October 21, 2017

Free “5 Simple Ways” E-book (Food, Fashion, Decor, Savings & more)


Last January, ten of my blogging friends and I collaborated to bring you our “5 Simple Ways to…” series. We each picked a topic that we enjoy, with the desire to encourage our readers in each of these areas.

My 5 Simple Ways to Dress Fabulously for Less was an extension of my Frugal Fashionista series, and as I re-read the post from last year, I hold true to all of those tips.

As a free gift to you, I’m thrilled to offer our 5 Simple Ways Ebook. We’ve taken the best tips from each post, and condensed them to an easy to read ebook format.

Enjoy it in both a web version, or if you desire to print it out,  the printable format.

Check back on Friday, since we will be bringing you new simple tips to kick off your 2012 year.


  1. How lovely! Not only is it full of useful information, but the formatting is *wonderful*! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  2. Please don’t laugh at this – well, go ahead, I’ll laugh too. After having my phone equipped with the Kindle reader for two years, I am just now using it. Is there a way to get this book over to my phone? (Is this a not-so-smart question?)


    Jen Reply:

    I am not laughing. I JUST got an iphone two weeks ago and had a prepaid before that. Is it not possible to save the pdf? Just click on it?


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