November 20, 2017

Frugal Fashionista: Bedlam Moment Style


There once was a girl, lady, blogger, mom who was known world wide for her frugal fashion prowess.

If you follow her on facebook or instagram, you will not doubt those mad shopping skills since she regularly shares a much bigger peek through those venues. She stopped sharing about it much on her blog because well, her photographers went on strike, resulting in forced iphone/church bathroom photo session humiliation periods.

Have you seen all other fashion bloggers? They have real magazine lay out type pictures and posts.

That’s truly hard to compete with these days.

But even with a bathroom photo shoot, she figured that it may still encourage others who doubt they can dress for less. Yes, she’s determined to bring this series back in full force because who doesn’t want to see this cool yard sale skirt for $1?

To do that, she may need to double the pay of her photographers, and that’s a risk she’s willing to take. (Hmm, will they go for that? 0 x 2 still = 0)

So stay tuned. They will continue.

Since I am committed to bringing you glimpses of balancing beauty and bedlam, there are things that happen which I just can’t make up.

Being such a famous frugal fashion blogger comes with much incredible notoriety. I mean, people from all over the country, maybe even the world,ย  must surely wonder where I purchased my amazing finds, right?

So when a visiting couple sat down next to me at church a month or so back, I greeted them warmly and welcomed them as only a true southern girl would do. (Well, I was born and raised in WI, but NC now, so I’ll claim the stereo type for the sake of the story.) We sat in an informal round table setting and shared about our children, school and all the typical small chat one makes when meeting for the first time.

And then that famous notoriety showed its face.Yes, my stardom was about to be revealed.

I’m sure my new friend was captivated by my designer top, since her eyes kept averting my face and darting downward.ย  Yes, she must have been gazing at the details, the lines, and the patterns. I knewย  that the words I so often hear, “Where did you get that shirt or How much did you pay for it?” were a moment away.

And then it came.

She opened her mouth, pointed to my shirt and questioned, “I think you have a sticker or a price tag on your shirt?”

I looked down and sure enough, my true frugal prowess had been displayed for all to see for the last three hours. I was so proud. I had spoken with at least 50 people that morning and am so grateful that I could brighten people’s morning.

A good chuckle and conversation about finances continued after that. I think my first response was something like, “I was just waiting to see how attentive people are on Sunday mornings,” followed by the truth.

So that, my dear frugal friends, is my moment of incredible fashion fame, put out there for all to see. I will savor the memory.

This outfit would never have made a post since it just isn’t the cutest, but now, it’s a favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this leads me to ask you all a very important question.

Are you the kind of woman who tells another if they have lipstick on their teeth or do you just let them flounder for all to see because you don’t want to embarrass them?

I, for one, will always tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth or if you have a yard sale sticker on your shirt, so you can count on me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Elizabeth C says:

    Heehee. Your bedlam moments make you more relatable. I love them! I still remember the post of the candle lit mantle… and the bedlam around it. The bedlam looked MUCH more like my house! Thank you for sharing with us. I love a girl who can laugh at herself!

    Oh, and I got your back, Jack. Make up lines, lipstick on your teeth, something in your teeth… I always know I would rather someone tell me, so I follow the Golden Rule!


  2. LOL (literally!) Yes, I would say something… discreetly!


  3. My children tell me I am very unobservant, but there are some things that really stick out to me! I likely would have seen your tag and probably pretended to pick a piece of fluff off your shirt – though that was a pretty personal placement – but I would not tell you you had a tag on your shirt. I’m pretty shy about that. I’ve been known to give a quick back pat (while hiding a tag), compliment shoes (to point out a trailing toilet paper problem), whip out my cute mirror (to show a friend her pink teeth) and even whisper ‘you’re slipping’ when a wayward undergarment is peaking out from under a hem. I’m always a bit hesitant because I don’t want to embarrass anyone!

    The other night I bumped into a sweet friend at the grocery store and she had a bunch of foundation all up in the hairline of her perfectly coiffed snow white back combed hairdo and I didn’t say a word – mostly because her heart is hurting right now as her husband is in heaven and her family is abusing her terribly. I knew she was headed home to bed and would probably just wash her face and sleep because she was so rung out – so I didn’t see any need to point out her oversight. I gave her a hug, told her we are praying for her, invited her home and told her again that at any hour day or night our home is a safe place for her. That was more important, I think.


  4. You can count on me too Jen!


  5. I always discreetly tell because I would want someone to tell me. BTW: I would have posted the pic of this outfit because it is very figure flattering….keep up the good work!


  6. I love it! I would love that outfit and would be so impressed if I were the lady visiting– I would think, “How smart is this woman, 75cents? Awesome!” LOL


  7. You are so wonderful, Jen!!!!


  8. That would SO happen to me!! And why did it take a stranger to tell you what 50 of your friends and acquaintances didn’t? So, yes, I’m in the “tell ’em” camp, if only for the fact that I’ve been on the other end so many times and nobody told me…or not until I’d walked around that way for way too long.


  9. Since I don’t do facebook or instagram, I have missed seeing this fun little series of yours. Please keep it going on your blog. So glad you shared this story – I have ALMOST done the same thing – but caught it before anyone else noticed it (I think)!


