girls below, I can guarantee, that is not an option.

I’ve been so impressed at the great discounts I can find, and I know you will find some exclusive Back to School needs as well.

boy tj maxxTJ Maxx

So, how would like to shop at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods this month?

I’m giving away a $25 Gift Card to get any last minute Back to School needs.

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This giveaway was sponsored by TJ Maxx.Β  Read more on my disclosure policy.


  1. Lonnita C says:

    I love TJ Maxx!

    Lonnita C Reply:

    @Lonnita C, My best deal was getting a pair of jeans as low as $7 bucks!

  2. Lonnita C says:

    I am a subscriber!

  3. Lonnita C says:

    I am a facebook fan!

  4. Lonnita C says:
  5. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I shop every area of both stores.

  6. hmm, my fave is finding that random thing that you don’t see at other stores. like that small piece of home decor that fits just right in my home. i also love getting great clothes for much less than designer prices.
    kathy k.

  7. Amber Brueseke says:

    I love the clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Awesome clothes for a great deal!

  8. Amber Brueseke says:

    I am a subscriber

  9. We don’t have a Home Goods here but we do have TJs and Marshalls. I love TJs and Marshalls mostly for the home department. I have gotten many cute things for my home at both stores. I have gotten a few good deals on clothes and shoes too. I love both stores. πŸ™‚

  10. I subscribe through email.

  11. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  12. I once purchased a gorgeous set of Waterford crystal champagne flutes at Marshalls for less than $20.

  13. my absolute favorite dress i own came from tj maxx. i tried it on one day, but didn’t buy it. once i got home i just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so i had to go back and get it!! thankfully it was still there. i’ve purchased a gorgeous black suit there and tons of other good fitness wear and equipment!! i love tj maxx and marshalls!!

  14. April in CT says:

    One of my favorite finds is our dining room rug we got at Home Goods. The selection of rugs and the prices are hard to beat!

  15. My best deal was at Home Goods after the passing of my FIL. He was cremated and the price wanted for urns was crazy. So, off to Home Goods I go and found a gorgeous one for $12.95. My MIL was so pleased. She then wanted a small container to put some of his ashes so that when she passes some of hers will be mixed with his. That container also came from Home Goods in the bathroom accessory section… a marble q-tip holder!

  16. I subscribe by email.

  17. 4. Friend my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook Fan page.


  18. April in CT says:

    I follow your blog!

  19. I love the great deals on clothes for my teen at TJ Maxx!

  20. My favorite deal at Marshalls…hard to decide! My most recent was an Under Armour work-out skirt for $3 (retail $65).

  21. I’m a confirmed subscriber

  22. I have not frequented any of them very much but do have a Marshalls in town.

  23. I subscribed to your blog via email!

  24. Great giveaway! I enjoyed shopping at those stores when I lived near them. DON’T pick me b/c I live hours away and wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, but just wanted to say thanks and those places really are the next best thing to thrift/yard sales!

  25. I like you on Facebook

  26. Love TJMaxx and Marshalls! Recently, these shops were my go-to when my husband needed an interview outfit immediately. We found black pants to match his already owned black jacket, and made an instant suit.

  27. A fan on facebook πŸ™‚

  28. I have all three in my area! My favorite is Home Goods! I found a lot of decorative items for my kitchen. My favorite is a large vase I have on my hearth.

  29. got a cute pair of jeans at TJ Maxx for 12 bucks.

  30. i subscribe to your feed.

  31. I became a fan on facebook!

  32. Amber MacDonald says:

    i have never shopped at any of the them but have always wanted too

  33. Amber MacDonald says:

    i get ur email at

  34. I love TJMaxx!! I recently found a really cute shirt on clearance for $5!!

  35. I was so happy to see this post of TJ Maxx and Marshals. These stores have been constants for me over the years. Every section has good discounts.

  36. Amber MacDonald says:

    i follow and shared on twitter as”Amber01sw”

  37. I subscribe through e-mail!

  38. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted the message above

  39. Amber MacDonald says:

    i like u on FB as “Amber Lusk MacDonald”

  40. I am a fan on Facebook

  41. I love my inexpensive white plates from TJ Maxx! They have the same ones at Marshall’s. They are a great way to decorate without spending a fortune on a new wall hanging.

  42. Got a $3 pair of black leather Enzo Angiolini pumps at Marshalls!

  43. My best buy was at home goods where I got a beautiful bedroom set for over half off the ones I had been looking at elsewhere. It totally made the room!

  44. I subscribe to your feed.

  45. My favorite TJ Maxx deal is the bag I’ve carried back and forth to work all year. It’s my favorite brand and I found on clearance for $10 when it would have been over $50 at any other store!

  46. Home Goods for me!!

  47. The last time I went to Home Goods I got a great picture that is above my fireplace. Everyone compliments on it!

  48. I’m an email subscriber

  49. I’m a friend of yours on FB

  50. I am ashamed to admit I have never been to any of these stores. I will need to get on it now!
    I have heard good things, but I have never personally experienced the good feeling of a TJM find!
    Thanks for the chance!

  51. I love the home decor and kitchen stuff!

  52. I subscribe in google reader.

  53. I have found some amazing deals on jackets at TJ Maxx. Love it for clothes!

  54. I love love love TJ Maxx and Ross (which you didn’t mention) for their home goods and clothes! My favorite buys over the years have varied- I’ve gotten quality bedding and towels, an awesome lasagna baking dish, towel hooks, art, tea cups, serving pieces, the list goes on and on! I also have scored great deals on baby gear and clothes- both for our family and for gifts. Having recently had a baby I could use some serious wardrobe updating- I’d love a gift card!

