November 18, 2017

Fully Loaded Tex-Mex Nachos


Last night, our son announced, “Mom, I’m going to make some amazing Nachos. That’s alright with you, isn’t it?”

My mind raced, “Alright? Alright? Of COURSE, it’s alright.”

When any of our kids determine they are going to cook, and then decide to make enough for all their siblings, the reigns of the kitchen are easily shared.

When nachos are made in our home, it’s not just melted cheese over tortilla chips, although keeping a tiny portion of the pan for those that desire just that, is a great option. No, we are talking fully loaded nachos, as in, they become a meal.

Yesterday’s choice was of the Tex-Mex Nacho variety.  One thing about starting your children off early in the kitchen, is that by the time they hit high school, they have the basic skills down. As our boy man went to town chopping up green pepper and fresh tomatoes, I thought, “Some blessed girl out there will be pleasantly surprised some day.” (But don’t tell him I was thinking that. ;))

Really, is there anything yummier than melted cheese?

To make this loaded Tex-Mex Nachos recipe a complete meal for the big eaters in your life, dab a little of my Crock Pot Taco Meat or shredded chicken on top of the chips, along with some re-fried or black beans.This makes it a stick to the ribs kind of meal.

If you are in a hurry and need a  10 minute dinner? Put my Dump and Run Taco Soup on your meal plan and double the recipe. Save a little for a Take 2 meal and make it these nachos. I drain out the liquid and use the taco soup as the topping for my fully loaded nachos. Sprinkle some extra cheese, then heat, and you have gourmet nacho in about two minutes.

I’ve given you a huge list of optional ingredients below. Pick and choose your favorites, as well as taking into consideration any of your guests. My guys love anything with a spicy kick, but I’d avoid the jalapenos if serving this to children. When I have a mixed age audience, I always leave a portion fairly plain. This allows guests to garnish as desired.

What is  your favorite way to make Nachos?

Next up will be our Truly All American Version. 🙂


  1. Barbara H says:

    As a mom of 2 preschool boys, I’d love to hear more about how you started getting your boys involved in the kitchen. At this point they help me bake by dumping in ingredients and mixing, but I’d like to hear more about next steps to share my love of cooking and baking from a more experienced mama.


  2. That looks wonderful!

    I think my boys would love this, and it’s not too difficult to make which is my favorite part! Thanks for posting it here!


    Jen Reply:

    Exactly – ease and boy food, two prerequisites. It’s funny because they love it and always want to make it themselves. The last time I loaded on the fresh veggies and they gobbled it up, so I am thinking it ends up being quite healthy too. 🙂


  3. Kristina says:

    I can’t imagine olives in anything remotely Mexican! Also, pickled veggies like carrots and onions and radishes are wonderful on nachos or tacos (more traditional than olives!).. Piquant and crunchy and fresh to cut the richness of the other toppings. Just google “quick pickles” and your veggie for a recipe. So easy and so good..


    Jen Reply:

    That sounds yummy too.

    That’s so odd that in NC they serve olives on them. Maybe it’s a difference of location? Or our “Americanizing” of them. 🙂


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