  10. Kristina says:

    (Snort!) Tell, absolutely — discreetly, of course. I am often at the receiving end of such warnings, and I always appreciate them. (In high school, my friends would take bets over where the toothpaste had landed that morning (sometimes surprisingly far afield….).) I love that you handled that with such aplomb and a humorous self-deprecating attitude. We are all happier when we don’t take ourselves too seriously, right? And 75 cents was quite a deal, nothin’ to be ashamed of there.


  11. My first thought when I see someone with a price tag on their clothing is, “Didn’t she wash that first?” LOL. Then, I discreetly try to tell her she has a tag still on. Usually, it’s my 70 year old Mom though that I have to say this to.

    This happened to me last week but not with a clothing item, but on a nephew’s gift I got on deep clearance (70% off January toy clearance) at Target. I left the bright red sticker on for all of my extended family to see. Oops! Normally, I wouldn’t care but certain extended family members get upset if you didn’t spend as much on their kid as they did on yours. ๐Ÿ™

    But having a price tag on isn’t as embarrassing as having your boss tell you there’s lipstick on your teeth or having your sister tell you that your nose hairs are sticking out. Ugh! All true stories that I’m now forever self conscious about. LOL


  12. Oh, Jen!!! It never crossed my mind that she was looking at the yard sale sticker! I ROLLED when I read this post! Thanks so much for sharing! And, yes, I would tell someone the truth because I would want them to do it for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. I would tell, whether it’s lipstick, or a personal’s fly down…even if a person had toilet paper tucked into the waistband of their skirt or pants. ‘Cause I’m just that kind of girl, lol! And, because I would want them to do the same for me!


  14. I think that outfit is really nice! And I’m with you–I’ll risk someone not taking it well to tell them something isn’t quite right that I know they’d fix in a heartbeat if they only knew. So far, I’ve only gotten thanks. Isn’t that the least we can do for our brothers and sisters?


  15. Karen z says:

    This is hilarious! You are adorably human.


  16. I loved this post! I think it would depend on how close to the person whether I would tell them or not. But I love the outfit and the price! ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. I really like the bottom outfit.. It looks really cute.. Im definitely a sharer.. if something isnt as it should be, I may just make a motion or say a word or two, or just tuck a label in if I know you.. If I dont it would have to be something pretty benign.. I’d tell another lady they had a piece of tape on their top or their slip was caught in their pantyhose (have done that one) or something like that..
    I’ve let a guy or two walk on when I noticed their barn door was open (fly) haha.. I just didnt really know how to broach that one and I didnt want to explain how I noticed such a thing.. Heck, I cant even explain it to ME.. I guess some things just dont look right.. haha.


  18. LOL…That is so funny (in a horrifying way). I would tell you, because I would want to be told. I would say something like, “Because I’m a true friend…” or “Because I would want to know…” And when someone tells me something like that, I always say, “You’re a true friend. Only true friends will tell you things like that.”


  19. Lol, I would tell you about the lipstick… Loved this story. I too, have those bathroom shots on my blog… With 7 kids, I’m lucky to take a picture of myself without kids photo bombing….no magazine spread here…lol


  20. Laurin Beardsley says:

    I am still trying to contain my laughter as I type – because I am the only one up in my home. You are the picture of grace – thank you for sharing this!!


  21. I want to comment on a few things, The price tag, I have had this happen to me alot lol. I go to a thrift store who both staples and sticky tags things, I have been CAUGHT at work with the tag and staples on my clothes several times over the years. Actually some have lasted thru the wash cycle also. I have to admit to some people I say oh I was having a yard sale and put this in the bag and I guess I changed my mind and kept to wear . That isnt the honest approach but still,those people were snobs. I had a lady point in a meeting I was wearing something her sister sold at her garage sale a week ago,,, I said “Yes, and did a pose ,and said who do you think wears it better?” I live in small town. I always have people tell me they never find anything good. I go once a week to my stores,and as far as Garage sales, Im having trouble buying clothes because I try to go look at everything first,then usually grab crafts, books, household items first, clothes are usually last so I miss good stuff sometimes.

    I try to tell people if they have something hanging out,or something I know they need pointed out but as discreetly as possible.

    About your pictures, I love the way you do your blog. Maybe you can film and go on youtube next? I weigh a lot more then you but I still get all kinds of good ideals from you. I’m 47 I get bored with looking at 21 year old girl’s fancy blogs and vlogs. You are more practical and appealing to my taste. Keep of the excellent work.


  22. Oh one more thing I was in a Walmart last week one town over, I saw my former boss. She hugged me and kept staring at me I kept thinking either she thinks I look alot better or worse then she saw me. We talked a few minutes,then she said I think you have your shirt inside out. I walked all over stores,for hours thinking my shirt was so pretty and I felt confident, I was crushed and so embarrassed. She said it so loud and I know it isn’t a big deal. I could have went into the bathroom a few steps away but I was so embarrassed I wanted to get out of there,silly isn’t? Some people will take things bad even though they need to know,maybe they don’t need to know if they cant do anything about at the moment.


  23. Oh, my, that made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!


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