  55. THe perfume at TJ Max

  56. I like you on facebook

  57. I once found a clearance Ralph Lauren dress for my girl for $5 at Marshall’s.

  58. Linda Long says:

    You can get nice deals on skin care products.

  59. Linda Long says:

    I follow you in google reader as theladyinblack3

  60. Has to be my youngest daughters polka-dot bedding!!

  61. I don’t have any, but if I win a gift card, I will go check them out!

  62. Happy follower πŸ™‚

  63. Linda Long says:

    I follow you on twitter as theladyinblack3 and tweeted this giveaway

  64. I’m a subscriber!

  65. Linda Long says:

    I am a fan on facebook

  66. I LOVE TJ Maxx and Home Goods! I have found so many deals I can’t even remember! I love TJ Maxx at the end of spring or summer for their dress clearance sale!

  67. I am also a FB fan! And I would get some new home goodies with a gift card!

  68. My favorite was a cute black jacket for $13.

  69. I’m an RSS subscriber

  70. I have found great clothes for me and my kids at Marshalls at prices I love.

  71. I’m a subscriber.

  72. I haven’t been to TJ Maxx in years but would love to go again!

  73. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  74. My favorite find would have to be from Marshalls. It was a cute ceramic cake stand that has a ribbon trim that can be changed out. So cute!

  75. I am a Beauty and Bedlam friend on Facebook!

  76. love this site…and i think i like marshalls better…even tho they are owned by same company…marshalls tends to be a little cheaper!

  77. I found 2 dress up dress at Marshalls for my girls for $2 each!

  78. I’ve actually never shopped at any of those stores, but I think I’m gonna have to start!

  79. I’m a subscriber.

  80. Friend on Facebook

  81. I’m a facebook fan.

  82. Subscribe in a reader

  83. I have gotten some awesome deals at TJ Maxx on lighting. They have lamps for such great prices!

  84. I’m a friend on Facebook!

  85. Oooo I just got some gold Tommy Hilfiger flip flops at TJ Maxx for 7 bucks. I love how they’re just as easy to slip on as my old, ugly ones but make any outfit look better!

  86. I also subscribe!

  87. I bought a thin cotton quilt at Mashall’s that was $20 and saw the same quilt at a department store for $75 – since I was cutting it up to cover a bench seat cushion, I was glad to have paid so little!

  88. I am a subscriber!

  89. TJs is where I always go to get dress shirts and ties for my husband.. also shoes for me ! Thanks for the chance to win on this giveaway!

  90. I buy all my picture frames at TJ Max….great prices!

  91. I subscribe to your e-mail newsletter

  92. Can’t remember the prices, but got name brand dresses for several friends weddings at a good deal!

  93. Rachel M. says:

    I’ve only been to HomeGoods once…bought an outdoor tablecloth that I love and use inside. It cleans up so well with my kiddos eating on it 3 or more times a day!

  94. Rachel M. says:

    I’m already a subscriber.

  95. I read Band B through Google reader!

  96. Rachel M. says:

    I’m a fb friend!

  97. Consistently great silk ties for my hubby for $10 or less at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. My family knows, even on vacation, if we see the signs, we stop!!

  98. There is a coffee that I can only find at Marshall’s. It’s a Gheridelli Double Chocolate coffee and I love it!
    Need to get more. I’m out! LOL!

  99. I would love to get some throw pillows!

  100. I follow you on Google Reader!

  101. E-mail subscriber here. Love your site and all your decorating inspiration!

  102. My favorite Marshalls item- A nursery bedding set on clearance for $9.

  103. I got the cutest pink quilted bag a couple years ago that’s still my fav!

  104. My favorite items I found at TJ Maxx were two beautiful ceramic canisters.

  105. My favorite thing from Marshall’s is my mercury glass lamp! It was only $50, which is a lot for me, but I always find awesome deals there and I love he clearance isle too!

  106. I am a facebook fan…

  107. and a subscriber! πŸ™‚

  108. I love TJ Maxx for cute decorative items! The last thing we got there was a small wooden side table. It was a great deal. But I also love looking through their linens and the kitchen gadgets. That’s also where I got my Lodge cast iron skillet that I love!

  109. Crystal K. says:

    I’ve found some great deals on the clothes there!

  110. I am a subscriber!

  111. I found a $60 snow suit for my baby for about $10 once. That was a great deal. I also love when I can find things that I can’t find at many other stores and if I could, they would be WAY more money than I would be willing to spend.

  112. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  113. I subscribe via e-mail

  114. I like buying my shampoo etc there, plus love Homegoods for linens and any kind of home decor.

  115. I tweeted your giveaway!

  116. I “like” your page on FB!

  117. my favorite deals are the bed linens and towels! thanks for a great giveaway!

  118. googlereader subscriber

  119. facebook fan linda smith

  120. My fav. find at Marshalls was a set of sea shells prints that go perfectly with my bathroom decor.

  121. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  122. I like it when I find cookbooks or scrapbook materials or plates or clothes or…you name it I LOVE those stores!!

  123. I am a subscriber.

  124. Two bathing suits that actually fit (and didn’t cost an arm and a leg)!

  125. I am a follower!

  126. I love all three and usually buy my kitchen tools there. BUT my favorite department is the… SHOES! I bought a pair of Kate Spade pumps there on sale for 1/3 of the price. SCORE.

