October 18, 2017

Great Uses for Dryer Sheets: Why Didn’t I Think of That?


Part of our frugal living journey is not just about making wise decision with our finances, but it’s also taking a fresh look at how we do things.

Part of that process is slowly shifting our mind set to one where we welcome the creative concept of re-using and re-purposing items. Yes, I really believe those little choices allows us to re-think patterns that have been set.

For years, I’ve thrown away my dryer sheets after one use until I started realizing so many fantastic uses for dryer sheets, beyond just making our clothing smell fabulous.  For those of you who might say using dryer sheets isn’t a frugal option, you may not realize that often you can stock pile those items for great deals with coupons.

Here are a few alternative ideas for using dryer sheets to make everything smell fresh and clean beyond just your clothes.

Once your creative juices are flowing, then chime in with your own ideas since one of you will be able to have a years supply of dryer sheets, thanks to Bounce.

Who could have known that those little white things were hidden freshening jewels?

Creative Dryer Sheet Uses

Use them twice This may fall into our hilarious (and disturbing) cheap vs. frugal debate, but I find that they may be used a second time. Sometimes, I’ve even poured a touch of my liquid fabric softener on it to for its second run through. Try it and you be the judge.

Freshen Anything: This is HUGE in our home. Place dryer sheets anywhere that need a freshening.

  • Tuck a few Bounce sheets in your drawers and closets to help keep them smelling fresh
  • Keep a dryer sheet in the cabinet with your towels for freshness each time you pull out a towel.
  • Place one at the bottom of the laundry basket to to counteract the smell until wash day.
  • Make your trash can smell better by placing a Bounce sheet at the bottom between the bag and bin.
  • Roll up a Bounce sheet and place it in the middle of the toilet paper roll to help keep things smelling fresh around the toilet.
  • Yes, I’ve even put them in my boys’ shoes overnight to help deodorize them.

Use in Suit Case: When you travel, throw one in your suit case to counter the smell that comes from hotel rooms. Why is that? My clothes always pick up such odd scents.

Use in Your Car: Our car never smells quite right. Stick a few under the seats to keep it smelling fresh. (Or in our case, more manageable.)

Remove Pet Smell: I’ve mentioned too often our yellow lab who sheds and just can get that dog smell on everything. Well, I typically carry my clothes  to the sofa to fold, and there’s always a dryer sheet left over in the basket. Instead of throwing my dryer sheet away then, I often tuck it under the cushion and it leaves the sofa smelling fresh and clean.

Clean your Laundry Room: When you finish drying your load, use your dryer sheet right then to wipe the inside of your dryer’s drum, and the outside of your washing machine and dryer instead of wasting paper towel. This will help scrub away residual laundry detergent or odds and ends left behind from the clothes. It’s also a great use of your time to do this right away, rather than on a “set cleaning day,” or in my world, procrastinate on that chore.

Shine Chrome:  Dryer sheets shine the chrome in ones bathroom beautifully. Just get the chrome wet, then wet the dryer sheet and scrub! It gets rid of water spots like nothing else. Then rinse and buff with a dry cloth. Shiny!!!

Remove Lint and Pet Hair: I’ve mentioned too often our yellow lab who sheds on everything. Well, I typically carry my clothes  to the sofa to fold, and there’s always a dryer sheet left over in the basket. Instead of throwing my dryer sheet away then, I often rub it over it over upholstery to pick up any dog hair and lint, and then even on my clothes too. It leaves the sofa smelling fresh and clean.

Keep Bugs Away: Tuck some in your picnic basket or hang one on your deck. They help keep the bugs away and back where they belong, plus they make everything smell so good.

Fight Soap Scum: The same reasoning stated above works to remove soap grime from showers, bath tubs, and tiles. Use the sheet to wipe down surfaces, and everything will be super fresh.

Anti-static dust wipes: The fabric sheets were designed to remove static cling, so the anti-cling chemicals in dryer sheets make them perfect for dusting television and computer screens.

Clean Dirty Pans: The softening chemicals in dryer sheets help loosen food particles stuck on baking dishes and pots.  For dishes, place a sheet in the dish, cover with hot water, and let soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. (Note: No, this would not be the most “green” alternative, but we’re just getting our creative juices flowing, and many have told me this works. I have not done this. I would not recommend this on any type of porous pan.

