November 20, 2017

Ideas for Mason Jars: Creative Uses for Jars


Over 50 creative and inspiring DIY ideas for Mason Jars. Love these!

Any one who walks in our home will slowly learn my love of mason jars. They are so versatile, and my uses for Mason Jars range with everything from food, to decorating, to organizing and more.  I am sure that the owners of Ball could never have imagined all the “How to use Mason Jar” ideas we would brainstorm, and I didn’t even show one picture for the jewel of canning. 🙂

Months ago, my goal was to photograph 50 ways that I use mason jars around my home, but I realized that even though I decorate with them, drink out of them, store left over food in them, and use them as candle holders on a regular basis, there are so many more creative people than myself that went above and beyond to photograph some amazing ideas.

My desire is that you will be inspired with all these Mason jar ideas, and will never think of them the same way. Since I am a huge re-purposer, I have found Mason Jars to be a wonderful value. I often find them at yard sales and thrift stores for pennies on the dollar, but even at full price, they are a decorating steal.

Many of these jar ideas are mine (and some of mine, I have never gotten around to photographing), but for those other projects that I have shared, my hope is that I gave proper creative credit.

If you love mason jars like I do, and have a project on your blog or a photograph at home, please link to it in the comments. I will take that as an OK to go ahead and share your idea as well. I would love to do another whole post with all of your ideas.

If you LOVE Mason Jars like I do, please share this on Facebook or Pin it, so you’ll always have frugal decorating ideas at your fingertips.

Over 50 creative and inspiring DIY ideas for Mason Jars. Love these!My knock out roses are finally blooming and they put a smile on my face every time I look at them.

I’m peering at these Mason Jars sitting beautifully on my counter right now.

Over 50 creative and inspiring DIY ideas for Mason Jars. Love these!Pobke Photography

I’ve shared often how I use all kinds of  Glassware to Decorate, and even did a silly video on it while I was at Goodwill a few years back. Let your creative juices flow and think outside the box.

While these Pottery Barn Mason jars came with a very hefty price tag, I figured I could do a look alike for a total of $3 ($1/jar.)

yazy jo

Simply elegant, and wonderful example of creating a frugal tablescape.

Anthropologie – WOW!

As much as I adore mason jars, I don’t think I could begin to tackle that huge Anthropologie project. Although, it’s very manageable on a smaller scale. You just need the jars, a hanging lamp kit and a ceiling light plate.  Instructions located here.

Ideas for decorating above your doors.

Since the Turquoise Ball Jars are so pretty as is, I have them on shelves that flank my kitchen sink on either side.

My Kitchen Corner Cabinet
This is what I am drinking right now as I write this post.
Drinking out of mason jars just makes me happy.
I always make candy centerpieces with mason jars.
This Licorice centerpiece is on my table right now. The chocolate is in my tummy.
The tea lights that I burn at night.

pumpkin pie in a jar Pumpkin Pie (or any Pie flavor) in a JarHow I love Baking Pies in any size jar (recipe for Pumpkin Pie in Jar)

party drink ideas DIY Party Bar (Make Your Own Magic Bullet)

Serve Beverages in Mason Jars.

They make everything more fun, and it’s a great Party Drink Idea when you use the DIY Magic Bullet below.

The kids can all create their own special concoction.

DIY Magic Bullet with Mason Jars DIY Party Bar (Make Your Own Magic Bullet)

Do you remember one of my favorite tricks?

Make your own Magic Bullet, just with a mason jar and blender.

Mason Jar Blender (DIY Magic Bullet)

STrawberry Milk 500x375 Strawberry Milk Recipe (Great Gift Idea)

Strawberry Milk Recipe (Great gift idea)

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumpling Recipe

This tip has been working wonders in our home.

Put leftovers in see through mason jars, so they are much more likely to get eaten.

homemade granola Easy, Healthy, Homemade Granola Recipe

Healthy, Homemade Granola

Austin Gros Wedding Photography

You know how much I love chalk board paint.

Use chalk board paint on mason jars for cute party favor cups, organizing your pantry, or any where else you need labeling done and want things cute.

How cute are Lynn’s mini bread pudding desserts?

Banana Bread Pudding from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventure

At Lynn’s last BBQ, she didn’t have ramekins, so she served her custard in jars.

Perfectly beautiful.

For those that think mason jars only have a country and rustic feel, especially when using them for weddings, think again.

Here is a Mason Jar Champagne Tower.

A Breakfast to Go idea for the wedding party. Yogurt served in mason jars with granola to go.

Country Living turns a mason jar into a functionally cute soap dispenser.


You all know how I love to paint glass. Well, it’s absolutely no different with mason jars.

Mix and match spray paint for your perfect decorating color.

One can find old frames for $1 at yard sales and thrift stores. What a great decorating idea to make a statement area in your home.

( I have this photo saved forever and looked for the original source. Please let me know if it’s yours. My apologies.)

My niece shared this idea on her facebook page. As we plan for her wedding, there have been many mason jar ideas. For this, you break the glow stick in two and then dump the contents inside the jar. SO creative.