  127. I am a fan on facebook!

  128. Martha Hadderton says:

    I love TJ MAXX!! thanks

  129. I subscribe through a reader.

  130. I love buying shoes at TJ Maxx! They have great styles at the lowest price!

  131. I subscribe by email:)

  132. I follow on Facebook:)

  133. A couple of years ago I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren brown bootcut jeans for under $8. They fit me perfectly. No gaps in waist, which I usually have problem with in jeans. Unfortunately, they are so faded now that I think I need to redye them.

    Joy Reply:

    @Joy, Forgot to mention I got those at Marshall’s.

  134. My favorite Home Goods purchase was a green leaf plate with lots of detail and texture, it is hanging over our bed. I would love to visit there with a gift card toward a lamp for our great room–thanks.

  135. Monica M. says:

    I really like Marshalls for the Ralph Lauren shirts, children shoes and the home decor.

  136. I am a subscriber on bloglines!

  137. I love TJ Maxx – great deals on bras and bedding : )

  138. I am a subscriber.

  139. I got a great deal on a purse at Marshalls.

  140. I’m an email subscriber.

  141. My fav find at Marshalls was picked up on Friday…a set of 4 ceramic nesting bowls for $30. (the biggest bowl is huge!!)

  142. Erica Best says:

    im fan on fb erica best

  143. Erica Best says:

    im following ur feed name

  144. Charlotte says:

    I subscribe to your email.

  145. Charlotte says:

    I love anything at Home Goods!

  146. Charlotte says:

    I am a fan on FB!

  147. Erica Best says:

    i love Marshall.

  148. We love the fancy cupcake sprinkles in the foodie section.

  149. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  150. I am a facebook fan!

  151. My best Marshalls deal was a bread box very similar to yours, but the letters are all black. I LOVE it!! Think I paid around $13????

  152. I subscribe to you through Google. Great Giveaway, Jen!! πŸ™‚

  153. Erica Best says:
  154. i follow on facebook

  155. my favorite deal was a designer shirt for $7! It looks awesome!

  156. i tweeted this giveaway

  157. I love that the designer clothes are decently priced. I could spend all day and all of my money in Marshalls!

  158. Email subscriber.

  159. I am a facebook fan!

  160. My best deal at TJ Maxx was a darling little cupcake stand – for just one cupcake!

  161. I’m an email subscriber.

  162. Facebook Friends

  163. I love their picture frames!

  164. I subscribe with google reader

  165. fan on facebook!

  166. TJMax and Marshalls for clothes. They have great housewares too.

  167. I subscribe in reader and it’s on the sidebar of my blog!

  168. I stalk the clearance sections of my local Home Goods weekly. It’s a sickness. πŸ™‚

  169. Reader subsciber

  170. I follow on Facebook

  171. Pamela M. says:

    Home Goods has the best pillows at a price that is a steal. I got 2 Laura Ashley pillows for $6 for the pair earlier this year…..sleeping nicely on them!

  172. Jessica Y says:

    I got some amazing Christmas dishes there last year!

  173. Jessica Y says:

    I am an Rss follower!

  174. Jessica Y says:

    Friend on Facebook!

  175. I got the perfect towels for my daughters’ bathroom on clearance!!

  176. Love TJ Maxx! So many deals — for every part of my home.

  177. I have not scored anything great from any of them, because we live so far. But would love to win and have the chance to check them out when we travel to the city.

  178. I subscribe in my Google reader.

  179. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway – @GirlstoGrow

  180. Love TJMaxx and Marshall’s!

  181. I’m a subscriber, too!

  182. Jennifer B says:

    I’ve gotten some great shoe deals at Marshall’s!!!

  183. I am a facebook fan

  184. I recently bought jeans for my son at TJ Maxx for $7. When my kids were young, I did a lot of Christmas shopping there because they had fun, unique toys below anyone else’s price.

  185. My last great deal at TJ Maxx was a dress that retailed for 100.00 that I picked up for 9.99.

  186. Subscribed to email

  187. Follow on Facebook

  188. I’m a Facebook fan, of course!

  189. Kim Carlile says:

    I bought my son a Disney Cars backpack for $5!

  190. Patricia Merry says:

    I love the art at Home Goods. It is so much more expensive other places.

  191. TJ Maxx is my favorite.

  192. I tweeted your giveaway!

  193. My best deal? Gosh I have gotten so many things from TJMaXX and Home is hard to say….Baby clothes for my granddaughter, darling polka dotted salad plates for $5.99, many beautiful napkins..set of 4 for $5.00, I did get these amazing white dinner plates with black lettering all around them..set of 4 for 6.00..they are from Italy and hard to find so it was the deal of a century!


  194. I added you to my Google Reader!

  195. I “like” you on Facebook!

  196. I haven’t been to TJ Maxx a lot but I have found good deals on baby clothes and misc baby items.

  197. I love TJ MAXX! My best deals are the clearance on name brand socks for my kids.

  198. I like Marshall’s, the last time I went I found some Sketcher tennis shoes and they were only $20. Excellent deal, don’t think I could have done better anywhere else!

  199. I subscribe by email

  200. I became a facebook fan.

  201. I follow you on twitter and tweeted your message

  202. I tweeted about this too.

  203. I am a friend of your page on facebook

  204. follow on twitter and tweeted here;

  205. I love Marshalls, I have found great deals on clothes and toys!

  206. Just Coupons says:

    Love Home Goods. I bought wall pictures on clearance there for less than $10 each once.. and they were originally priced at over $60 each.

  207. Just Coupons says:

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted

  208. Just Coupons says:

    Email subscriber.

