November 17, 2017

Dayspring Blow Out Sale + $100 Gift Card Giveaway


As For Me and My House – Canvas Framed Print (may personalize with name)

For three years now, I’ve had the privilege of being a contributing writer for (in)courage. I’ve met some of my sweetest blogging friends through that group of ladies and it all was made possible from the wonderful company,Dayspring.

Most people know Dayspring as the world’s largest Christian greeting company. Owned by Hallmark since 1999, they are jokingly referred to as the “Christian” Hallmark, but they offer so much more than just cards.

My walls, tables, sofas and friend’s necks are all adorned by Dayspring products and this is the season that they kick off their huge  Super Deals. Right now, 16 items are slashed and they will keep adding more fun items. Last year I had a blast stocking up on some great deals.

Get your gift giving started now, especially since there’s free shipping with purchased over $50.

And to sweeten the deal even more, you can use the coupon code: 20off70 which will give you an additional $20 off AND free shipping OR you can use HolidayBash2013, which is good for 25% off ANY order

Go check out the first round  Super Deals Today and stock up before they sell out because inventory is limited.
The Ever Grateful – 10″ Taupe Vase is one of my favorites for all my friends!

Keep up with my facebook page, as I will let you know when they announce their next batch of super deals.

All week, I’ll be sharing some great Giveaways, so make sure you enter to win!

I’m starting off with a $100 Gift Card from Dayspring! I’m excited for you!

Enter to Win: You have five chances to win, but only one entry is necessary.

1) Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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  1. I’ve bought some things to make gifts for my nieces 🙂

  2. Yes, started with one item in June but the rest started yesterday.

  3. Yes – I’m about halfway done with my Christmas shopping!

  4. I’ve started doing a little shopping, hoping to get a bunch more done this week.

  5. I just started a couple of weeks ago — still have several gifts to go, but at least I’ve made a dent this year. I tend to wait until the very last minute, so I feel very accomplished right now 🙂

  6. I have been making jams and jellies all summer to have as some Christmas gifts. Have done a little baking and it is in the freezer. I have done some crocheted gifts and have begun a little shopping.

  7. I haven’t started yet! Christmas is getting close. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I have over half of my Christmas shopping done. Some are so difficult to buy for, I will be out looking til Christmas.

  9. I follow you on pinterest (
    I pinned:

  10. I like you on FB.

  11. I just sent the request to get your emails.

  12. Oddly enough the Christmas shoe boxes are ready to drop off at church. I have a few gifts purchased, but no where near done.

  13. Yes, I have started, but have a long way to go on my shopping. Trying to stay on budget too! This would be great to help with that! Love Dayspring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I have purchased a few things that were on sale

  15. Traci Harrison says:

    Yes, Christmas shopping has begun and decorations are going up!

  16. Yes!! I have some stocking stuffers and Santa gifts.

  17. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Just a few people left, but we haven’t exchanged those names yet.

  18. Joanna Warren says:

    No shopping yet. It’s been a lean year! This gift card would be a blessing!

  19. Joanna Warren says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber.

  20. I have only purchased 1 small gift for Christmas so far. Wanting to really get started soon!

  21. Yes, I have begun Christmas shopping.

  22. Not really…only one so far!!

  23. follow and pinned on pinterest (

  24. I only have one gift so far and a few ideas…but still a long way to go!

  25. Yep!!! Have bought some things online for our college son and 1 item for our high school senior 🙂

  26. I have started looking for items for Christmas, but haven’t done much buying yet.

  27. I follow you on Pinterest. Pinned one of your quotes 🙂

  28. Barely started!

  29. Liked on FacebooK!

  30. I subscribed to your email feed!

  31. It is uncharacteristic of me, but I’ve already done a good amount of Cristmas shopping! I might even get my Christmas cards sent this year, at this rate!

  32. posted to facebook.

  33. subscribe to newsletter

  34. very pretty picture! (And YES, I’ve started Christmas shopping!)

  35. Elissa Inman says:

    I’ve picked up a few little things here and there, but have not started in earnest.

  36. Most of my shopping is done. I have decorated and now I have to wrap.

  37. I have lots of good ideas…

  38. I subscribe to email!

  39. Rochelle Mullin says:

    I actually started my Christmas shopping months ago. As I see fantastic deals on things I know people will love, I purchase and hide them. I also have toys for donation this way.

  40. YES, I’m almost finished! 🙂

  41. Yes! I have to think ahead because we live in such a backwoods area I get my stuff online and it has to have time to get here!

