October 21, 2017

Erector Set: Sonic the Hedgehog – Holiday Giveaway Bash


Sonic Erector Set Sonic the Hedgehog Construction Playset from Erector Giveaway | #WinGiveaways

With three son, I know the power of imaginative play with Erectors. They truly ignite the perfect blend of fun and educational toys. Well, there’s a brand new set on the scene that certainly wasn’t around when my guys were little, the Sonic the Hedgehog Erector Set.

Sonic 300x207 Sonic the Hedgehog Construction Playset from Erector Giveaway | #WinGiveawaysIn this playset, Sonic and Knuckles go head to head in a race against one another at a Chemical Plant. The iconic racetrack comes complete with buildable Sonic and Knuckles figures, their signature motorized speed vehicles, and the racing track, and one chaos emerald to collect. Includes over 165 parts with easy to follow building instructions, stickers, and tools.

The Sonic the Hedgehog Erector Set combines two things all kids love in one playset – build things and race cars. Since, I’m one of the older generations who has a little nostalgia for Sonic, this makes it a great gift idea. Recommended for ages 5+ and retails at $79.99. Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores and online at Toyrus.com.

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**Please note: The companies have 6-8 weeks to ship prizes.

373321 140698305940777 606844118 n Sonic the Hedgehog Construction Playset from Erector Giveaway | #WinGiveawaysThis giveaway was sponsored as part of the Win Giveaways Holiday Giveaway Bash. This Post was written by me and was not edited by the sponsor.  Find more information on the terms for this giveaway on the Win Giveaways Facebook page.

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  1. I would LOVE to win this. My daughter is obsessed with Sonic!
    My favorite toys were the Breyer model horses. I made up elaborate backstories for them, and created farm and show settings. Many, many hours were spent on these simple figures.

  2. I follow B&B via Google Reader.

  3. My favorite toy when I was growing up was Legos!!!

  4. I like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on Facebook.

  5. I loved Make It Bake It’s and Shrinky Dinks as a kid.

  6. Back when very few kids had them, my sister and I had power wheels, the CHiPs Motorcycles. They were the coolest things ever.

  7. Oh my goodness, Shrinky Dinks! I forgot about those! How fun to think back to the toys of our childhood. My favorite toy was a windup musical bear from my mom. I have 2 boys now and they would love to win this set! 🙂

  8. My son loves to build and create things. Doesn’t hurt that he loves Sonic. My favorite toy growing up was play kitchen. I always loved to pretend to cook and create meals.

  9. my favorite toy growing up was my cabbage patch doll. and I love that they are still around for my daughter to play with!

  10. I like BB&B on fb

  11. I follow you on pinterest and pinned your cinnamon roll recipe

  12. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I loved my Raggedy Ann and anything playdoh. I remember getting the “Fuzzy, Pumper Barber Shop” one Christmas.

  13. My favorite toy growing up was my hula-hoop!

  14. I follow you on pinterest – Janet Watson


  15. I subscribe to your emails.

  16. I had a Pound Puppy named Wrinkles that I loved.

  17. I follow you in pinterest.

  18. I liked you on facebook.

  19. I subscribe through a reader.

  20. I loved my Lite Brite!

  21. I subscribe via GFC.

  22. I follow you on pinterest and I pinned your china-cabinet makeover.


  23. I like you on FB.

  24. i follow your blog through GFC.

  25. I actually loved my Nintendo!

  26. I like your blog on Facebook!

  27. I am now an email subscriber!

  28. Lite brite.

  29. I’m an email subscriber.

  30. Oh, my son and daughter would love this!
    My favorite toy growing up were my Strawberry Shortcake dolls!

  31. I subscribe – google reader.

  32. My fave was my Barbie corvette!

  33. I am a subscriber!

  34. My favorite toy was Barbie and all her many accessories…and my Atari.

  35. i tweeted

  36. I’m following your new 10 Minute Dinners fan page on Facebook.

  37. Favorite toy was my dolls!

  38. My favorite toy was my Cabbage Patch doll! Great giveaway—my boys would LOVE this!

  39. I subscribe via google reader!

  40. I like you on FB!

  41. One of my 10 y.o. twin boys has Asperger’s and he is a total Sonic fan and very good at building things. He was Sonic for Halloween at school. This Sonic erector set is on the top of his wish list.