  209. I seriously love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I’ve gotten incredible buys on shoes, underwear and housewares but my biggest savings were on Speedo and TYR swimsuits for my oldest daughter who was a lifeguard. I usually paid between 12.99 and 16.99 for her suits and that was their regular price!

  210. Just Coupons says:

    Facebook fan (fb name Just Coupons)

  211. I got a couple of really nice pairs of boots last yr for $20 a piece!

  212. I follow you on twitter and tweeted @thecravetosave
    gmloschiavo at yahoo dot com

  213. I subscribe through google reader!
    gmloschiavo at yahoo dot com

  214. I am a FB Fan! The Crave to $ave
    gmloschiavo at yahoo dot com

  215. I tweeted your message…count me in!

  216. Of course I am a follower!! count me in!

  217. I am a fan on Facebook!

  218. just bought my daughters dorm comforter and pillow at Home Goods last week!

  219. I’m a Facebook follower!

  220. Beth Warren says:

    My favorite TJ Maxx deal was a Calvin Klein black dress with cool edging, that I’ve worn to a friend’s wedding.

  221. Beth Warren says:

    Following you in reader (google)

  222. i worked at marshall’s in high school, so i got first crack at everything. my best find them was jordache jeans for $9! when my son came along, i found izod lacoste onesies and little jogging suits for $3. he was a little pimp before he could walk.

    good giveaway, great hostess!

  223. I love whatever store I get a chance to stop at…w/ out my 4 kids! I have found many great items @ all of these stores!

  224. Beth Warren says:

    Following you on twitter & retweeted @beth_w737

  225. Jessie C. says:

    I picked up one pair of boots for just $15.

  226. Jessie C. says:

    I’m a subscriber

  227. Jessie C. says:
  228. Jessie C. says:

    FB friend@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  229. Beth Warren says:

    Friended you on facebook (bethw737)

  230. I really like all three, but in my area, our TJ Max is awesome!

  231. Winter coat for my son $13!!

  232. I was just at both stores on Tuesday. I go weekly to see what’s new.

  233. Tweeted @NiClemons

  234. RSS you on iGoogle

  235. I love discounted designer shoes!

  236. I tweeted about your giveaway

  237. I got most of my china pattern at TJMaxx fourteen years ago. It had been discontinued and TJMaxx was selling off the remaining items. I got an excellent deal!!

  238. i love them all but my daughter got married this summer, we ran into marshalls and got frames for the reception and cute jars for the candy bar, such great deals, i wanted to bring home a lot more!!

  239. TJ Maxx – discounted sheets and rugs!

  240. I tweeted and I follow you on Twitter.

  241. I ‘like’ you on Facebook.

  242. I subscribe via email.

  243. Casey Tells says:

    I am a facebook fan

  244. Casey Tells says:

    I retweeted on twitter

  245. Casey Tells says:

    I love to shop for new bedding.

  246. Casey Tells says:

    I subscribe to your newslatter..

    Casey Tells Reply:

    @Casey Tells,
    letter sorry so excited.

  247. Jennifer H. says:

    Picture frames and throw pillows are great deals there!

  248. Jennifer H. says:

    I subscribe via RSS

  249. lisatolson says:

    I love a set of dining room chairs we found on clearance at Home Goods!

  250. lisatolson says:

    I follow you in my reader

  251. Deb Smith says:

    Since I am all done with school, I am in desperate need of fall table linens. Some great napkins and a tablr runner would be FAB!!!

  252. Deb Smith says:

    I subscribe to email.

  253. Deb Smith says:

    “Liked” your FB also.

  254. Jennifer D says:

    I follow you via email, FB, and Twitter. I have shopped at HomeGoods/Marshalls for years (no TJ Maxx close by). Difficult to choose just one deal–however, I usually end up purchasing kitchen items. I have bought a pizza stone, coffee syrups, utensils, and table runners all for great deals. Pet items are also pretty cheap, and they carry some cute things.

  255. Melissa Pratt says:

    A pair of merrell shoes!

  256. Brandi Jones says:

    I love find unique and cheap picture frams!

  257. Brandi Jones says:

    I suscribe to your emails.

  258. Brandi Jones says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  259. love the workout clothes at TJ Maxx–brand name for cheap!

  260. I subscribe to emails!

  261. Marshalls is my favorite – my girls just bought all their school clothes there. My favorite purchase was a dress that retailed at JCPenneys for $80. I got it at Marshalls for $20!

  262. Hi,
    I subscribe in google reader. I love shopping in these stores! Great post! πŸ™‚

  263. I’m also an email subscriber

  264. Love all three stores…and all my deals I’ve found there!

  265. I’m subscribed!

  266. oh so many fun finds come to mind, those big glass apothecary jars that are at least $40 other places for $10 each that we used for the candy bar at our wedding, All Clad frying pans for a great discount, a lamp and cool trash can for my son’s nursery . . . Kelly

  267. AND I “like” you. πŸ™‚

  268. I subscribe in a reader. Kelly

  269. A LARGE fish shape ceramic food platter. The details on it are awesome. I use it almost every weekend to serve up the fruit or veggies for snacking. It had a small chip on the underside of tail … heck, at the time I got it (5 years ago), everything in my house had a small chip … my cost? $1.50. Original TJ cost? $49.99. πŸ™‚ That made me one happy happy girl! Still does all this time later (and no more chips!) Makes me go want to post a blog about it now πŸ™‚ hehe

  270. I love TJMaxx! We don’t have the other two stored close by. I recently bought a great POLO winter jacket for my son for (I’m not kidding!!!) $11!!! I couldn’t believe it!

