July 27, 2014

Ten Things I Love About You (free printable)


The power of words is an unbelievable thing. They cultivate a range of emotions. Words can inspire, encourage, devastate, uplift, tear down and ultimately change the direction of a person’s day, week, and in some rare instances, their life.

Be purposely intentional by taking just ten minutes out of your day to make a profound difference for one you love by sharing some encouraging words.

Print out some Free “I Love You cards” on white paper or card stock and bullet point ten things that you love about the recipient.

Don’t save it for “another day” because you can’t think of something fancy to say. You do not have to share Shakespearean verses. Don’t even worry about complete sentences – just share from your heart.

Place your note in a lunch box, on a pillow, in a briefcase, or even on a car’s windshield, and know that your ten minutes of intentionality today will change the course of their day (even if they don’t let you know.)

Print the full sized I Love You cards now, or use this link for “pocket size” printable .

If you are looking for additional resources in learning to build your child’s love tank, read the One Little Perspective Change that Altered How I Mother.

If you are searching for some creative Valentine’s Day traditions, search here.

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  1. This is great – thank you!!!

  2. This is so great. I’m guilty of not saying the things I feel, sometimes. Aren’t we all? Such a nice reminder to tell those we love that we love them. ;)


  3. Why limit us to just 10 things ? haha thanks I will print it twice!

    Jens Reply:

    haha…absolutely. Print away! :)

  4. I love it! Wouldn’t that be an awesome gift for a spouse? You could fill up a whole bunch of them (one for each year of your marriage, maybe), attach them with pretty fasteners, and wrap them up. I think anyone would love such a heartfelt gift. :)

    Jens Reply:

    @Tara @ Feels like Home, You are completely tracking with me. I actually have a Love Box and an I love you pillow with a little pouch (where the original sized printables can go.) I will be updating with a post on creative uses…a bit closer to Christmas. :)

    Tara @ Feels like Home Reply:

    @Jens, Great minds think alike! I’m already thinking about Christmas because I’ll be so very pregnant by then, assuming the baby hasn’t arrived yet. I can’t wait to see the rest of your ideas. :)

    PS. Can’t wait to see you in a few days!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story at Westover today. We were visiting with 2 of our adopted kids and the service and message was great timing for all of us.

  6. printing it now & sharing on FB. i’m going to leave one for hubby and one for each of my kids while i’m away @ Relevant this weekend. thank you!

  7. Ten things I appreciate about you, Jen:
    1. You are an encourager.
    2. You put the bedlam out there for everyone to see.
    3. You don’t hide your faith.
    4. You have such useful, practical ideas.
    5. You make your family a priority.
    6. Your writing is fun to read.
    7. You show that thrift and dressing well are not opposites.
    8. You’ve helped me dump the frump and still dress comfortably.
    9. You had the courage to change your lifestyle to give your children the gift of extended family.
    10. You are humble, despite being so talented at what you do.

    (Thought I should go with “appreciate” instead of “love” since we’ve never met.)

    Jens Reply:

    @Nancy, Nancy – you definitely made my day…my week. Thank you for your encouraging words. :)

  8. I’m planning on printing one {or several} of these today – thanks!

  9. homeclynn says:

    Perfect timing. Our Sunday School assignment this week was to right out 50 things you like about your spouse. I am using your cute sheets!

  10. Thanks for the cards…they are a great idea! They will make someone feel really special today :-)

  11. Perfect – Tonight is date night with my sweetheart before I pack up and head out for The Relevant Conference. Thanks!!!

  12. I just printed a handful off. I like to stick little love notes in my guy’s laptop case, gym bag, glove box, etc. These will be great for that!

  13. Can’t wait to fill these out and hand them to everyone at dinner tonight!

  14. What a great list to share with someone!

    May we always share the love of Jesus with others as we live out our lives. Love is wonderful!

    Blessings and love,

  15. Thank you so much for this printable. Today is my 27th anniversary and my husband’s love language is “words of affirmation”! He just got home from a long business trip to Japan and I plan to fill this out and give it to him when he wakes up. I know he will truly appreciate it.

    Jen Reply:

    27 years? Congratulations! That is so wonderful. I am thrilled this was a small tool for you to you. :)

  16. Thanks for posting this! For some time now I’ve been thinking I’d like to let the people around me know how I value them (I’ve had some success with my husband, but there are lots of other wonderful people in my life), but wasn’t sure where to start. I’ll give this a go :).

  17. 10 things? I’d have to think back. :-( Maybe next year…

  18. Really cute printable! Thanks!

  19. Thank you so much for the “10 Things I Love about you” printable, I can’t wait to surprise my family w/this.

    Jen Reply:

    You are so welcome!! :)

  20. Thank you so much. Printed these to use at our church valentine party today!

  21. Fabulous!! Thank you!


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