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HDTV Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna: Holiday Giveaway Bash

[2]Today begins our annual week long holiday giveaway bash, but since I am on plane heading to Peru with Compassion International, [3]I’ve asked our 18 year old son to give his review of our next giveaway. Since he is the resident techie, he is the perfect person to look into it. Instead of posting a few giveaways each day, prescheduled posts will be going up Monday and early Tuesday, but then will be live blogging from Peru and will finish the giveaways when I return next week.

As a poor college student who is just getting his own apartment, cable is one of those things that has been placed on the, “I Can’t Afford” list. Lucky for me, Mohu created this great product, The HDTV Leaf, which enables me to get most of my priority channels. The Leaf is a simple device that you plug into the back of your TV and it picks up any TV stations that are broadcasting a signal within 30-35 miles. The Leaf picks up the signal and displays it on your TV – in HD!

I know this sounds like some type of cheesy advertisement, but this really is worth it. I was pretty skeptical of their product at first, but it definitely meets my standards (which are pretty high). It supports full 1080 HD which is really nice if you still want to keep your big LED TV. Combine this with my PlayStation, and I basically have full cable while saving $50 a month. This is also great for any families who are either struggling financially, or who don’t want their kids addicted to television. Although, I do have Netflix as well, this works as a stand alone unit, and it really isn’t necessary to have subscription based TV accounts.

If you don’t feel comfortable working with technology and feel like this would be too difficult to use, don’t worry – it is extremely simple. It is a very simple plug and play device that will be simple for any type of user. Unscrewed the cable connection, hook up The Leaf, set TV to antenna mode, and you are set to receive a handful of TV stations.

What my mom loves about this is that it’s super thing and easy to hide.

The Leaf is the small black thing hidden under the cabinet.

Since I am all about money saving options, you can cut your monthly cable bill. The Leaf costs $50 (or $40 on Amazon [4]), so if your basic cable bill is $20 a month, you’ll make your money back in three months! Other benefits:

  • Allows users to pull in the top-20 shows on TV, with major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS
  • Has “omnidirectional” reception, meaning that it should ideally pull in stations from all directions
  • The Leaf is paper-thin and can be easily hidden behind a picture frame, cabinet or bookshelf without affecting reception
  • Does not require power in order to function (although the TV must be powered on)
  • According to testing, it is the best performing indoor antenna on the market currently

Two Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Winners will receive a Leaf.

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