July 28, 2016

Flash Sale Now!! Giving Thanks Glass Hurricane – $5 (Run to Snag This!)


Giving Thanks - Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes

Wow! You all are quick shoppers. I had no idea that hundreds of the hurricane sets would sell out in hours (and I didn’t even get a chance to put in my mom’s order. I am in trouble!)

While not the hurricanes, I will direct you to the next best thing and some items right in the same price range. Dayspring’s annual  Super Deals are available this week and only for the holidays.

My walls, tables, sofas and friend’s necks are all adorned by Dayspring products and this is the season for the Super Deals.

Right now, 16 items are slashed and they will keep adding more fun items. Last year I had a blast stocking up on some great deals.

Get your gift giving started now, especially since there’s free shipping with purchased over $50.

And to sweeten the deal even more, you can use the coupon code: 20off70 which will give you an additional $20 off AND free shipping OR you can use HolidayBash2013, which is good for 25% off ANY order

Go check out the first round  Super Deals Today and stock up before they sell out because inventory is limited.
The Ever Grateful – 10″ Taupe Vase is one of my favorites for all my friends!


I am sorry , but hundreds of hurricane sets sold out in hours.

I’ve never been quite so giddy to offer something before.

This has come from many requests of my special Dayspring buddies, begging them for something that would just bless the socks off my readers and I got the email yesterday that I could offer this to you!!

Guess what? I keep these up year round in my home and I purchased them when they first came out (and they were $30.)

RIGHT NOW, sit down for this…$5. YES!!!!!! It’s true!!!

The Giving Thanks – Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes for only $5!!

In order to receive that price, use this Giving Thanks link and enter coupon code: GiveThanks5

These are on my table now! :)

This deals is only here on my blog and I have no idea how long the inventory will last, so snag them while you can. I already have one friend who said she’s buying ten sets and then her shopping is done. :) The code is good until 11/28 or when they run out.

While you are at the site, make sure you also check out the other  Super Deals. My three favorite gift giving ideas are being offered right now (all for less than $10.)

There are 24 items which prices have been slashed (and no code is needed.) You can only use one code at a time.

Orders over $50 receive free shipping.

Giving Thanks – Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes

Are they beautiful? You will love decorating all year with this two-piece Hurricane Set. Arrange them to say “Giving Thanks” for the entire year or “Thanks Giving” for the holidays.

Use these beautifully inscripted vases as a centerpiece filled with flowers, lemons during the summertime, red and green decorative balls for Christmas, or place a lit candle on the inside to illuminate the words “Giving Thanks.” Sure to brighten your home all year long!

Thank you, Dayspring. for offering this amazing gift to my readers!!


  1. Woohoo! Love them and bought them! Thanks!


  2. Marti Van Voorhis says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this offer! I have always loved Dayspring’s quality, selection, and sales! I have been searching for something affordable to give 6 very special friends but couldn’t find anything for less than $10 each ~ and certainly not as nice as this looks. Financially, this is a lean year and I am grateful to our provisional God for steering me to your site tonight! Blessings and love to you!


    Jen Reply:

    And this is EXACTLY what I was hoping. I know only too well those lean years and I am so thrilled this can be a blessing for you! :)


  3. So gorgeous!!


  4. Elizabeth Willson says:

    I also have a daughter who adores playing with handbags. In fact, every Monday when we have family dinner she packs one with “school supplies” to “teach” her siblings and cousins “school.” :)


    Elizabeth Willson Reply:

    @Elizabeth Willson, Sorry, I put this on the incorrect post.


  5. Thank you! A few gifts just bought!


  6. Thank you so much. I have been wondering just what I was going to do for Christmas since we have unemployed since April. I was able to knock out 8 gifts and got a little something for myself all for what it would have cost to get only 2 gifts otherwise. Thank you. Thank you.


    Jen Reply:

    YAY!! I’ve walked through that season of unemployment and these kind of little blessings always remind me that it WILL be alright.Praying for you as you navigate those waters.


  7. Thank you so much! What AMAZING gifts….


  8. Where did you get the blocks pictured from “We believe in Grace…”?


  9. I clicked on the Dayspring link and they are out of stock on these beautiful gifts. When they get them back in stock will they honor this code? It’s only 10:45 AM in California and they are “out!” I’m so sad to miss out and hope they will get them back in and honor the code!


    Jen Reply:

    So sorry – it was just until the inventory sold out (as I mentioned in the post.) Trust me, I am sad too because I was supposed to get some for my family members. They have a lot of other great deals too right now. I posted it last night at 7pm California time.


    Lezlie Reply:

    Jen, did you get my message?



  10. Thank you for sharing. I was so very excited. I had them in my cart and put in the code and it worked :). When I clicked submit the error come up…. they removed the items from my cart because of availability issues. No more in stock :(.


    Jen Reply:

    So sorry. There are some other great deals available too, but these sold quicker than I could imagine. I didn’t even get them for my mom like she asked.


  11. Thank you so much Jen! I did order some this morning – have been wanting these for a while. And thanks to DaySpring! Sounds like they ran out now, which is too bad. But folks should keep their eyes open as flash sales on other items may pop up over the next couple of weeks {I remember taking advantage of several different DaySpring offers on different days last year – some from blogs and some directly from DaySpring.}


  12. I ran right over and bought some of those hurricane lamps when you first posted this. I am so glad. They are beautiful! Thank you! I also bought some other things, of course!


  13. Lezlie Horst says:

    I have 5 sets available if anyone wants to pay the shipping for them! I ordered for Cmas gifts and they’re bigger than I realized they’d be and won’t work for the people they were intended, so if you want for your mom, Jen, and Lisa, you want, I’m glad to share with you!!


  14. Jen, I received my order at our door step today and they are awesome. They will work perfectly as I had hoped. Thanks for blessing me with the information and pulling your strings to make the deal happen!


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