Those are just a few of the great uses for dryer sheets.

I hope that you now have your creative juices flowing now with all the ways to use these new found pieces of “gold.”

Do you have creative ways you freshen your home?


  1. Courtney says:

    Great tips!!! I always use my dryer sheets a second time, use them in suitcases, and use to keep bugs away outside. Never heard the cleaning tips!! Thanks~

  2. Michele Laramay says:

    I use them in most of the ways you already mentioned. When my boys were little, I used to clothespin them to the backs of their shirts to keep the bugs away. We live in the country, so no one thought I was weird.

  3. Christy says:

    I have taped them on the top of fan blades and turned the fan on to freshen a room.

  4. I do use them to keep bugs away outside. Also, a great tip for making your kitchen smell nice, put a few orange or lemon peels into the garbage disposal. Everytime you turn it on it smells a bit better!

  5. I put them in between couch cushions, too! I forgot about using them as insect repellers! Thansk for this post!

  6. Keisha H says:

    I’ve used fresh ones to wipe down baseboards and ceiling fans. It keeps them from recollecting dust and lint for a long time!

  7. Thank you. Mind if I share this?

  8. I was told to put them in and around my stored for the winter swimming pool to keep the mice in the barn from chewing on it!

  9. Brenda Bridges says:

    I put one in my back pocket when gardening it keeps the bee’s away.

  10. Melissa E. says:

    Great ideas! I stick a fresh dryer sheet in the bottom of the diaper pail each time I empty it!

  11. kathy f says:

    I use my dryers sheets twice or cut them in half. I also use them in my linen closet to keep the sheets and towels fresh.

  12. April V says:

    I usually stick a dryer sheet in the bottom of my trashcan, and it helps mask the odors!

  13. Allison says:

    I fold clothes on the couch sometimes too and when I do, I have just shoved the sheet down in the couch cushions out of laziness. It does help make the couch smell fresh. See, laziness IS the mother of invention!

  14. Allison says:

    Oh and I most definitely rip mine in half. Few loads really need the whole huge sheet and that way, I can count it as a half off or BOGO when I buy them!

  15. Thanks for all of the great tips and the opportunity to win freshness for a whole year! How about in my shoe closet – maybe I’ll make shelf liners out of it 😉

  16. I run a used sheet through my hair to remove static in the winter. I also plant them in my dog’s bed to keep it smelling fresh. I have also been known to attach dryer sheets to my forced air vents to freshen a room.

    I’ve never heard of using the sheets as bug repellent! I’ll have to give that a go! Are they new or used sheets?

  17. sarah arrieta says:

    I use dryer sheets for my sneakers after they have been used in the dryer once to keep them smelling fresh. I also cut them in half instead of using a whole sheet per load.

  18. Fabric softener is right up there with my favorite smells, ever, so we have them tucked around the house in all kinds of places I want to smell good!

  19. Great Ideas, have used a few of these but am excited to try the rest.

  20. Ana Maria S. says:

    I have definitely put them in the kitchen garbage can to help with icky smells and I also usually cut one dryer sheet into three strips and it works just as good for one load of wash and lasts me longer between coupon sales and stocking up 😉

  21. They’re great for de-linting my pants!

  22. Kristen says:

    I rub a dryer sheet on the inside of winter hats to avoid ” static hair syndrome” when the hat is taken off.

  23. Kristen says:

    I save the used ones to dust the tv and computer screens.

  24. I have used dryer sheets when packing my house to move. I put them in boxes to help my clothes smell fresh after being in a hot truck for days. It worked pretty well. Loved the other tips!

  25. Meg Allen says:

    They take static out of hair. 🙂

  26. Marilyn Brauer says:

    I resuse dryer sheets at least twice, and I put them in dressers to keep the clothes fresh. I also put them in suitcases (after using them at least once of course) when we travel, and when I store hand-me-downs for the next child. I hadn’t thought of deodorizing shoes with dryer sheets, I’ll have to try that with my husband’s work shoes! Thanks for the tips!

  27. Kimberly says:

    I have used many of your great tips. Using dryer sheets to keep bugs away is new to me – we will try it!!

