November 23, 2017

Keeping the Advent Story Fresh: Through Mary’s Eyes


Through Mary's Eyes

“Oh Mom, I just love this magical time of year. It’s so cozy with lights and hot chocolate, Hallmark movies and our special family traditions . . .”

My heart warmed as I agreed with our youngest daughter, so when the Sunday school moderator questioned our mentor couple panel (me), “How do you keep the Christmas story fresh for your children?” I knew he didn’t mean, “Movie Countdown to Christmas.”

I’ve been convicted that if the Advent story isn’t fresh to me, how will it continue to come alive for our children?

{Join me as I ponder the Christmas story from a fresh perspective — Mary’s.}
{You may want to read it out loud. I shared it on Periscope here.}

As I dove into the Christmas story through Mary’s possible perspective, it’s stirred my soul in new ways and I hope it’s fresh to you as well.

I’ve continued to “walk” with Mary through the crucifixion and am reminded, “Are we pointing the Christmas story back to the cross?”

In the midst of this most wonderful time of the year, Christ was born to die, so that we might have abundant life — life to the fullest. That’s the real Christmas story and I’m grateful for the reminder.

I first shared this at (in)courage: home for the heart of women.


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely gift on Christmas Eve! It has touched my heart and I look forward to sharing it with my children as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!


  2. My children are so very lucky to have a wonderful opportunity to learn about God’s love. We live in Morris County, NJ, and a wonderful woman pastor gave up her position at her church when her children were born 16 years ago to form The Christian Drama School so she could spend more time with them.

    She puts on several major plays per year where 60-120 children from kindergarten through 12th grade perform. For the winter play she “interprets” a Christmas story for the stage and adds lots of Christian points to each part of the play. This year they performed “Ebenezer” / A Christmas Carol. At the end of the last scene in each Christmas play, she dedicates the very last song to Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

    My 16-year-old daughter was chosen and given the honor of being Mary. It was only a two minute part, but it brought so much joy to me. This experience gave our family a wonderful way to experience Christmas. I recorded these few minutes, but I was crying so hard the camera is shaking. I hope you can access the video through the link.


  3. I love this post! What inspiring thoughts for all all of us, especially Moms! Thank you!


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