(Image: Chelle Paperie)

 Too many people underestimate the power of night time lightening. I believe in creating ambiance and this is an easy way.

This look is right up my alley, since I have 10 candles on our dinner table at any given time.

Ken Kienow Photography

via flicker

Jenna Marie Photography

Gorgeous outdoor chandelier repurposing jars. Love the step by step tutorial.


When I was in LA, Savings did up our work tables with cute mason jar planters. It was simple, yet so homey.

Jingle Bell Jar from The Inspired Room using Epsom salts and mason jar.

lemons in vase1 Brainstorming New Things For Our Easter Meal

From my table

Ebay seller who makes mason jar hanging lamps

A really cute idea for creative bathroom storage. Make your own Mason Jar storage board.
Check out how sweet and simple this idea is of hanging mason jars on a clothesline.
Simple, frugal and breathtakingly beautiful from Not Just a Housewife.
This is an amazing idea to showcase family photography.

Creative , Pretty and Functional Work Space

Home Talk

Phew, I am just tired thinking of all the great DIY projects I have ahead, but so inspired. Would you ever imagine all the ideas for Mason Jars? You’ll never have to ask how to use mason jars again.

I’d love for you to share this on facebook or pinterst, if you thought it was helpful.

Thank you to the creators of the Mason Jar. Our great grandmothers’ thank you for lifting their load in house hold management, and this new generation thanks you for all the fun – times fifty. 🙂


  1. Felicia AppleofHiseye Hepburn says:

    Love it!!


  2. Love it! I pinned it–some fantastic ideas!


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    Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Dawn Ziebart-Old says:

    commenting on it so when I get to a computer I can find this again!


  5. What fun ideas! Pinned it!


  6. I also have a super-thing for Mason Jars, so I LOVE this post!


  7. Love this post. Last night I spent several hours scrubbing some mason jars that a church friend gave us that had been stored in a barn for many years. It was so fun seeing the different shapes and styles that have come and gone. We found one that was from 1976. It was a bicentennial jar with Independence Hall on it. It was so fun!


  8. Jen, those ideas are SO beautiful! I love the idea of decorating with Mason jars but I’m not a creative mind so I usually just use them for practical things 🙂 We make Lemon Shake Ups in mason jars too! You mentioned it was okay to share an idea, so here goes: I used some tiny glass jars to store my Pumpkin Pie Spice Sugar Scrub, which we gave as gifts for Christmas.


  9. Last summer I gave away 4 big boxes of mason jars because I haven’t enough energy for the massive canning sessions that I used to do … but I still have lots to try out your great ideas! I love mason jars! I used them here: for my homemade yogurt!


  10. I have been meaning to do the soap dispenser mason jar for awhile now since I saw it in Country Living. It’s on my very long to do bucket list of projects.


  11. I need more mason jars PRONTO to do all of these fun ideas! I’m thinking oh trying those planters with some herbs in my kitchen! Great post!


  12. Wow! What a great compilation of ideas! I love this!



  13. Fabulous ideas and totally doable. Here’s a link to a post I have been meaning to write. Your post reminded me of our blessing jar and I wanted to share it with you.


  14. These are absolutely fabulous. I have developed a major crush on all things glass-container and an always in the lookout for more creative uses. Thanks for sharing and yes, I absolutely can’t help but pin this. 🙂


  15. I love Mason jars, too! We decorated tables with Mason jars filled with daisies and red, white, and blue pinwheels and tied with ribbon at a recent old fashioned picnic:


  16. they make good water bottles, and they’re so much sturdier than any glassware. some people might not realize that a lot of spaghetti sauces come in mason jars. we always save and reuse.


    Carol Schor Reply:

    @suzannah | the smitten word,
    which sauces are pkgd in mason jars…i cant believe it…thank you


    Carol Schor Reply:

    @Carol Schor,

    you can make homemade granola also


  17. We adore mason jars! One of my favorite ways to use them is to make individual jars of overnight oatmeal. Layer the oatmeal, milk with spices & fruit! Everyone can add what they like. Great post – thank you.


  18. LOVE!!!! I’m in the Mason Jar Fan Club for sure, and enjoyed looking at all your tips! Have pinned for future reference 🙂


  19. I love mine too! And I also save the mason jars that pasta sauce comes in, although I don’t can things in those. I freeze beans, chicken broth, and pasta sauce in them, as well as storing yogurt, granola, and other leftovers. I love all your ideas, too–especially the one with the photos in the jar. Would love to do that for my mantel sometime 🙂

    Here’s my version of your mason jar magic bullet: (And I posted it today even before I saw this post of yours–coincidence!)


  20. Oh, this just makes me all happy to read this and see these photos! I love mason jars, too. We were drinking from them. Someone saw that and thought I needed glasses, so they bought me some. Truth was, I also loved drinking from them. Love seeing them all filled up w/ garden goodies, too!


  21. I love this too…:)


  22. wow wow wow!


  23. Lanakila says:

    Use a wide mouthed jar as an iPhone speaker. Just drop the phone speaker-side down in the empty jar!