  28. I use dryer sheets in my camper with my linens to keep them fresh smelling.

  29. Margaret says:

    We use them at camp to keep bugs away as well. Tucked into shoes, waistline and rubbed on arms/legs. Really works!

  30. I use it to polish my stainless steel sink and draining area in the kitchen. Nothing works better to bring it to shine.

  31. Definetly use them a 2nd time. Never have thought to use them for cleaning, so I’m going to give that a try for sure!

  32. I always reuse the dryer sheets in the dryer – sometimes more than twice. It seems as if I add just one new sheet the others can be reused. I’ve also used them when packing.

  33. I love all these great tips! I rub a dryer sheet on my nylons when my skirt is sticking to my nylons.

  34. Tammy A says:

    I also run one over my television and game unites to help repel dust. This really helps.

  35. Ginger Riggins says:

    I stick one or two dryer sheets in a new vacuum cleaner bag. It makes the house smell clean and fresh each time you vacuum!

  36. When storing clothes, it is great to slip a dryer sheet into your container before you seal it…keeps those clothes smelling fresh and not musty.

  37. This article inspired me to tuck a few around my livingroom which was suffering from lingering pet odor. It smells much better already, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  38. I use them for sewing. I have used them in some other ways too. But not for bugs. I will have to give it a whirl.

  39. putting bounce dryer sheets on my shopping list and gonna put these great tips to work. Thanks!

  40. Sharon Warner says:

    I cut them in half to double my usage. I also put them in my granddaughters pockets when they are playing outside to protect them from mosquitos.

  41. patricia says:

    I put them in the floor register vents. when the a/c kicks on its a pleasent smell.

  42. Thank you for the great tips. I usually use liquid softener but now I have more reasons to buy the sheets. I am going to tuck one in the blanket chest where I store extra bedding.

  43. I sometimes cut dryer sheets in half, and don’t really notice a difference from using a whole sheet. I love to freshen the house by opening up windows for some fresh air (on days when it’s not a bazillion degrees like it has been lateley) and using Scentsy products.

  44. I put them in my pockets often because I hate only using them once and my husband hates that I re-use them. They keep the bugs and static away in your pocket.

  45. I’ve always used them for much the same as you have already stated. Another thing I do, when I open a box, I take the scissors, take a stack out of the box that can be comfortably cut, then replace them in the box. When you use all you have cut, repeat the process until you’ve cut them all. Half a sheet has always been sufficient to use.

  46. I am constantly thinking the once used dryer sheets are such a waste. Now I have many ideas to try! Tks a bunch!

  47. I always struggle with static cling on my nice work clothes – instead of using that stinky anti-static spray, I like to rub fabric softener sheets over my clothes. Bye bye static cling and hello nice, fresh scent!

  48. My best tip…. Put 1/2 sheet in any pan that has baked on food, etc. and let it sit overnight. In the AM, the food literally falls off. I have used is for years and told many friends who swear by it. Finally, I know I can get any burned on gunk (like from lasagna) off my bakeware.

    Lisa Reply:

    @Lisa, Oops! Forgot to mention to fill it with water too.

  49. I like to use them to clean my computer screen.

    I definitely want to try them as a bug repellent.

    I would try the idea of using them to make my dog’s bed smell fresh but for some reason, she likes to chew used fabric softener sheets. Why does she do this? She sometimes steals one out of the basket of clean clothes if I leave it unattended. I’m wondering if she would still chew a new one or if it would taste different to her. 🙂

  50. I use mostly candles and sprays to freshen up the smell in our home.

  51. Melinda says:

    I’ve used them in shoes to freshen the smell. I didn’t know about that they repelled bugs – I’ll definitely be using this tip!

  52. I’ve used them more than once..only because I ran out. But now
    I will use them a lot of other ways. Thanks for the tips.

  53. Love this post!! I already use dryer sheets for bugs, but am now going to try the soap scum thing for our shower door!!!

  54. I rub the dog bed with a fresh one, to pick up hair and to lessen that DOG smell.

  55. Schmidty says:

    Remove water spots on glassware and crystal, using the method above.

  56. I don’t want to be a debbie downer here, but I stopped using dryer sheets after reading about the health issues that can be exasperated because of them.

    They leave a film on clothing that can aggravate asthma, etc.
    The perfumes/dyes are not naturally occurring in the environment.
    Even the “perfume/dye free” ones have chemicals that are iffy.

