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Everyday Waffles

[2]Our family loves waffles, and the kids want me to buy them all the time. Yet, with the increase in waffle prices, this is something that’s been crossed off my shopping list. The price point is just too high.

This homemade waffle recipe is perfect for our family. It’s very similar to my “Oh Boy” Easy Homemade waffle recipe, [3] with just slight adjustments. Yes, I make multiple waffle recipes just to keep it interesting, but I am soon about to land on just one and memorize it to pass down to our daughters.

[4]Homemade Waffle Recipe

Variations for Waffle Recipe

(This is a peek into our waffle making mornings. Since I don’t have a heavy duty Belgium waffle maker, I picked up waffle makers at yard sales and thrift stores. I now have three going at all times, and even that doesn’t whip them out fast enough. I try and make extras to freeze, but that’s a challenge. Tripling this for one sitting is the norm. I will literally need to do a freezer bulk baking day, JUST for extra waffles. :))