October 17, 2017

Easy Half Braid (perfect for long or shorter hair)


Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a little side tracked from my 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge, but we’re definitely on our way again.ย  Many friends have shared that since they never mastered how to hold three strands of hair for a French Braid, they just assumed that all braids were tricky.

I am about to prove that assumption wrong. This “Half Braid,” as I am so unprofessionally calling it, only requires two strands of hair, making it not only simple, but also perfect for those with shorter hair. Not only is it easy to master, but there are so many looks that can be achieved from this basic technique based on how tight you pull the hair or where you position the braid.

Above, I wrapped it around one side of my hair and then fastened it on the side with a pony tail holder. My hair is longer here, but if you observe the picture below, you see how well it works on short hair as well. For years, our youngest daughter had very short hair and would feel left out when playing “hair salon.” This was an easy braid that I could do, even with her self imposed layers, by just doing one small braid at the top of her head..

I purchased a new video camera to obtain better quality, and shot this very quickly. Imagine my surprise, after I delegated the uploading of it to my son, to see that the picture blacked out half of the screen shot. Since you all know that the thought of re-shooting this means it would never happen, glean the major concept of this easy braid, and with future videos, the problems will be remedied.ย  (That’s the bedlam part of my life shining through.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember, any one can master this easy half braid, and you’ll be so glad you did.

It’s as simple as beginning with two strands of hair and bringing the bottom strand of hair up and over the top strand, so that the top strand becomes the bottom strand, then gather some hair to add to the bottom strand and repeat.

Clear as mud? Yes, if you only follow those written directions, but hopefully, it won’t be once you watch the video.

If you need clarifying, feel free to ask in the comments

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! My daughter and I will both enjoy it.


  2. Deborah Curran says:

    I haven’t written before but do read all your blogs and have learned so much – Love the 30 days 30 ways!! Thank you


  3. Love your blog! Just to let you know it’s mostly known as the bohemian braid!


  4. I love these tutorials for hair. And, I love your shorter do. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was never a girly girl growing up, but as I’m getting older and I feel like I missed out on learning to do girly stuff like doing hairstyles and makeup.


  5. This looks neat! I’d love to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ My hair is middle of my back length and sometimes it ends up more in my face than anything lol so I’m hoping to try this out soon. Looks so easy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Originally came for your Apple Pecan Coffee Cake recipe (link thanks to Bargains to Bounty) and ended up realizing you are not just a blogger but also a Christian homeschooling mother. I was homeschooled through all grades and absolutely loved it. Keep up the good work. Keep being intentional, and keep sharing. You never know who God may direct here at just the right moment and who might be impacted by your sheer honesty about how being His child isn’t always glamerous, although He always makes it worth it.
    In Him,
    Maiden Princess


  6. Great video, Jen! I honestly thought that you had purposely cut out all the background. This turned out great and was very easy to understand. Thanks for a new and beautiful idea!!


  7. Kristina says:

    My grandmother called this a “twist” and I’ve seen it many times in photos of her from her college days in the early 1930s. It’s how I wore my hair for my wedding, so naturally I love it. Gorgeous hair model. Is it you, Jen, that is blessed with such a head of hair?


    Jen Reply:

    Yes, that’s me, except since then, I’ve had four inches cut off, which was not quite my intent. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. I love this….tried it today and it’s so cute! Can’t wait to experiment more. Thanks for this challenge, I have learned so much. BTW I love your new haircut…so gorgeous!


  9. Are you kidding me?! That’s how that’s done?! I always assumed that style was way more complicated than that!


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