October 21, 2017

Grabbing the Moment


The summer sun still blazes, but those dog days of summer are over.

My moments have flown, and yet I am not savoring any of them.ย  So today, instead of giving every aspect of my life a small, unorganized, unfocused piece of me, I’m grabbing the moment, savoring it, and making my time count.

I’m going to be fully available. I’m going to be fully in the moment. I am going to be intentional with my decisions as I approach the busiest month of my year.

Distractions? Get behind me!!!!! I think it’s time I “went to the creek again.” We don’t get these hours back again.

Anyone care to join me? No, let’s be a bit more honest.

Does anyone need to join me?


  1. Kristie scott says:

    I do!! I’m joining you today!


  2. Yes, I do need to join you. My children need me to do this. I need to do this.


  3. “Childhood sifts like sand through a sieve
    and all too soon they’ve up and grown
    and then they’ve flown
    and it’s too late for you to give.”
    from the Disney movie Mary Poppins.

    Having reached that point in my life where there are more days behind me than there are ahead of me, yes I will join you. Today I will live for this moment only.


  4. Ahhhhh. I, too, have joined.


  5. I most definitely need to join you. Hanging out at the creek are some of my favorite childhood memories. I am there right now in my mind. Thanks for reminding me!


  6. I’m with you! I’ve just finished reading Organized Simplicity while we were camping on the river and felt very convicted. We came home and I started decluttering only to find out that we may have to move in the next month. We won’t know for another week or so, but boy, that is motivation to really declutter so I can stop feeling so chaotic and distracted.

    Have fun at the “creek”.


  7. Jen, you’re awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the creek! Even working full-time this summer, it’s easy to forget to take the little times off and enjoy them. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Emily Reply:

    @Emily, I forgot to say, I love Mary Englebreit’s quote “Life is Just So Daily!” ๐Ÿ™‚


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