    I switched to vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and that has been amazing.
    Be careful not to ever mix vinegar and bleach, though-toxic fumes result.

    Giving up dryer sheets for a more natural alternative keeps my family healthier ,and vinegar is much cheaper than dryer sheets . Remember, companies have to dream up reasons why you “need” their things all the time so they remain profitable. That doesn’t always mean they have our best interest at heart…

  57. Those are some great tips. I use them to freshen my trashcans and diaper pail.

  58. I sew with them. I have used themfor some the the ways you have mentioned. But I have not used them for bugs. I will have to give it a whirl.

  59. Kristie says:

    I use dryer sheets to clean my iron when the soleplate gets a little gunky. Just set the iron on the lowest setting and rub the dryer sheet on it – the gunk magically comes off!

  60. I love the idea of putting a sheet in the pet’s bed…what a great idea! I’m planning to use several of these tips!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a year’s supply, Jen!

  61. Susan M. says:

    Wow, a wealth of tips here in the comments!! I have used a dryer sheet many a time to wipe on the inside of a skirt that otherwise would be clinging to my legs. Works like a charm! Thanks for this great giveway; hope I win!

  62. Love the insect repellant idea!

  63. Dawnette Thomas says:

    I also use them as static repellant for my skirts and dresses. Just rub on slip underneath and you should be static free.
    I will definitely need to try the cleaning ideas – especially the laundry room.

  64. Jeannie says:

    I use a used dryer sheet to clean the dryer lint trap. Works great!

  65. sheri grennille says:

    i use my dryer sheets to help keep the bathroom clean (glass, fixtures and grabbing dust from the floor of the corners of our walk in shower).

  66. We each keep one in our back pockets when gardening or camping, to keep the mosquitos away 🙂

  67. Love to put them in our closets!! So many useful uses here, Jen! 🙂

  68. Jennifer M says:

    I like to put dryer sheets in the bottom of my trash can… and in my car… and in laundry baskets….

  69. I like to put them between the sheets and mattress pad on beds….

  70. Sara Gillman says:

    I haralways used them to clean out my lint trap but also awesome if you have a staticy dress, wipe the under side with a sheet

  71. Great tips! Here’s another tip, save used dryer sheets to remove deodorant marks from your clothing.

  72. dryer sheets are also great for cleaning the TV screen!

  73. I always reuse dryer sheets to clean the baseboards. It does a great job and when I use the dryers sheets it seems like I don’t have to do it as often. I have also used them to remove gum (left in my son’s jean pockets) from the inside of the dryer, with just a dryer sheet and a little elbow grease my dryer was good as new!

  74. I put the used dryer sheets in the trash can where I place my used cat litter (I clean out the boxes every day). It keeps it from smelling.

  75. DARLENE EPPS says:


  76. I put the under the cushions on the sofa. Also in the closets and under the mattress.

  77. ..Love the toilet paper roll idea!

  78. As you mentioned, I now use dryer sheets to clean my glass shower doors. I just dampen the dryer sheet, wipe down the doors, and rinse!

  79. Stephanie says:

    Great new ideas! I use them to wipe down the washer and dryer all the time!

  80. I use the dryer sheets to do some of the same things you mentioned in the post, they also work to keep ants out of your cabinets and to keep animals like deer away from your plants. Just cut the dryer sheets up and mix in with your mulch to keep away from the deer.

  81. I use my dryer sheets for drying clothes, then use them to embellish note cards. Can dye them or fold and make beautiful cards.

  82. Mary Johnson says:

    I cut my sheets in half. Also, when I have food burned in a pan, fill with water and put a dryer sheet in over night. It helps lift the food off the pan.

  83. I’ve always tried to leave my dryer sheets in the dryer until I’m done with all the laundry. They do last more than one time.

  84. Kristin says:

    Keep the gnats away by putting your hair up in a ponytail and feed a dryer sheet through a loop of your hair elastic. It keeps the gnats away from your face.

  85. chantel says:

    When I use to sell lots of clothing on Ebay, I always use to stick a sheet into the clothing box before taping and sending it off. I always got great feedback about how nice the clothing smelled upon arrival.