  271. If I was a twitterer, I would twitter this.

  272. I am a fan on Facebook

  273. I am an email subscriber

  274. I love the purse section at Marshall’s. I could browse there for hours!

  275. I was able to get my daughter(juniors sz 3) 2 dresses at Marshalls for under $20!!! WOOHOO

  276. Home Goods! Although I do get a bit nervous in that store because there is so much stuff.

  277. I follow you on FB!

  278. facebook fan (shelly leatham)

  279. email subscriber

  280. I got a great deal on a Bengals jersey last year, it was only $9.99!

  281. My daughter loves the American Eagle brand stuff at Marshalls – often still in the AE store

  282. I am an email subscriber.

  283. Im a facebook fan

  284. Im also an email subscriber

  285. I follow you on twitter as @bmom76 and I tweeted

  286. my purse. i love it.
    i am a subscriber.

  287. I have a melange of Spode plates that all came various TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores. They were all $7.99 each – we love them and use them everyday.

  288. I subscribe to your great blog.

  289. Adrienne S. says:

    I took my sister shopping for career clothes for her new job, and we found the cutest clothes! She found a versital black pencil skirt for $20. While $20 is still a lot for me for a skirt, it was originally over $100, and it looked really great on her… a great way to make a good impression at her job.

  290. Adrienne S. says:

    I subscribe to your e-mails.

  291. Adrienne S. says:

    … and I “like” you on FB

  292. Mary Beth says:

    I love finding cute bath towels that I can use to make hooded baby towels for gifts!

  293. My favorite deals at HomeGoods are always the amazing candles that you can get on clearance… I love a good smelling house and the warm homey-ness of candles!

  294. Elizabeth says:

    My best deal was a $100 Anne Klein sweater for $12 at Marshalls.

  295. Elizabeth says:

    I subscribe through RSS

  296. tj maxx
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  297. I love TJ Maxx! πŸ™‚ Shopping there is almost like thrift store shopping! You never know what you’re going to find….

  298. email subscriber
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  299. Happy subscriber via bloglines! πŸ™‚

  300. fb fan (michelle b)
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  301. twitter follower & tweeted
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  302. Heather B says:

    I don’t care what I pick up from TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I love it all!

  303. I got some paintings for our front room – I think they were like $8 at TJ Max!

  304. I love everything about tj maxx and marshalls, especially the clearance. You can find great deals on food like teas and coffees and sauces…

  305. I subscribe to your emails!

  306. email subscriber

  307. Christy L says:

    My favorite TJ Maxx find is a simple pull on black skirt that I bought at the beginning of the summer for $10. Not super frugal – but I’ve probably worn that skirt 30 times since I got it and it still looks great – so I’d say it’s been well worth it!

  308. I like you on fb

  309. Christy L says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber!

  310. Christy L says:

    I’m a FaceBook fan!

  311. heatheremaclean says:

    i love TJ max! would also love to win! i follow on twitter& via email!

  312. I love TJ Maxx. I once found a $60 Underarmour shirt for my son for $3.99! I think that has been my best deal so far.

  313. I’m a fan on FB.

  314. I also follow on Twitter. πŸ™‚

  315. My best deal at TJ Maxx recently was a sham to match my new bedding. $2.00!!!!! I also like Home Goods.

  316. Kimberly Foster says:

    I found great finds when I needed maternity. Prices were lower on clearance, brand new than most thrift stores around here. I also love going through the clearance aisles for things to decorate my home with!!

  317. Carmen Goddard says:

    I am an email subscriber

  318. Love getting handbags for a deal!!

  319. I subscribed via email

  320. I “like” you on facebook too!

  321. I follow you on twitter and tweeted the message!

  322. I am a subscriber via email.

  323. I have had my eye on the beautiful sunflower dishes at Home Goods! Thanks for the giveaway!

  324. I am a fan of your facebook page! πŸ™‚

  325. Facebook Friend

  326. Email subscriber

  327. Annette Merlni says:

    I love home goods at Christmas time!

  328. I love getting picture frames at Marshalls.

  329. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  330. I follow on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway.

  331. I follow on Facebook.

  332. I don’t have a favorite deal, I just like all their random stuff!

  333. I absolutely love TJ Maxx and Marshalls – sure wish we had a Home Goods store close by!

  334. I am an email subscriber!

  335. I like you on facebook!

  336. I love all the outdoor decorations I have been able to get for my back deck there! Love the geckos they had this summer.

  337. I bought a lantern for 5 dollars that is beautiful on my porch!

  338. Blue and white take me to my happy place too!!!!! I’ve had a blue and white bedroom and kitchen for over 25 years now! I LOVE going to Marshall’s and TJMaxx for almost everything. I especially LOVE the Polish pottery that they sell and makes it affordable to me! I could never afford a piece on the websites that sell them!

  339. I’m an email subscriber too!

  340. I also “like” you on Facebook!!!!

  341. Jennifer Matthews says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  342. Jennifer Matthews says:

    Email subscriber here!

  343. Jennifer Matthews says:

    I tweeted the message!

  344. Jennifer Matthews says:

    I got a duvet cover for my sister for about 20$…she loves it!

  345. I subscribe by e-mail.

  346. I have a bird cage that I love from TJ. We didn’t have one of those where we moved from so I’m enjoying having one to dream in while stationed here.

  347. Best deal I recall at Marshalls:
    In my circles, girls tend to marry young so I had to find something for my daughter to wear to friend’s weddings. I found a velvet jacket with satin tie closure for under $25, paired it with a chiffon layered skirt she already had and she looked fabulous!