  24. How inspiring! I can’t wait to try out some of these eye appealing canning jar inspirations! Thank you so much for sharing.


  25. Love all these idea, are mason jars just the cutest things. My favorite is the Salad in a Jar idea. They are the perfect lunch and can last for 4 days in the fridge.


    Jen Reply:

    Jenna – I LOVE doing that as well, but I did NOT have a cute picture. Wish I had seen yours earlier. 🙂


  26. I love thse ideas…. we also use mason jars for all sorts of things. I was blessed with some half-gallon ones that I use in my pantry for rices, noodles, and beans. One fun use you left out – remove lid insert and stretch nylon net across opening and rubber band on, then use on a jar to hold caught fireflies!


  27. Awesome! I use a big quart mason jar to store my seed packets with leftover seeds in them for the next year.


  28. Linda Tobin says:

    Great too for planting/forcing bulbs. A few pebbles in the bottom set blub on top, add water to cover bottom of bulb. I like to force bulbs in late fall to bloom inside. Makes a nice hostess gift .


  29. Jar junkie says:

    I use a half gallon jar to collect spare change from my family, containers for fertilizers and twist ties outside and to hold my wine cork collection. They always look great


  30. Wowee! Just found your site thanks to Susie at and love your great ideas. I use Mason jars often as well, and especially enjoy using baby food jars for votives.

    Have saved you to my favs and look forward to more!


  31. I love Mason Jars and crafting with them is the high light of my special quiet crafting time. Thank you more all the ideas…


  32. How wonderful this is as I moved through the many ideas I came up with a few that were not shown but may be out there how cool is that….should I share or will that upset anyone?


    Jen Reply:

    Feel free to add to share them in the comments. I have thought of many more as well, but that list just got quite long. 🙂


  33. Elaine Higgins says:

    I have collected canning jars for over 40 years and have about 300
    I love your site and what you do with the jars.


  34. You have made me happy in my heart! I got here via Simply Frugal–I am also a fan of Mason Jars. You can just hold one and if it is old enough, you can think about how many hands it may have passed through. Seldom few understand my love of these jars. My husband does not share my love, yet still takes his drinks to work every day in them–and has received many ‘moonshine’ comments depending on what fruit I put in them to liven up the water.

    Thanks so much for making me feel a little less odd for such obsessions.


  35. I love all these ideas! I am really into canning and have tons of jars. I am branching out and using them for other fun ideas…. If you would like to check out some of my homemade canning recipes please visit me at – I enjoyed your post!


  36. Gloria Shaffer says:

    Do you know where I could purchase a mason jar cake mold?? Love your site!!! Thanks!


  37. I think we are kindred spirits. I could make up different uses for Mason jars as a full-time job! You have done a wonderful job of curating many of the top uses for these fab jars. I like the huge Anthropologie project most! See my post here:


    mhjgfm Reply:



  38. Donna McConnell says:

    I follow on Pinterest and pinned this:


  39. I’m not convinced… are you SURE you like mason jars? :o)


  40. Wow I love this!!!


  41. Peggy Jepson says:

    WOW !!! WOW boy do you have me going on project now.
    Thank you Peggy


  42. Wow!! this site is just amazing! so many uses for mason jars, much more than I ever imagined. Love it! I tried making my own soap pump out of the mason jar and it was just gorgeous. Got the metal pump top, If anyone’s interested…. Think I’ll try the champagne tower next for an upcoming party I am hosting. Thank you so much for all these wonderful ideas!


    Jen Reply:

    So glad you found our little spot here in the blogosphere. Yes, I am addicted to mason jars. So fun to hear about your success with the mason jar soap pump. Love it!


  43. I am looking for how to make a solar outside light with mason jars, also modpough paint, do you have any ideas….love your website


  44. I have a collection of blue mason jars that was my grandmothers i took red lid and made my canister set for my kitchen . flour, sugar ,cornmeal ,tea , beans, just what ever u want to store on your kitchen counter


  45. i love these ideas,there amazing and so creative!!


  46. I would get a fall door wreath. Thank you for the giveaway!


  47. Follow you on Pinterest
    and pinned:


  48. I like you on Facebook as Elena Istomina


  49. Colbie Bennett says:

    Mason jars with pictures in it is one of my favs!! I put cannola/veg oil in the jar and fill it up after putting the picture in it and put the lid on. Looks awesome and preserves pictures.


  50. LOVE all of these ideas! Super cute! Especially the “chandeliers”!


    Jen Reply:

    Aren’t those chandeliers fabulous? I love them too.


  51. This site is absolutely amazing! Love my “jars” but never thought of using them the way you have. God has given you an amazing imagination and you use it!!! Love the ideas.


  52. Love all your ideas. I have a few I want to try. Another idea, my husband made me a silverware caddy with 3 mason jars, an old wooden paint handle and dryer vent clips. It’s one of my favorite picnic items:).


    Jen Reply:

    Amie – that sounds SO SO cute!! A creative hubby you have, for sure. 🙂


  53. That’s a lot of ideas and all of them are beautiful. I love your blog, thanks for sharing and keep posting stuff like this…)



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