October 18, 2017

Frugal Fashionista: Celebrity Knock Offs


Celebrity Fashion for Less Taylor Swift

I think women fit into three categories when it comes to celebrity fashion. The first group are the “fashianadoes.” (I don’t think this is a real word, but I want it to be because it sounds more official for this first group.) These are the women who love the Emmys, Oscars and any other awards show because it’s the opportunity to have fun scoping out the amazing fashion. It’s the lady I sat next to on the plane whose lap was filled with People and other celebrity magazines because there’s a part of us that vicariously want to live through the stars.

The second group respects fashion. They have an interest in it because they hold the belief that how one dresses does affect how we feel about ourselves. They aren’t consumed with the latest trends, but they don’t mind being kept abreast of “What’s in and what’s not.” They want to know, but their wardrobe doesn’t dictate it.

Then there’s the last group. You really just don’t care. It could be the stage of life you’re in since you’re lucky to wash the baby food out of your hair by noon, so who in the world cares what a celebrity is wearing. In fact, you don’t even know the latest celebrities or you honestly just don’t have any interest. (But somewhere, maybe deep down, a series like this might peak your interest.)

Frugal Fashionista Celebrity Fashion for Less Taylor Swift

I definitely fit into the second group, but believe it or not, ever since I went to New York Fashion Week, I’m more inclined to keep my eyes open to the trends. Not because I need to follow them closely, but more so because I’m as committed as ever to encourage women that they can feel great about the outfits they wear, while still sticking to a budget.

I thought it would be a fun new series if I tried to recreate some celebrity outfits Frugal Fashionista style.

For those new to my Frugal Fashionista posts, I love shopping thrift stores, yard sales and amazing clearances to find designer outfits, but staying on my thrift store budget. Since second hand items are limited to only one specific item,  I’m going to take liberties on color, texture etc and attempt to recreate the outfits with the general feel.

While my mini fashionista daughter still can’t believe I would pick a Taylor Swift outfit that shows off a mustard yellow skirt, I started with this outfit because I had all the items in my closet, even down to similar shoes WITH BOWS on it, just like hers!! I mean, really? I even had the bows and I can’t believe I didn’t get a close up of them. 🙂

We can all glean inspiration from this because it can be a casual, run kids to and fro kind of look. I know, I know, you’re thinking that’s what yoga pants are for, but it’s truly easy to take your fashion up a notch and still be super comfortable. I ended up wearing this to my daughter’s soccer game. It was as comfy as athletic wear and it just adds a little kick to your step. 😉

Taylor Swift Frugal Fashion

Along with sharing my thrift store finds, I’m also going to list a mock up of the outfit with online discounted store options, so for those of you who always mention, “Well, I want to buy that but you got it at a yard sale…,” now you have that option.

Taylor Swift Fashion Knock off

While I know this will be a super fun challenge, I shared on Instagram, that I don’t know if my self image will be up to it. My 11 year old daughter is my photographer and she kept saying, in a cute and funny way, “Mom, you look ridiculous” when we trying to capture the Taylor Swift look (minus the 50 extra pounds, of course.)

We were laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our face. I’m just not cut out for this line of work. 😉

Frugal Fashion - inspiration for those on a budget

 Anyhow, I feel quite confident that I nailed the outfit pretty well.

Frugal Fashionista Celebrity Fashion for Less Taylor Swift

White black DKNY shirt – yard sale forever ago so probably $1. I typically don’t pay more than $1-2 for shirts. Black shirts are in every thrift store, even bad ones. I love Gap cotton vnecks and Banana Republic long sleeves and always find them second hand.

Gray skirt – Express on HUGE clearance a few years ago.

Red flats – yard sale $1.

Striped handbag – my daughter’s closet. 

Bright lipstick – don’t forget that accessory.

Below I switched it up a bit by bringing a pop of color with the pink $3 yard sale purse. Taylor’s look (yes, we’re kind of on a first name basis here) takes a minimalist approach with accessories and I tell you, that was HARD for me. Her bright lipstick is her main accessory, but you all know how I love my accessories, so I finally popped on some arm bling to dress it up and big earrings. If I don’t wear a necklace, then I typically want to wear larger earrings and vice versa. If I choose a bigger necklace then I go with more subtle earrings, but rarely both.

Ok, so that wraps up my very first Celebrity Knock Off post.Should we come up with a better title or does that work?

And just out of curiosity, what group are you? Remember, the three choices stated above? I’d love to know.

If anyone wants to get in on the challenge and you knock off an outfit, PLEASE send it to me and I’ll feature it in a heartbeat.

OR if you find an outfit you want me to take a go at, send me a picture. I’m a gamer, as long as I can do it on budget (and not $150/an outfit budget). 😉

Happy shopping, you frugal fashionistas.

Frugal Fashionista Celebrity Knock offs


  1. I love this, you did great!! I think I’m between the fashionado and the second one because I love to look at he magazines, (guilty pleasure!), and cut out pictures of really cute outfits, but I’m also a bargain girl so I love the thrill of the thrifty find!!


  2. R. Phillips says:

    I’m in the second group….before I had children I could spend hours shopping….it’s too much work now:o) Occasionally I will run into pieces that I know I will love and add them to my wardrobe. I like thrift stores but they take a lot of time to shop in. I love the mustard skirt!!!


  3. NAILED IT ! Super cute – I like your bag better 🙂


  4. This would be such a fun mother-daughter date night kinda fun thing to do ending with a great keepsake scrapbook – Love it. passing this on…


  5. I LOVE this idea!! 🙂


  6. Quite frankly, I like your combination better than Taylor’s. Just because people are famous doesn’t mean they have good taste. But hey, what do I know, I belong to group #3. But I just really don’t think any of that looks good on the girl…

    And I have noticed that a lot on the VIP’s lately…where I think: “What, THAT is supposed to be fashionable???” Geesh.

    I am totally with you though on the Thrifting!!! I get my inspiration from catalogs like Sundance, Eddie Bauer, etc. Then I go treasure hunting. And like you, I am proud to say that I have been very successful over the years. I have NO problems walking into fancy stores without feeling underdressed or inadequate anymore…especially since in the back of my mind I know that I paid a FRACTION of what they would like me to spend in their stores 😀


  7. Love it. You look adorable!


  8. Lovin that look! You rocked it!!



  9. Maybe copy some outfits of stars our own age?


    Jen Reply:

    Yep, I already am looking for some from Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. 🙂


  10. This is a fun idea! I’m somewhere in the middle – I do believe what I wear makes a difference in how I feel and approach my days, but I don’t really go for trends, unless they really, really fit into my style! But thrifting is the way to go whether you follow trends or not, and I love that you are showing women how this can be done.


  11. I so love this post! I’m definitely a “wanna be”. I still haven’t quite found my style yet. I have a larger than average family and I look at myself and think I don’t want people to think you can’t have style and look nice just because you are in this season of life. I just wish I was better at matching things…thank you for your time offering things like this- it gives me inspiration! 😀


  12. Your posts are so much fun to read! It is one of my goals to attend NYFW.

    I fall between the 1st & 2nd group. I enjoy watching the red carpet moments on awards shows for fashion inspiration. I subscribe to Vogue (the frugal way, using airline miles) and comb the pages to see what’s now in color and style. I take those things and make them my own. My taste is classic, so trends don’t influence my wardrobe that much. (One trend I AM having fun with is stacking bracelets.) I enjoy having a put together look. I know what fits my body and have no problem sizing up or down to get the look I love.


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