November 17, 2017

Defying Your Age: Hair Tips for Looking Younger


These are some of my best friends –
all over 40 and 50, but they look better now than when I first met them.

Our third son was just four months old and I was juggling having three boys in three years and trying to find my way. I’d only lived in NC for a year and I still hadn’t really found my place.

See that gorgeous lady in the orange dress pictured above? We happened to meet checking our boys into the church nursery and the rest was history. She’s been one of my best friends for the last sixteen years and that certainly hasn’t changed, but her hair sure has.

When we met, her hair was at least a foot longer and I remember thinking, “Wow, she’s stunning.” As age slowly crept up on us, she decided to take a plunge and cut it all off. I remembered cringing at the thought. It looked SO AMAZING long and I couldn’t imagine a shorter cut could compete with it.

I was wrong. Now I still think, “Wow, stunning.”

Last year, I was featured in a magazine which outted my age.

Do you remember reading my reaction? I have definitely learned to embrace the fact that I am at a new stage of life. Yes, an older stage, especially when it comes to a beauty regime.

The products that I’ve used for years don’t quite have the same effect. I’m willing to invest in better foundation and skin care, but probably the biggest factor that comes into play is hair.

I admit, for my entire life I’ve been one that does not want to have to spend time on my hair.

That hasn’t changed, but I’ve realized that a good cut and color can take years off your age. Sometimes, we just need to be willing to get out of our comfort zone.

Here are some more examples.

Above is another one of my best friends, who happens to be ten years older than me. (I hope she still loves me now.) I think she will because she is one of the most fabulous looking women I know and I basically want to look like her when I grow up. Her sassy hair cut and color makes her look so much younger. She just glows.

I know it’s been said that longer hair on older women can sometimes make faces appear elongated. As we age, we are fighting gravity and this goes for hair too! Older heads of hair look great with short, geometric cuts. These styles may sound risky to some, but these dramatic looks can be refreshing and make women look younger as opposed to keeping their longer locks.

Another great example is my sister in love. All three of these women are continuously asked, “Where do you get your hair cut?”That is the sign of an amazing hair dresser, when people want your hair cut.

 Since I know all these things, I kept telling myself that hair grows and I needed to make a change.

It was a risk, but  last year, I finally decided to just GO FOR IT!

I got four inches cut off the back and it’s taken me a year to fully embrace it. 🙂

Since it takes too much time, I’m not one for the flat hair, blow it out and straighten it look, but it was fun to see such a dramatic change.

Since then, I’ve been trying to grow it back without much luck. As it’s grown, it’s just been thin and hard to style well at all, so when Pantene invited me to defy my age by testing out their anti aging hair care products and turn the clock back, I knew it was time to freshen up my cut and color.

It’s the curse of hair dressers to be told, “I must be able to pull it back,” but that’s still my reality, so she just freshened up the back, making it so much healthier and gave me some softening layers in the front.

The color is fabulous and I couldn’t be happier, plus this is the hair dresser that does both of my friends’ hair above, so I knew she was fabulous.

Last year, I started a 30 days, 30 ways Hair Challenge. It was the accountability I needed to get out of my pony tail hair rut. I never finished it and will start up again, but it was great to see that many of the tips I gave lined up with Pantene’s Celebrity Stylist Danilo.

Hair Tips for Looking Younger

o Sweeping hair away from your face is a great way to look 10 years younger. Pulling hair away from the face is great way to expose your facial features. Add a small side braid, starting at the temples, to incorporate into the ponytail to add a fun, youthful detail. This will also gently pull the eye area back, giving you an instant eye lift!

o Do you want to create a youthful looking ponytail? Instead of using an elastic, pull large pieces of hair to one side of your head and pin them loosely behind your ear. This will make your crown look fuller and thicker. This also pulls hair away from the face to expose your neck and collarbone to make you feel sexy and youthful. To take this style from day to night, loosely pin the remaining “ponytail” up to look like a beautiful, full side bun. Allowing pieces to fall out will create an effortless, elegant look.

o For a voluptuous, playful look, pull hair from your temples to the back of your head, including your bangs, and loosely pin it at the back of your crown. Sweeping the bangs back from the face creates a fuller style that’s sure to make you look younger.

What are some of your secrets? Let’s learn from each other. )


  1. I decided to let me hair go natural (gray) but am constantly fighting the yellowing that comes along with it. I’d love to try these products.

  2. Would love to find a way to tame my thick head of hair — need it thinned about every 6 weeks to manage it. Gray issues too…:)

  3. I’m a current subscriber.

  4. My biggest hair problem right now is dealing with the grey!

  5. My biggest hair concern is not having enough volume, especially in the winter!

  6. e-mail subscriber

  7. Gray hairs! way too many 🙁

  8. Biggest concern is dull, limp hair with no body.

  9. Biggest issue is the cowlick in my bangs. As I’ve gotten older I believe it is getting worse. Drives me nuts.

    Fun giveaway. Lovely friends.