    Anyway, my favorite toy growing up was a demolition derby set (talking early 70s here). I remember after opening it that my Dad wouldn’t let me play with it because he wanted first dibs at it. Yes, Santa thought it was cute to bring me boy toys as well as girl toys. LOL.

  42. I also subscribe to your e-mail newsletter! 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  43. I really don’t remember playing with toys. I know we had a lot of them – but nothing really sticks out. 🙂

  44. My favorites were Barbies.

  45. My favorite toy growing up was Barbies.

  46. My favorite toy was my stuffed moose. I, ahem, may or may not still have it. 😉

  47. I like you on Facebook

  48. My favorite toy was Light Bright!

  49. My favorite toy was my first Cabbage Patch Doll. My parents kept it for me!!

  50. I love your blog and receive the email updates!

  51. I am following you on Pinterest and pinned some of your posts.

  52. Follow you on Twitter and sent out a Tweet!!

  53. I already follow you on facebook. 🙂

  54. Follow you on FB!!

  55. I receive your emails, thank you!!

  56. Jennifer O. says:

    Follow you on FB…

  57. My favorite toy growing up was my cabbage patch doll. my parents didn’t keep it because it had motor oil on it from me crawling under the car with my daddy:)

  58. My son loves Sonic. My favorite toy was my bike. It meant freedom.

  59. Jennifer O. says:

    I have two boys that would love this toy…would go great with what we call ‘Christmas Whispers’. My favorite toy as kid was my simon says electronic game…at least that I can remember today. thank you

  60. Melissa ellison says:


  61. Melissa ellison says:

    Lite Bright

  62. Melissa ellison says:

    google Reader

  63. Melissa ellison says:


  64. Ronda Clutts says:

    My favorite toy(s) growing up were board games that my mom would play with me….

  65. Ronda Clutts says:

    I “like” your Bedlam & Beauty facebook page…

  66. Ronda Clutts says:

    I get your newsletter via email…

  67. Angie Bunik says:

    Barbies and my bicycle, good times!!!

  68. My favorite toys growing up were barbies. I loved to take fabric my mom’s sewing room and make new outfits for them. My son loves Sonic the Hedgehog. I subscribe on facebook. Thanks!

  69. I am also following your ten minute dinners page.

  70. I like Sega on FB (inked.blessings at gmail.com).

  71. My favorite toys as a kid were Lincoln Logs and tinker toys.

  72. I like you on FB (inked.blessings at gmail.com).

  73. I subscribed to your blog feed on Google Reader.

  74. I follow you on FB!

  75. My little guy loves Sonic!

  76. Michelle G says:

    My son would love to play with this!

  77. Michelle G says:

    I follow BB&B on Facebook.

  78. Michelle G says:

    My favorite toy was Strawberry Shortcake.

  79. I am so going to age myself!:) My Shirley Temple doll. It went everywhere with me. My two late in life blessings would love this!!

  80. My son would love this. He has a real engineer’s mind and I’m tired of him taking things apart around here 🙂

  81. Forgot to mention: my favorite toy was definitely my easy bake oven – ironic since I now hate to cook!

  82. I have liked both your Facebook pages as well as sega & meccanno.

  83. Martha in Georgia says:

    My favorite toys growing up were Barbies. I loved the setup world of make believe.

  84. Pebbles fears says:

    I like B&B on fb.

  85. Pebbles fears says:

    I have 2 boys and 2 girls. They all would love this. I enjoyed playing with Strawberry shortcake when I was young.

  86. My favorite toy was my metal dollhouse. I would rearrange furniture and make linens for hours. My brothers would loudly race their firetrucks to it and put out my frequent ‘kitchen fires’!
    LOL! We had beauty and bedlam training early in life 🙂

  87. Already like your Beauty and Bedlam page on fb, but will check out the dinner page too!

  88. Pebbles fears says:

    I pinned on pinterest. Love your ideas.

  89. My 5 year old son would love this!

  90. I follow on pinterest and have several of your posts pinned there

  91. I follow both pages on FB

  92. I subscribe via email

  93. I loved my Carebear Heart Shaped house.

  94. I follow you on twitter(Kellysaver) and tweeted

  95. mary needham says:

    Love this! My favorite toys growing up were books – call me a nerd!