  348. I am a subscriber!

  349. Subscriber and loyal reader here πŸ™‚

  350. My favorite purchase at Home Goods recently was a pair of lamps for the master bedroom. ADORABLE! And priced reasonably.

  351. I love all three stores,but HomeGoods is my favorite, but due to the distance from me, I shop more at Marshalls.

  352. I am a FB follower.

  353. I am a tweeter follower and I tweeted your message.

  354. Last but not least, I also have you in my reader. πŸ™‚

  355. I subscribe by email

  356. My current favorite TJ Maxx deal is bright yellow picture frame I bought for $2. It adds a nice pop of cheery color to my office.

  357. i like the individual dishes they have. you can get cute mix and match sets that you dont have to worry about getting broken because they werent that expensive to begin with.

  358. i tweeted, username texanq!

  359. i get your feed.

  360. i liked you on facebook.

  361. Taner's Mom says:

    Love to score in the home goods department!

  362. I am a HomeGoods addict! My best deal was new bedding, including duvet cover, euro pillows, shams, blanket for under $100!

  363. I subscribe! entry #2

  364. I got my husband a basketball jersey at TJ Maxx from his favorite college team for a fraction of the cost. He loved it!

  365. I got a great deal on casual dresses.

  366. I’m an e-mail subscriber & love it! πŸ™‚

  367. Julie Briggs says:

    my $100 merrills that i got on clearance for $15 have lasted 5 years and i love them!

  368. I tweeted. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds funny? πŸ™‚

  369. I love TJ MAXX! I find a lot of decor there for under $10. My favorite all time purchase was a trench coat on clearance for $7!

  370. I am an email subscriber. πŸ™‚

  371. I love TJ Maxx they always have great deals.

  372. Subscribe to email

  373. Follow on Facebook

  374. One of my best finds at Marshalls was a pair of white pants for $14. Have really worn those and they still look great!

  375. Am a fan on facebook

  376. Subscribe to your daily e-newsletter!

  377. I have never shopped at a TJ Max or Marshalls. I’m not sure there is one near here. I’ll have to check it out if I win. I’m a follower through email.

  378. I always buy my sheet sets there; I got a sateen queen Ralph Lauren sheet set for $40!

  379. I follow you via Google Reader.

  380. I like you on Facebook!

  381. Favorite is Home Goods….we bought tons of wedding dishes and decor their for killer prices…especially cake pedestals

  382. I subscribe to emails

  383. My favorite TJ Maxx find was actually just last week~ a lovely denim shirt with tie belt for $5.

  384. I like you on facebook

  385. I am an email subscriber.

  386. …and a Facebook follower:)

  387. I like Marshall’s!

  388. My favorite deal was from TJ Maxx–I stumbled upon the stroller that I wanted in the pattern that I wanted (back when I still thought patterns were important!), for more than a third less than the lowest price I’d seen for it. It was the only one they had, and I didn’t even realize they sold strollers…

  389. I subscribe by e-mail.

  390. I like you on Facebook.

  391. Chelsei Ryan says:

    Everything is my favorite at Home Goods. My husband hates when I go there.

  392. Chelsei Ryan says:

    I subscribe to email.

  393. Chelsei Ryan says:

    I like Beauty and Bedlam on FB.

  394. TJMaxx household items are my favorite….picture frames & accessories absolutely!

  395. I’ve been able to find lots of things at Marshall’s – from games for the kiddos to a really cute dress that I got for $6.

  396. I have a set of bath rugs from them that have held up to so much, and were on clearance for only a couple bucks each!

  397. I love to browse the Kitchen section at TJ Maxx! I’ve found great deals on glasses, measuring cups and utensils!

  398. My favorite deal from TJ Maxx would have to be this awesome Vera Bradley notebook I got. I travel for my job and that really makes taking notes and stuff easier when I’m traveling. I get lots of compliments on it!

    Amy Lauren

  399. I found the best all purpose, dress it up or down, little black dress for $8 at TJ Maxx.

  400. I subscribe by email.

  401. Also, I’m an email subscriber.

    Amy Lauren

  402. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    I so totally have the answer for this entry–because I took my 15yo daughter to TJMaxx yesterday. She wanted to buy Converse tennis shoes and she found a cute black/pink pair for $15. We also bought two pair of skinny jeans: one for $10 and $15 for the other pair. We appreciate the great deals!

  403. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    email subscriber

  404. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    @Lexiquin follows you on Twitter

  405. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    Friend of/Like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on Facebook

  406. Oh, I love the good deals I find at TJ Maxx and have a back to school shopping trip planned for there this week!

  407. Sue Barnes says:

    We have a TJ Maxx & More the next town over…. my favorite deal there is candles!!! Mystic Harbor – a Yankee Candle brand cheaper than at the Yankee Candle Outlet Store!!! Oh wait…. it’s the two shelving units for $58 each (originally marked $275!!!)…. Oh, no-no-no…. it’s the New Balance Sneakers – in Wide size 9 for $15 bucks!!!!…. hmmmm, Ok…. I guess I just love the deals there…. period…. πŸ˜€


  408. Amanda Y. says:

    A normally expensive pair of those super soft fuzzy socks marked down to $3 for 2 pair (the ones that are like $10 a pair at department stores)

  409. Amanda Y. says:

    I’m an email subscriber!

  410. Amanda Y. says:

    I”m a facebook fan!

  411. Jennifer M. says:

    I love their shoe dept because I always seem to get a great deal!

  412. Jennifer M. says:

    I subscribe via email.

