October 21, 2017

Expanding the bad word vocabulary


Expressing oneself openly is a dynamic part of our happy, but harried homestead.
Many people say to me that they want to be a fly on our wall…I doubt that. You would definitely get smooshed.
I let a little chaos, maybe some clutter, and sometimes dog hair survive, but definitely not flies. Anyhow, this is the dialog that I am overhearing…. right now…as I type.

This conversations is taking place between my five year old daughter, and six year old nephew (who many of you know…lives next door on our homestead), and some more funnies have proceeded this, but I couldn’t type fast enough, nor did I have the forethought to do so. This conversation sets up the sinful little story from yesterday.

At this exact minute, Miss Priss is exclaiming, “You know that my mom has talked to you about cuss words. Yes, she has! (Yep, hands on hips with a little finger pointing as she talks). You know that they are not allowed in our home….I hear you saying that cuss, and it’s not allowed.”

Six year old responds….”Duh, Emma, Donut is not a cuss.”
I chuckled…….’nuff said, love it when I don’t have to intervene at all.
The cussing was clarified.

This conversation came on the heels of one yesterday that made my sis-in-love and I have extreme heart palpitations.
6 year old nephew came to us with a very contrite heart exclaiming that he had observed some very “bad” activities that had taken place previously. We were distraught to hear his rendition, but knew that the facts needed to be confirmed before any action took place. I guess this was a time of confession because many of his “sins” now came pouring out in the most stoic fashion.

He admitted, “Mom, I also said the four letter “F” word.”
We were now truly hyperventilating at his declaration, especially considering the exact number was involved. I was praying it was something else, but he sounded WAY too sure of himself.
This mom of ten wisely asked, “What 4 letter “F” word, honey. It’s OK, we need to know the truth.”
“Mom, come on, you know the 4 letter word.”

“Well, I just want to know which one you are talking about. You won’t get in trouble.”

“Mom, Ok….I’ll tell you…..FLEE…that’s the one. You always tell me that when I get in a bad situation that I should FLEE, and that’s what I did.”

All I can say is “Praise the Lord for 4 letter “F” words” and children who are learning valuable life lessons along the way. Is there any way for them to escape the inevitable?
Don’t think so, but I certainly don’t mind postponing it as long as possible.

Here are the two cussers on the right. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Musings of a Homeschooling Mom says:

    How sweet! It always makes me smile when my kids say things like that. Children are such sponges and soak up everything we say and do.


  2. nikkicrumpet says:

    They are just way to cute…inside and out! DARNIT ALL IF THEY’RE NOT!


  3. HeathahLee says:

    It makes me cringe when I hear stories of kids cussing REAL cuss words…as little as 4 years old! I’m so grateful when my 8 year old says something about not being able to say the “s” word…”shut-up.” Makes me think that maybe we’re doing our job as parents! : )


  4. Southerner says:

    My son came running up to me withing a group and said someone said the “sh” word. It ended up being shut up.

    Same son, grocery store, he was 4, shut up is a cuss word in our house. Round the aisle and see a really really really large woman. Son LOUDLY says “WHOA!!!” I, with gritted teeth, whisper, “shut up!” I know, I am such a cusser.


  5. Somebody is really learning how to use their camera! I love the picture and especially the ones in the last post!

    Great fun!


  6. know those heart palpitations well. Thank God for the relief that hopefully follows…… for now. Love the post.


  7. Bella Casa says:

    Too sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved your story, cute kidlets, too ๐Ÿ™‚



  8. mollyandmarshal says:

    That’s the cutest and most hilarious thing ever! I love their interpretations of things!


  9. I. Love. This. Post. And also, the one before it with Emma running. Girl. So good.


  10. I love your take on things. Such a cute story!


  11. Sandy Toes says:

    That is great! How funny is that!!! They are picking up what you taught them!
    -Sandy Toes


  12. Ruby Red Slippers says:

    My two older boys always spoke clearly, without a misunderstanding. Our two year old has some speech issues, we think. He LOVES trucks and walks around saying,”Lookie! TRUCK!! TRUCK!!” But he can’t pronounce the T-so he walks around saying it with an F…
    You should see the looks in the grocery store! That’s when I realized what it sounded like-we have been so use to it!!! (I encourage him to say car, but he corrects me and says, “No, Mommy-F…” UGH!


  13. That is so cute!!! As several of the others have said shut up is a bad word around here and Lexi will definitely tell me if she hears anyone say it….lol


  14. love it, thanks for sharing… kids are so funny aren’t they?


  15. gorgeous photo!


  16. Lauren and Justin says:



  17. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    And aorable cussers they are! Cute,cute, Jen…love your retelling of the stories.


  18. What I love even more than hearing what the kids ‘think’ are cuss words… is the mortification WE get when we think they are about to spill it out of their mouth.

    BEAUTIFUL picture BTW!


  19. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says:

    What little sweeties!! Great story, too — LOL!!!


  20. What adorable kids. One of my favorite things in the world is to enjoy kids and the funny innocent things they say. I love the learning process too. When my 12 year old was 3 she was saying her prayers and asked “Please help Jesus to drive safe when he comes back to the earth.”

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s nice to find out someone reads it once in a while.Lol.- Yes, we truly are blessed!


  21. this is hilarious….my kids are constantly saying, “ooooh! he/she said this “s” word!!!” the “s” word being shut up. although we never tell them to…it somehow comes up in conversations on occasion….


  22. Jennifer P. says:

    Let me attempt to apply my new found knowledge to a life situation: “Donut! I hate when these flee drivers talk on their donut cell phones and don’t pay attention to the road :)”

    Perfect :)!

    Thanks for your sweet compliment. That feels so strange that somewhere a group of women I only know from the computer are talking about me :)! Hope you guys had a great time! Wow–Kimba! How neat for y’all!


  23. southerninspiration says:

    those are some of the cutest little cussers I’ve evah seen, honey! ๐Ÿ˜‰



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