  86. Carla W says:

    My daughter has long curly hair and gets soo staticy I will rub a bounce sheet in her hair and problem solved.

  87. I often use dryer sheets to remove stuck on food in bowls and skillets, etc. Just fill with warm water, and add a dryer sheet. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, wipe the stuck-on mess with the dryer sheet, and walah!!!! it comes right off.

  88. Leann Lindeman says:

    Nothing to creative, but I do have Scentsy pots in almost every room.

  89. Meghan Finley says:

    They also make awesome mosquito repellant!

  90. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    I place dryer sheets in my dresser drawers, in all of my stored shoes, suitcases, my linen closet and anywhere that can use a little “freshness”.

  91. I’ve heard you can leave a dryer sheet in water in a pot or pan with burned-on food, and by morning the black parts will float away with a quick pass with the dryer sheet.

  92. I use the dryer sheets in between my cushions on my couches and love seats..I also place them in the pockets of my suits that I don’t wear very often. They keep everything smelling so good.

  93. Linda Hoffman says:

    This may sound gross but we live in the country and have a mouse problem in the fall, so I put a new dryer sheet in each of my kitchen cabinets/drawers, haven’t had a problem since doing this!!

    Also I save the used ones and put them in the bottom of my planters, over the hole, keeps the soil in but the water can drain through.

    In an emergency a dryer sheet my be swiped over the head to control flyaway hair.

    And I’ve used a dryer sheet to ‘freshen up’ a stinky dog!!!

  94. Michelle says:

    Great ideas. I keep one in my pocket in the winter months. It keeps my hair from getting static and flying everywhere when I take off my hat or pull off my sweater.

  95. Those are great ideas. I will leave them in drawers to keep my clothing fresh and between my sheet and mattress to keep my bed smelling nice. I also use them to pick up hairs on my bathroom floor because I have thick hair I’m always getting everywhere.

  96. OK, I’m going to take some dryer sheets with me to the Amazon jungle next month and see what they do for mosquitos. But just in case, I think I’ll go ahead and take my malaria meds.

  97. I use several of your ideas listed already, but a few were new to me – – fighting soap scum and polishing chrome. Thanks for the tips.

  98. Katherine Streetman says:

    I stick dryer sheets under my pillowcases, it is kinds like aromatherapy for me. 🙂

  99. phyloyd says:

    I’m going to use the idea of adhereing Bounce dryer sheets to the fan blades to freshen the room.

  100. I put them under fitted bed sheets when making beds!

  101. I use dryer sheets for a lot of the items you listed and the best one, I think, is the insect repellent. Before going to work in the garden, my husband, son and dad each rub a dryer sheet on any exposed skin and put it in their back pocket. It definitely keeps the bugs away. I also use dryer sheets in my car.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I use my dryer sheets twice, like you mentioned in your post. Lots of great new ways here that I hadn’t thought of, as well.

  103. It was nice to see someone else use them for removing the deoderant from the outside of shirts. I like to use the kind that leave white marks so I use them all the time. I have to say that it works the best if they are used in the dryer first.
    I like the keep the bugs away idea. I will have to try that too.

  104. I’ve used them for freshening the linen closet and car, but I’ll have to try cleaning with them next!

  105. Thank you for all of these great tips!
    Our way of freshening-up the house on the cheap is to combine 3 c. water, 3 T. liquid fabric softener & 3 T. rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spritz furniture, pillows, beds, drapes, rugs, clothing, car seats, suitcases (allow to dry thoroughly before closing for storage). Dries very quickly and makes everything smell freshly-cleaned.

  106. We use bounce dryer sheets to remove bug guts from the front of our motorhome ,just wet it and wipe…also use it on our goldwing motorcycle ,bug guts can sometimes be hard to remove but not with a wet bounce dryer sheet…:)

  107. Leah S. says:

    Great tips! I’ll have to try some of them. I don’t have any new tips, but I do use my dryer sheets twice AND I use them to clean the dryer after I take the clothes out. They are also great to keep in the bedroom during the winter when to rub over your clothes to take out the static cling before heading out.

  108. Corrie Weaver says:

    I like to freshen the house by putting orange/lime/lemon peels in a pan of water to simmer on the stove. I would think you could also use lavender plant and vanilla as well.