  413. I am a total Maxxinista! Unfortunately no Marshalls around.
    I love anything from there. I tell my husband it is like a treasure hunt
    and he doesn’t even complain when I fill the car from there.

    My favorite find from there was last Christmas. I got an olive wood nativity at a fraction of the price and the Kringles Wise Men but they were made out of cloth and large – soooo gorgeous. I gave them both away!

  414. Just got an amazingly beautiful antique white platter for $6 at Marshall’s. LOVE it!

  415. I’m a subscriber

  416. Amanda M. says:

    I have gotten some discounted Department 56 items at Home Goods. They are my favorite deals.

  417. Amanda M. says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed in my reader.

  418. Amanda M. says:

    I follow you on twitter, and I tweeted!

  419. Jen Burns says:

    I subscribe to you already

  420. Jen Burns says:

    I got a beautiful comforter from Marshalls for my daughters bed. Very elegant, and only $20.

  421. My best buy was a Jones New York suit at TJ Maxx for $49. It has been the perfect staple to get me through.

    I also get great gifts at homegoods all the time!

  422. I follow you in my reader, and on twitter!

  423. I got some fabulous clothing deals recently at Marshalls!

  424. I love the great clearance deals at Home Goods.

  425. My favorite Home Goods find was my Stainless Steel Compost bucket with charcoal filter that sits on my kitchen counter.

  426. I subscribe via email

  427. I follow on Facebook

  428. I love TJ Maxx!!!

  429. I also subscribe via email.

  430. Oliva and I love TJ Maxx. She took Andrew shopping last week and he came home with a cool “DC” T shirt for $3.
    Karen Z

  431. I enjoy checking out their shoes, and have gotten some great buys in the toy department.

  432. I’m a Facebook fan.

  433. I’m an email subscriber.

  434. Margaret Porter says:

    I subscribe to you by email, follow you on facebook.
    Love TJ Maxx!

  435. Definitely the home goods department!

  436. Soha Molina says:

    I like MICHAEL KORS MICHAEL KORS Lattington Tote Bag on TJ MAXX.

  437. Soha Molina says:
  438. Soha Molina says:
  439. Soha Molina says:

    I am sohamolina (Soha M) FB liker—-

  440. Email subscriber.

  441. I have never bought anything at these stores. Would love the chance to go baragin shopping.

  442. I have bought many shirts at TJ Maxx. I love walking around that store. In fact, I was there last night!

  443. I’m a google subscriber!

  444. I could definitely use the gift card!

  445. I got AWESOME boots for cheap last year at TJ Maxx!

  446. I like you on Facebook.

  447. Shauni M. says:

    I love TJ Maxx, I love that I can find items completely similar to those that I couldn’t afford somewhere else, but at prices I can afford!

  448. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed in my Google Reader.

  449. Kimberly S. says:

    I haven’t shopped there lately. My mom always find cute clothing there for cheap prices.

  450. I would love to win a gift card from Home Goods!

  451. Home Goods is a place I like to get lost in and look at everything!

  452. Got a cute chair for my granddaughter’s room at T. J. Maxx.

  453. Karen Smith says:

    Love checking out the clearance deals at these stores including the clothes and home decorating. Talk about decorating cheaply. Be patient and you will find the deals.

  454. I have really enjoyed your blog and I have been subscribed through email.
    Thanks for the great giveaway too!

  455. I’m a subscriber through Bloglines.

  456. Karen Smith says:

    Follow you through emails.

  457. Karen Smith says:

    I like you on Facebook, too. I appreciate all the give-aways you have been doing. Good luck to everyone!!

  458. I love the different pottery type dishes at Home Goods. Always a great price, especially compared to other stores

  459. I follow you on facebook

  460. I like you on Facebook too!

  461. I am an email subscriber

  462. I got myself a leather jacket at TJ Maxx a few years back for $19.99! It was a Wilsons jacket that was probably worth $80 or $100!

  463. Christina says:

    I love buying clothes at TJ Maxx!!

  464. Christina says:

    I subscribe via email.

  465. I’m an email subscriber, coriwestphal at msn dot com.

  466. Christina says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  467. I like you on FB: Cori Eckstrom Westphal

  468. I love TJ Maxx & Marshalls, but have yet to try HomeGoods!

  469. Crystal K. says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed via Google Reader.

  470. I have gotten some AMAZING deals at all of those stores. However, I think my very favorite was a very cool piece of artwork from Home Goods that was marked down to $7 from $48. Woot!

  471. And I already am a follower.

  472. I love the clothing at TJ MAXX and just about EVERYTHING at Home Goods. I got an awesome wool area rug for $90 at our Home Goods. What a steal!

  473. I’m a subscriber!

  474. I liked your FB!

  475. I follow you on facebook

  476. I love finding clothes deals at TJ MAXX

  477. I subscribe to your emails

  478. I subscribe to email.

  479. I like The Home Goods Store.

  480. I once got really cute glass dog food bowls for about $2 each. Although the dogs didn’t care I was excited to match their bowls to my kitchen decor!

  481. I once got really cute glass dog food bowls for about $2 each at TJ Maxx. Although the dogs didn’t care I was excited to match their bowls to my kitchen decor!

  482. Love TJ Maxx! 6 years ago I got a black and white sport coat for work. I paid $8 and still get compliments!

  483. We only have TJ Maxx nearby but it’s a favorite of mine (after Goodwill of course!) and I think I have converted my kids. The last thing I bought there is a pair of RYKA sneakers for $30.00, normally sold for about $80.00!