  96. I like you on FB(Kelly D Saver)

  97. I subscribe to your email under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom

  98. My favorite toy was a Fisher Price doll house

  99. I was all about dolls – but now I have 2 boys!

  100. My favorite toy was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

  101. I like you on Facebook.

  102. I subscribe via reader.

  103. My favorite toys were my dolls.

  104. I subscribe via RSS feed.

  105. rachel travis says:

    I loved my barbies!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  106. I like you on Facebook

  107. My favorite toy was my Barbies

  108. I follow on Facebook! We LOVE Sonic!

  109. I subscribe to BBB!!

  110. My favorite toy was a stuffed bear with movable joints. I named him Baxter and made outfits for him. I love that bear!

  111. Mine was my Barbie camper!!

  112. Michelle Young says:

    I used to like Barbies as a little girl.

  113. Michelle Young says:

    I follow you on FB

  114. Michelle Young says:

    I get your daily emails

  115. my favorite toys growing up were my Barbies and cabbage patch dolls.

  116. I follow you on pinterest and repinned your paper craft Christmas ornaments. My youngest son loves to make things for every season to decorate the house

  117. I follow you an facebook (both pages) and have shared this post on my page

  118. I am an email subscriber

  119. I always loved Barbie dolls when I was a kid. I could play with them for hours and hours.

  120. I’m an email subscriber.

  121. Julie Lundstrom says:

    Barbies was my favorite growing up

  122. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I followed you on Pinterest and repinned the chili cornbread. http://pinterest.com/pin/19069998393834098/

  123. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I liked your 10 Minute Dinners on facebook.

  124. Julie Lundstrom says:
  125. My favorite toy growing up was Barbie.

  126. I am a Facebook fan.

  127. I had this huge collection of pop beads, and I played with them often.

  128. I am an email subscriber.

  129. Joanna Warren says:

    I enjoyed creating my own entertainment most… writing “cookbooks,” etc. I do remember Sonic the Hedgehog, though!

  130. Joanna Warren says:

    I am a subscriber!

  131. I loved lincoln logs and barbies!

  132. I like you on facebook

  133. And I subscribe with google reader!

  134. I loved Barbies as a child. My mom made all the clothes for them.

  135. I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  136. I like both of your FB pages.

  137. I subscribe to your emails.

  138. I get your emails.

  139. Facebook fan.

  140. I loved when I got my cabbage patch doll.

  141. I also loved when I got my play stove.

  142. The only favorite toy I can remember is what I called my “rainbow elephant.” She’s yellow with rainbow fabric in her ears.

  143. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  144. I like BB&B and 10 minute dinners on facebook.

  145. I follow via google reader.

  146. Mary O'Connor says:

    I played house and then Barbies. My mom and I made clothes for them.

  147. Mary O'Connor says:

    I follow you on Facebook. Mary Welter O’Connor

  148. My favorite toy growing up was a large doll that had been hand-made for me. To this day I still have her safely tucked away in a hope-chest, and I’m a mom of 4. Lol!

  149. I already “like” your FB page- LOVE IT really! =D

  150. I am already subscribed to the daily emails. Thanks! =D

  151. Jennifer M says:

    I remember that I loved Lincoln Logs!

  152. Jennifer M says:

    I subscribe via email.

  153. Jennifer M says:

    I like your facebook page.

  154. Jennifer M says:

    I follow you on pinterest.

  155. My favorite toy was my Mrs. Beasley doll!

  156. I “liked” Beauty and Bedlam on Facebook.

  157. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  158. I pinned one of your pins on Pinterest – 31 Days Towards 10-Minute Dinners!

  159. If I had to pick just one favorite toy it would be my jump rope… And after that, Weebles! (YOU know: Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down….)

  160. Jessica Beard says:

    I liked to play with barbies.

  161. Jessica Beard says:

    I’m a fan on facebook.

  162. Jessica Beard says:
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    I subscribe to emails.

  164. I was a big fan of Barbies.

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  166. Id say skip it.

  167. Iam an email subscriber.

  168. I like you on facebook

  169. My cabbage patch doll was my favorite!

  170. Jennifer O says:

    When I was a kid, my favorite toy was probably a doll that my mom made me. 🙂 We did love legos though, as well Ring-a-majigs (which I don’t think they even make any more) and board games were pretty much a daily occurrence!

  171. Jennifer O says:

    Follow you on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/jenoleson/) and pinned some cool fonts today 🙂

  172. Jennifer O says:

    I “like” you on facebook!

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    I get your daily emails!

  174. I loved playing with Barbies with I was a kid, and also my white roller skates with red sparkle wheels! What fun.

  175. I “like” you on facebook!