  109. Shirley C says:

    My sister was given a book that was reeking in smoke (not sure if it was from a fire or second hand smoke). She is highly sensitive to smoke odor but she didn’t want to discard the book. I suggested she put a used dryer sheet between each page (she didn’t have that many used dryer sheets so she used unused ones). She placed the book in a zip top bag and within a very short time the smoke order was gone and she was happy with her book.

  110. Wilma P says:

    Before sewing, run your needle thru a dryer sheet and it will prevent tangling.
    Dryer sheets are also helpful in cleaning up pet hair….just rub over surface.

  111. Suzanne Wester says:

    I use dryer sheets in the winter on my hair to fight static. I’ve also used them in my pocket outdoors to help keep the bugs away.

  112. Like many have said, I use them to freshen suitcases and tuck them in my closets.

  113. Love all the tips-I have really been missing out by throwing mine away after one run through the dryer! Can’t wait to try out all of these great cleaning tips – thanks ladies!

  114. Soak pans with stuck on food in water with a used Bounce sheet tucked in them. The food residue comes off easily.

  115. Siobhan says:

    I put them in my kid’s sports bags, soccer , tennis etc. I also put them under the dogs bed

  116. I cut my dryer sheets in half to make them go further and we have used bounce to remove bugs from the front of the car. Other brands do not seem to work like bounce on the bugs. Wet and rub the problem area of your car. Easy peasy in removing them.

  117. I keep a fabic sheet in my winter coat pocket and each of my winter boots. They keep me from getting “ZAPPED” when I grab the grocery cart handle or the gas pump 🙂

  118. I’ve always used them twice in the dryer, then used it to wipe out the dryer. (I thought I was the only one who had gunky stuff left over.) I’ve also used them to wipe around the toilet base. Ewww.

  119. chetori henson says:

    i use used fabric softner sheets to dust my room after i put the laundry away

  120. Terri Betz says:

    I use one to “pet” my dog with when fireworks go off or it thunders! It seems to really work…he was much calmer this year and he smelled good too!

  121. I always cut my dryer sheets in half before I use them in the dryer. I never knew about using it as a bug repellant. That would be so helpful with camping!

  122. tiffany sexton says:

    I always use dryer sheets on my hair- esp during winter. I just style my hair then slowly pull the sheet over my hair and the static is gone!

  123. Brenda Turner says:

    I have a stainless steel dish drainer tray. Dryer sheets remove the hard water stains that build up on it!

  124. My mom, being from the Depression Years, was always looking for ways to be frugal. Thus soon after the Bounce dryer sheets came out she saved them for dusting everything in our house. Having learned at home to dust with them, I’ve continued to it in my own home to this day. I’ve learned to use them for many of the same uses you are doing also. One other of my uses, much like using them in suitcases for odor control, is I attached them inside my central air and heating ducts so when air passes by them they release a pleasant freshening smell throughout the house. Bounce dryer sheets are a much appreciated product for many reasons!

  125. I always tuck a dryer sheet in with my clothes to keep them smelling fresh =)

  126. Mami2jcn says:

    I place dryer sheets in sock drawers.

  127. Kathy S says:

    My husband put them under the seats of our used car to absorb the smoke smells from previous owners.

  128. Trung Nguyen says:

    I use dryer sheets to remove lints from clothes. For some thicker sheets like 3-in-1 Purex sheets, they can be used as a sponge for dish washing as well.

  129. I love cutting them in half when I use them!

  130. I’ve read that dryer sheets are really good to leave in pans, along with hot water, that have stuck on gunk like lasagna residue. I tried it once. I don’t think the dryer sheets really made a difference.

  131. Drop one in the vacuum; it’s not very cheap but effective

  132. I have used them in a suitcase I bought that still smelled like some kind of burned plastic–even though it was a very nice bag. It took care of the problem immediately. I’ve heard cleaning baseboards is made so much easier with used dryer sheets as well.

  133. I normally spray febreeze around the house before guests come over, but strategically hidden dryer sheets would be a much easier way to keep things fresh all the time!

  134. i put these in my sneakers after running!

  135. In switched to boubce dryer bars, one bar tries MANY LOAds. eliminates the leftoversheets

  136. Jessica Beard says:

    I use candles and sprays.

  137. I freshen with home sprays made to get rid of pet odor because I think they are stronger