  484. I subscribe by e-mail!! =)

  485. I found a dress for my 20 yr. HS reunion at TJ Maxx for $20! It was gorgeous and I got a TON of compliments! I love finding deals like that!

  486. I subscribe via email and love it!

  487. I like you on Facebook πŸ™‚

  488. I love them all, but currently, TJ MAxx is my fave! thanks for the giveaway!!

  489. I am an email subscriber!

  490. Marshalls is closest to my home, so that’s where I shop the most. I love finding cute little things for the house AND I always like looking at all the unique food/snack/spices they have. My favorite thing I’ve found is some incredible asparagus pesto.

  491. I love the beauty product deals at TJ Maxx!

  492. I got some shorts for my daughter for $4.

  493. I’m an email subscriber.

  494. I “like” your page on FB.

  495. My best TJs deal was this ADORABLE cake stand that I scored for only 3 bucks. I’ve used it countless times!

  496. Sunshine Burch says:

    I <3 TJMaxx!! My most recent purchase was a Markowsky purse for cheap! LOVE it!

  497. Sunshine Burch says:

    I subcribe to your email.

  498. My favorite deal I got at TJ Maxx was on a Cole Haan bag I got. I had my eye on it because I saw it browsing the internet. L & T or Nordstrom (don’t remember which) had wanted full retail which was just about $300. TJ Maxx was selling it for about $100.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  499. Email subscriber
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  500. Follow you on FB
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  501. I’m crazy for the clearance aisles too!

  502. I have been trying to stay out of stores (apart from grocery shopping) to ease the temptation of spending, but I always used to frequent TJ Maxx. My favorite deal was getting a pair of Echo slip-on tennis shoes for $5.

  503. I would love a TJ Maxx card to get started on Christmas shopping!

  504. I am a Facebook fan

  505. Most everything I have seems to come from TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods, but I think my best deal ever was a Lilly Pulitzer dress I wear all the time for $8!!! I think it retailed for $150+.

  506. WOW, I guessed that the flour tin was an antique lol

    I LOVE T.J. Maxx!! Btw, I love your decorating style/tastes!!

    My fave deal I ever got at T.J. Maxx was a Nautica umbrella originally $30, reduced to $5 lol

    LOVED it and had it for many years!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  507. New email subscriber(and confirmed)


  508. Fan of yours on facebook


    Joey J.

  509. Following you on twitter @JoeyfromSC and tweeted:


  510. I am a Google Reader subscriber!

  511. Amy Garner says:

    I am follower of your site.

  512. Amy Garner says:

    I am a facebook fan.

  513. Amy Garner says:

    My favorite deal was my $5 Nike golf pants….not that I will be wearing them on a golf course, but they look good for casual dress!

  514. The best deal I found was yankee candles for $2 that were normally $12.

  515. I found a skirt for 2 bucks!

  516. email subscriber

  517. I follow you in email

  518. FB fan (Mari Doug)

  519. I follow on facebook

  520. Love the bedding at each store… can always find quilts/sheet sets on clearance!!

  521. I follow on facebook.

  522. i follow on twitter

  523. I subscribe by email.

  524. I am a fan on facebook!

  525. since i have only been to tj maxx i will say my fav is tj maxx , lol

  526. i’m a email subscriber

  527. follow you on twitter and tweeted ,

  528. i am your friend on facebook , traci smith

  529. Jenna Hilgers says:

    I used to get clothes from them ALL the time- best place for reasonably priced clothes!

  530. Jenna Hilgers says:

    I subcribe via e-mail

  531. I love all three stores! I can always find reasonable gifts.

  532. Absolutely love my Marshalls! Love finding the cutest girls shoes for such good prices. This summer my girls fell in love with some black suede boots–couldn’t justify the $29.99 price but they begged so we agreed they would “earn” their boots. What a great lesson for them (and me) on the value of things.

  533. I subscribe via email and love your site!

  534. I am a fan on facebook too!

  535. I love getting kids books (board books) at Marshall’s — very good deals.

  536. I also subscribed to your RSS feed in myyahoo!

  537. I love just about everything in HomeGoods!

  538. Tammy Ash says:

    I subscibe to your blog

  539. Tammy Ash says:

    I am friends on facebook

  540. You’re in my reader!

  541. SmlTwnLdy says:

    I love TJ Maxx and my mom recently treated me to a shopping spree there. Yay, mom, and thank you! My best deal this summer a swimsuit for $10. Retail tag said $110! I wore it most of the summer and got lots of compliments.

  542. Just tweeted about the giveaway!

  543. I facebook stalk you too!

  544. i love tshirts at tjmaxx!

  545. Kids shoes, hands down…I got a pair of ecco shoes for my daughter for $14!

  546. a dress i needed for a party – only 20$ at tjmaxx

  547. email subscriber

  548. I LOVE TJ Maxx! The clearance aisles are awesome and you can always find someting cool and different. It’s like a treasure hunt!

  549. Thanks for the giveaway! I recently ran into homegoods and loved it!

  550. I already subscribe via Google Reader. Thanks!

  551. I got a very pretty purple, dishwasher-safe, serving bowl at TJ Maxx for $7.

  552. I love TJ Max!! I need a new purse also so this would come in handy!!

  553. I love to buy my children’s books there and picture frames. They have the best prices.

  554. I’m a fan on facebook.

  555. I’m an email subscriber.

  556. I love the entertaining dishes and platters at HomeGoods.

  557. Sharon Edwards says:

    My favorite by is my Kipling computer bag. $25, originally over $100.

  558. I am a follower on twitter and tweeted!