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Frugal Fashionista (And Reminder of Our Fashion Show this Friday)

[2]Mark Your Calendars!

Join our Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show this Friday, Feb. 24. I will have a link up ready for you to share your frugal fashion finds. If you don’t have a blog, but want to participate, shoot me an email at inpassionatepursuit@gmail.com with a picture or two of your fun finds. Remember that at least one core wardrobe piece needs to be a second hand find, so that together, we can celebrate the beauty of 80% off Living. [3]🙂


Last week, we had fun going down memory lane with my Double Dog Dare Fashion Statement. Yes, wearing leg warmers [5] is back in, it just depends on how brave you are to sport them.

If you remember, I started off conservatively with an all black outfit. Since we solved the dilemma of if there can be too much black [6] in a frugal wardrobe, it’s always a “go to” look for me. Yet, never one to wear black plain, I dressed it up with the leg warmers and two critical accessories.

One of my five tips to freshen up a wardrobe [7]is to invest in great accessories [8]. Earrings that made a bold statement and a unity scarf that helped tie the look together are what I experimented with for this look. This Unity Scarf is brand new (gasp), and since this was the first time I wore it, I quickly realized some mistakes when I looked at the pictures. Make sure you arrange the scarf straight, and remember that the severed neck look isn’t quite as attractive as if I would have slightly loosened it up. I have just started playing around with Unity Scarves, and have come up with a unique way to tie it, so I will definitely video it since it’s too hard to do just by pictures.

You can find unity scarves in all prints and patterns for anywhere from $7 on up, averaging around $15. There are new ones coming out for the spring, so even though this is a winter scarf, there are neat ones for summer scarf wearing as well.

[9]My look below (minus the scarf) totaled under $15 WITH the big earrings (my look above even less).

I decided to put my sleeveless winter “dress” over a black shirt and leggings. (Yes, it totally shrunk in the wash. It happens to the best of us.) Both the shirt and dress were yard sales finds totaling only $3, with the leggings from TJ Maxx for $4.99 and of course, my brand new Goodwill leg warmers for $3. The earrings were also a yard sale find, where a lady who sold jewelry was clearing out her old inventory. I love those few and far between treasures.


Last month, I talked about how fashion relates to covering my problem areas. [11] One or two simple changes can fool the eye into thinking one’s lost ten pounds.

This accessory change is a PERFECT example of that. The above looks is cute, but with the straight form fitting sweater, it does nothing to help slim my waist.

Look now at how a simple, visual change occurred by elongating the Unity scarf and adding a belt to bring in my waist. It’s like an instant diet. 🙂


Those simple changes created a huge difference!

(And no, it’s not just the fuzziness of the picture. I sometimes forget to check my eight year old’s professional photographic skills until later, but I just love her willingness. :))

Have fun with your fashion this week.

Try a new accessory. Hunt for a Unity Scarf on sale (since they won’t be in thrift stores for a little bit), and send me some photos of your Frugal Fashion Finds.