December 1, 2015

How to Cook London Broil?


Super easy recipe ideas on how to cook London Broil. It's always such a mystery.

London Broil creates a sense of wonder for my food budget. Often, it’s  marked down due to a short dated sale, allowing me to prepare a carnivore’s dream for only a few dollars. The problem?

For years, I’d grab it, get it home, and then was stumped with what to do with it.

Do you know how to cook London Broil?

It creates such confusion for many because London Broil has become synonymous with a cut of meat, yet it’s not. Traditionally, it is a way to cook beef, thereby leaving a lot of home cooks confused as to what to do once they make their purchase, since each time you may have a different cut of beef (thus needing different recipes).

Ask the butcher and he will rattle off, “Marinate it, then grill it, put it in the crock pot, pan fry it, or cook it in the oven etc.”  Surely, that doesn’t help, since we don’t want all those choices, we just want tender beef and London Broil can be tough, but I have three recipes that changes all of that.

The tricky thing about London Broil is determining just what cut of beef you have packaged. If it’s thin, then it’s most likely a flank steak, and in my opinion, always the most difficult to keep moist.

No matter how much you marinate it, if you over grill it or over cook it in pan, it becomes tough. If you marinate it overnight, then grill it hot and fast, and do not cook it to more than medium, you have a great option. (As it rests, it will continue cooking).

Great explanation on how to cook London Broil with Easy London broil recipes.

Typically, I use my crock pot for London Broil (that recipe to come), but I knew that I didn’t have enough meat to fill my large crock-pot, nor did I want to heat my oven for hours with for a small pan, so I tried this on the stove with my Dutch Oven. It was out of this world. I’ll be adding more London Broil recipes for oven and crock-pot soon.

This was another great recipe for my Pantry/ Freezer Challenge , as I work my way through eating up the things lurking in my freezer and pantry.

I love that some of you are sharing your favorite way to cook London Broil in the comments.

Continue doing this and I will add them to my upcoming post.


  1. We have great success grilling London Broil cuts. I have a great marinade recipe that we pour over it the night before. You can find the recipe and grilling instructions here:

    We have London Broil all summer long, and it really satisfies my carnivores’ appetite for meat on my beans and rice budget!


  2. I like to throw it in the crockpot with some salt, pepper, and pour some A-1 sauce over the top of it. Underneath goes 4 potatoes cut into hunks.

    It makes its own wonderful gravy!



  3. I also often treat it like a roast. My fave roast recipe? Put it in the crockpot with a can of cream of mushroom soup and 1 can of beef broth.

    That’s it!

    So darned delish. I often make this on a Sunday afternoon, then slice the meat and throw it back into the sauce it made. Eating it one night during the week (after it has sat in its sauce for at least a night) and it gets even more tender and yummy!


    joan Reply:



  4. You can use London Broil to make taco/burrito meat in your crockpot. Toss your meat in the crock, then sprinkle with taco seasoning of your choice and a small jar of salsa.

    Cook low 8 hours or high for 4 hours.

    Use 2 forks to shred the meat–so easy to do–it just falls right apart!

    Spoon it onto flour tortillas and top with lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream…etc.


    P.S. You can also do this with chicken and it is equally awesome.


    Kristin @ Fiskerelli Bellies Reply:

    Thanks for this awesome idea! We love easy wraps for nights on the go, and this sounds perfect! With all these great recipes we’ll be stocking on London Broil all year round.


    Kristin Reply:


    This recipe was an excellent way to spice up my taco’s. I also made gravy and used it to make roast and gravy sandwiches. I got two meals out of an on sale $5 London Broil. had never cooked London Broil before. Thank you for the wonderful and cost effective meal ideas!!! Will also try this with chicken, then make chicken sandwiches afterwards.


  5. LOVE London Broil and I alwasy stock up when it goes on sale. Here’s my favorite way to make it…


  6. YUM! Thank you for clearing this up for me. I can usually buy london broil for cheap but have never figured out how to cook it right.


  7. Ok I read this recipe and 2 things bothered me, One you use a dry soup mix, that is so not home cooking, that stuff is full of sodium and preservatives and second you went to a basketball game and left the oven on. ?????? Who leaves their oven on when leaving the house, Sure fire way to come home to a burnt down house. I don’t understand how any of this is a good idea


    Jen Reply:

    It’s always interesting what’s not written in a post and that is why so much online miscommunication occurs, but just to clarify, others were at home, but the post states that I did not want to turn the oven on. The stove top was on low, barely warm and I do feel comfortable with that. So sorry if that bothers you. The beauty of a dry soup mix is that you can choose to use homemade seasons if you prefer. I have some great options for those here.


    sevlep Reply:

    @chris, Who gets on the internet and bashes someone for a recipe? Do you have nothing better to do or is the product of a miserable life? Perhaps both? No one needs to clarify or justify their life with you. I understood the article just fine without needed to berate the author. If one does not like an ingredient then they usually change it to suit their taste and move on. I would seek some form of counseling if I were you.


    Steve S Reply:

    @sevlep, I really think the reply Selves returned in response to Chris, was not only very appropriate, but timely also. So many people have become so holier than Thou and try to give unwanted advise; which, is usually mean-spirited in design. I applaud Selves for pointing this out to all. So the next time I feel like I want to tell someone how to live their life—–I won’t.

    Thank you


  8. This recipe for London Broil is absolutely delicious it is still cooking slow on stove top I had to cut a little piece (scrumptious )


    Jen Reply:

    YAY!! So glad you enjoyed it. I am with you. I can never wait until it’s done. I always have to take a little bit which ends up being another little bit and another. I am full by dinner. haha


  9. I really appreciate this recipe, I have cooked London Broil many times, many ways I will put this recipe near the top of the list. Typically a London Broil is very lean; however, sometimes I’ll find one with a little striation to it, then I like to brown it then steam it with pickling spices, giving a hint of corned beef, only better.


  10. Hi
    It says it takes 70 min but really up to 3 hours, should fix that in yummly


    Jen Reply:

    Thanks Esther – Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one to add that to yummly, so the person who did would probably need to fix that. Thanks for the heads up.



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