November 17, 2017

Tablescape Magic: Turn Your Glasses Upside Down


Turn your glassware upside down and create the most gorgeous and simple elegance. Lots of great ideas!

One of my first ever DIY blog posts written nearly four years ago was entitled,“DIY: Even You Can Do This.”

I remember how excited I was to share all the unique ways I was using glassware, mainly by just turning wine glasses upside down and creating some fun candle holders.

 Mismatched recycled glassware has always been one of my staples for creating beautiful tablescapes because glasses are something people always have on hand, along with candles. By just clustering them in the center of a table on a simple napkin, you have instantly created a statement centerpiece.

All You

For years ago, there were virtually no frugal lifestyle bloggers. People were just starting to learn about a  “living on less” lifestyle, or hadn’t jumped on the band wagon of sharing it, but for me, I had been living this way since high school, so I knew no different.

When I happened across these pictures, I saw that my old post received 50 comments.

Yes, back before Pinterest, which gives us more visual DIY stimulation than we can possibly keep straight, my post of cabinet digging for mismatched stemware glasses, and a little insight into turning them over to create a FREE and beautiful idea got people so excited. That is back when my photos were horrible, and I showed my bedlam moments each and every day.

I miss those days as a blogger. Every thing has changed. It was inspirational to know that posts could truly be a Good “Enough” Thing and still have a big impact.

I would never put up that post now due to the unedited photography, but what it reminded me of was just how meaningful the simple ideas can be. I never want to forget the days of small beginnings because they were often the best days.

Using upside down glasses is a perfect example of a “Good enough Thing,” and I hope you have fun creating and experimenting today.

To start with, just open up your cabinet and see what you have to work with.

Look at the varying sizes, shapes, and width of the stemware.

What I love about this decorating scheme is that this is a perfect way to decorate for a large party or event. If you don’t have enough glasses for something like a wedding, your local thrift store will have a plethora of options for about $.50.

By using varying heights, you can create a more dramatic presence.

What candles do you have laying around?

Since it’s autumn, do you have some small pumpkins, guards, pine cones or even acorns to play around with as well? Depending on the size of the cup, you could put decorative leaves underneath, small acorns, pine cones or yes, in our home candy corn works every time. Anything that you might have in your decorative apothecary jars will work with this.

The beauty of mismatching the glasses is that it gives such a unique look to the tables.

And how easy is it to run a piece of burlap down the center of the table and then create this dramatic effect with glasses, candles and simple flower buds.


I always have colored glass pieces, from the Dollar Store of course, and this sets the mood perfectly for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Completely Coastal

And just to show you how completely versatile this idea can be by creating themes any time of year, this is so simple and easy with shells underneath the glasses. Remember this idea for when you are bringing out some summer decor.

So have some fun with this idea that I shared four long years ago.

Have you ever decorated with upside down glasses? If you send me a photo, I’d love to add it to this post.

Yes, what was a great and wonderful frugal thing back then, definitely still fits in with my Good ‘enough” Thing theme.

This month, may we all celebrate the Good “enough” Things in our lives.

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  1. How unique and creative and yet so very simple! I love this idea! I have some pretty neat martini glasses with curvy stems that would be perfect for this idea. I’ll have to try it out! Also, I have a set of black wine glasses that would be perfect for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. this is the smartest & cutest thing to do!



  3. I love this idea! I’ve got these big, thick and bulky stem glasses we never use. I’ve thought about putting them in our garage sale several times. This will work perfect for decorating for the holidays. Thanks again!


  4. I love this idea. I don’t have many stemmed glasses but it helps me see how normal household items can be used to set a pretty table.


  5. Chyeanna says:

    My husband’s mother passed away and one thing that was given to him was her champagne and wine glasses. For our wedding we wanted to use them somehow, so I decided to do just this! We used square glass plates and used 3 different glasses on each plate with a white flower in the ” cup” part, we sprinkled light blue glitter on the flowers to tie in our color. We put tea light candles on the top and used blue glass beads around the glasses to add a little more color. It was super simple and super cheap and looked fabulous! We are in the middle of a move to Ft Bliss TX, my husband’s in the military, and I plan to recreate this look somewhere in our home rather than letting them continue to sit in storage!


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