November 26, 2015

Get Free Gifts with Swagbucks


Rarely, do I jump on board something that seems too good to be true, so I wait…to make sure.

Well, the fact that I waited and didn’t tell you about Swagbucks earlier is something I highly regret. Our Christmas could have been paid for through Swagbucks.

How, you ask?

Swagbucks is simply another search engine similar to google or yahoo.  But instead of just searching for information, periodically they award you virtual dollars (Swagbucks) just for searching. Once you’ve earned enough, you can cash them in for prizes, including gift cards to Amazon, itunes, Target, Starbucks…you get the picture.

When I first signed up, I just forgot about it. I would forget to search using swagbucks, until my friend, Toni, told me to add the toolbar for my browser so that it doesn’t take any additional time.

Now, I am hooked, and I am regretting all the months I didn’t do it. I’ve already received enough Swagbucks for two gift cards, just for searching the web. I’ve even gotten bucks for searching my own site URL. :) And now that I have added the toolbar, every once in awhile, they send a code to enter to win additional swagbucks.

My goal is to have Christmas paid for next year…all with Swagbucks. (Toni paid for their whole Christmas this way.)

Why not start? There’s nothing to lose and only free presents to be gained.

There are two ways you can receive the most Swagbucks. First, every time I search the web (which is daily), I use Swagbucks. This is key because periodically, you’re awarded any where from one to five bucks just for searching. Second, you tell your friends…which is you (and I should have done it before Christmas). When you sign up from my link, I’ll get a free Swagbuck as well. All of these together, will add up for all of us.

So after you sign up, tell all your friends about it. Send some emails, blog about it, post your code on Facebook…it’s that easy. I love this because everyone wins and no one has to buy a thing. Don’t be sad (like I was) when everyone shares the presents they got for free, but you didn’t take advantage of it. My friend Amy, just bought fabric today from Amazon. Now how cool is that?

I can’t wait to hear about your new found fun…it’s exciting to see those bucks add up. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or share what you have already earned with your Swagbucks.

Next post: Tips for Using Swagbucks

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  1. Hello. Loving the idea and trying to sign up but need the “swag code” so that I can give you credit. . . .thanks!


    Jens Reply:

    Did you figure it out? I think that if you just use my link to sign up, it should be good. They will automatically give you three bucks for signing up. Then keep note of where that swag code spot is because you can put the codes in there when they give them out on your tool bar. :)


    Leslie Reply:

    @Jens, Mission accomplished! I hope that you got the credit!


  2. Swagbucks rocks! I no longer pay for magazine subscriptions. I get them all through points I earn on Swagbucks.


  3. Right now you can donate swagbucks toward releif in haiti. They have different amounts you can choose from and a scale letting you know how many swagbucks equals to dollars (2,000 swagbucks=$1,500)


  4. Thanks for the info! I’m going to sign up!


  5. “Free” money is sooo tempting, but I always feel like I’m selling my privacy for a mess of potage. I’ll pay for my own roughage for the time being, I think. Privacy is hard enough to come by these days without relinquishing it voluntarily.


    Jens Reply:

    @Kristina, I totally understand your reservation. I did too, at first, so I waited. The great thing about swagbucks, if you look on the sign up part, you don’t have to put in your mailing address… and I always recommend using a “freebies” type of email address if you’re concerned about spam emails. The great thing with them is that I signed up a few months ago, and have not received one spam email. I even used my real email instead of my freebies one.
    The only time you would need an address would be to claim prizes that would be mailed directly to you, but then it’s done through Amazon etc, so it would be no different than ordering on line. No worries, at all though. I am just glad you mentioned that so I could clarify the mailing address/email thing. I forgot to put that in my post. :)


  6. This might be a dumb question… but since Swagbucks is a search engine… Do you actually find what you are searching for? For example, Google will produce different results than Yahoo for the exact same search. Some people in my family are very picky about their search engines, so it won’t get used unless it actually is useful (!) But I have heard such great things about it I’ve really been wanting to try.


    Jens Reply:

    Nope, not a dumb question. Yes, I do find what I am looking for, but if I want more things to choose from, then I just click over to google. I have both that I can choose from . Sometimes, if I don’t win on my first search, I just put it in again and hit return until I get a buck. :) There’s really nothing to lose by doing it. It’s slow going, but I figure a $5 gift card or more a month is SO worth it. :)


  7. elizabeth says:

    I’m confused. Doesn’t it waste a lot of time if you can’t just click on your favorites to open them? I understand it’s cool if you’re googling a subject on the internet but I’m baffled about typing in entire web addresses instead of a simple favorites click. Is there a way to set up favorites through swagbucks? And is it just random as to how to get a buck? I’ve been searching all kinds of stuff but my bucks never changes even though I am doing it through their toolbar. Help!


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