  10. My biggest concern is frizzy hair! Thick, medium length, frizzy hair is very hard to deal with. Please help!

  11. Frizz gets the best of me.

  12. I would love to figure out how to get mermaid waves on my already curly hair.

  13. I’m frizzy too, especially when it’s humid. Would love a chance to try something new.

  14. Beatrice K says:

    I think hair looks best when its healthy – no matter the hairstyle. So, my challenge is to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy.

  15. My hair looks thin and I need to get more volume.

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  17. My biggest problem right now is dealing with frizz. I’m trying to let my thick, coarse, wavy hair grow out some. I try to use good products…but still have frizz. Thanks for chance to win.

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    I am a current subscriber. Right now I am growing my bangs out…some of my hairstyles have been “interesting”. I need style ideas for thin hair which I’ve had all my life.

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  23. I am 52 and have fine natural curly hair. I have always wanted straight hair but now I’d take fuller hair and and a texture to wear the cuts I like. I’m looking for a style change right now so was delighted to see this. I dodge mirrors in stores and hate to see myself in pictures. I just feel old and outdated. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

  24. Going white is my biggest concern

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  26. My hair is so thin on top I have a hard time covering my scalp.

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  32. My hair is staring to thin a little.

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  34. My biggest concern is dryness.

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  39. Mary Johnson says:

    My biggest concern is dryness and keeping my hair healthy looking.

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  41. Tammy Churchill says:

    Volume would be my biggest problem. I have a great hairdresser, which is fabulous, but I still have to follow the ‘routine’ in order to get the look I need. So wish I could wash and wear, but that is not ever going to happen if I want to look good. Also struggle with breakage, but thankfully, gray hair isn’t an issue yet. (I’m almost 52) Thanks for the tips and for the possibility of trying some new product.

  42. Tammy Churchill says:

    I am already a subscriber

  43. Thinning hair is my biggest concern.

  44. Tracey Cook says:

    I don’t buy the long vs short rule. I think for some it still works.
    And yes….I’m a 30 min in and out type girl. So the pony tail in one of my BFFs. The husband who never had a preference has now decided he does. He loves the ponytail and prefers my med length hair over short ( which does take more effort to look right)
    Pushing 48 here!

  45. My biggest concern is growing out my hair from a pixie cut. It’s been a painstakingly long process and as my hair hits the awkward phases to chin length status it’s a challenge to style it!

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    I’d like shinier hair

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  51. My biggest problem is limp, lifeless hair. I wish I had a hairdresser at my beck and call to give me a great blowout.

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  55. I keep my hair in a short bob… I’ve definitely gone much shorter with age, and it suits me. My biggest concern is not over-drying my hair by washing too frequently, and managing the timing of keeping it cut just right~

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  58. What a great looking group of great women! My biggest issue with my hair as I get older is that is that there seems to be much less of it. It used to be thick. Now it feels thin and without any body.

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  60. My biggest issue is the stray gray hairs that are starting to grow in. However, there are not enough grays to merit coloring my hair altogether. Love Pantene products and use them exclusively!

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  62. My hairdresser knows I will never be satisfied no matter what!

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  64. I have thinning gray straight hair and a cow lick. I need more volume.

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  68. My split ends and ever increasing grays are the things that bother me the most.

  69. I would say my biggest hair concern is keeping it smooth & silky.

  70. Priscilla Cavalca says:

    As I’m getting older, my hair just seems to be getting frizzier and frizzier!

  71. I have grown out my hair to it’s natural color..blondie white with some darker mix. I love it but want to make sure my hair style stays up to date so as to not age me!

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  73. Carol Siminoski says:

    Going grey gracefully and without looking like a skunk!

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  75. as I age the hair becomes so much drier and more brittle!

  76. No volume! and the grays are starting.

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  78. I am an email subscriber

  79. I have problems with split ends.

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  81. I subscribe to your emails. My biggest concern is dryness & static! My hair doesn’t look as shiny as it once did either!

  82. Biggest problem with my hair is as I’ve gotten older it just keeps getting curlier and more gray.

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    I have very fine hair and very little volume. I have a hard time finding the balance.

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  88. I have been using the Pantene Anti-aging line and love it! Everyone at work has tried it per my recommendation. My hair is actually behaving! Static is my biggest concern, probably need to use the humidifier more.

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    my biggest hair concern is dryness

  94. You all look amazing, I would love anything you know to work!

  95. My face is ALREADY long! So the long hair needs to go (it has before and I just grew it out.) The challenge? I love free haircuts from my hubby!

  96. My biggest hair concern is thinning hair on top due to autoammune problems. I would really like trying these hair products from Pantene to strengthen my hair.

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  98. My hair is thinning and leaving bald patches….heart breaking!

  99. I have a plain hair cut and I don’t have any style to it.