  42. No, I seem to have very few Christmas present ideas yet, eek! I have purchased a few items for teacher gifts. Oh, and the stuff to pack 7 OCC Shoeboxes!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  43. Rosemarie watkins says:

    I just started today! But, since it’s online, I’m mostly done.

  44. Rosemarie watkins says:

    I already “like” your Facebook page.

  45. Rosemarie watkins says:

    I already subscribe to your email.

  46. I love their stuff too! I personally havent really shopped any this year.. I lost my job of 14 years last Nov 16th and still am not working.

    We all decided to not exchange gifts but M’honey who also lost his job is still planning on doing what he does every year at least for the kids. who are all grown up now.

    For me, Christmas day is about being together & having a great meal.. I plan on sending all the kids home with their own boxes of their favorite Christmas cookies & zucchini bread.. They’ll love it.. 😉

  47. I subscribe to your emails! ♥

  48. I shared your post & giveaway on Facebook!

  49. I follow you on Pinterest and have for a good long while. 😉 I pinned one of your hair style do’s.. One of my favorites.. the wrapped braid.

  50. I have a small start! I follow your blog and also on Facebook and Instagram!

  51. jennifer dickie says:

    So excited about these deals!!! Gonna get started on my Christmas shopping 🙂

  52. I have bought a few items but am making scarves, a huge crocheted blanket, beanies to name a few things.

  53. I have a list, and I’ve bought a handful of things. Many more to come, though.

  54. Yes I am pretty much done!! We are sponsoring a family for Christmas and I just got their list so I have a few more things but other than that we are pretty much done!! 🙂

  55. I shared on FB

  56. I subscribe via email (kasmith03(at)gmail(dot)com

  57. Yes! Hope to be finished before December.

  58. I bought Sunday School teacher gifts at Allume. That is all I have done. But my sister-in-law wants something at my house and I may give it to her for Christmas.

  59. Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping.

  60. I have completed about half of my shopping!!

  61. like you on fb and shared giveaway on my fb – deborah t

  62. I followed and shared on Facebook.

  63. current email subscriber

  64. I followed and repinned on Pinterest.

  65. I follow on Instagram.

  66. Beth Richardson says:

    No, haven’t even started.

  67. Following on pinterest (sleatham1) and repinned

  68. follow you on pinterest – deborah t

  69. I like you on FB and shared giveaway

  70. We’ve started some but still have several gifts to purchase. I also already subscribe through e-mail.

  71. Danielle k says:

    I have quite a start, now to wrap everything!

  72. Yes, I’ve started and part of it is wrapped. I learned last year that I’m much better if I wrap things as I buy them. They don’t’ get “lost” that way.

  73. This will probably be a lean Christmas for us so we are still in the planning stage.

  74. I have begun my shopping but we are doing a cash only Christmas so we are doing a little at a time. It is such a blessing that there will be no credit cards used this Christmas season. We are getting creative and even matching the awesome sales with the awesome chocolate coupons that have been floating around. Teachers, coaches, and Sunday School teachers love Lindt, Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates. Free and 50 cents is always a good deal.

  75. Charlotte Council says:

    I have picked up a few Christmas gifts. I’m waiting for the day after Thanksgiving sales to get some good buys!

  76. Instagram follower allysmama729

  77. email subscriber too!

  78. I haven’t started shopping yet. Probably won’t do a lot. Usually give my grown kids gift cards.

  79. We have started a little bit of Christmas shopping. I hope to be done by mid December.

  80. I posted your gratitude rolls to Pinterset. I follow you on Pinterest.

  81. Melanie Parker says:

    I thought I hadn’t started, but remembered two that I do have!

  82. I follow you in FB and shared about the giveaway.

  83. I follow you on Instagram. sebh56

  84. I subscribe to your emails. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Yes, we have purchased a couple of Xmas gifts.

  86. I am an email subscriber – thanks!

  87. Almost halfway done with the shopping!

  88. This is the first year I’ve waited this long to start shopping. I’m usually done with gifts wrapped by Thanksgiving.

  89. No, I have not started my Christmas shopping yet, but have plans to this week.

  90. I subscribe via email.

  91. Liked you on Facebook

  92. Yes I have already started Christmas shopping. 🙂

  93. I repinned your Children’s hand Christmas Tree on Pinterest. Love it. Think I am doing that this year. 🙂

  94. I follow you on FB

  95. I get your emails.

  96. I have a few items to get and stocking stuffers. I follow you on Facenook, Pinterest and receive your email updates

  97. I have a few things, but I need to get shopping!

  98. I started Christmas shopping this summer but I’m by no means finished!

  99. I follow on Facebook

  100. I subscribe via email

  101. I’m about half-way through shopping. I try to shop ahead throughout the year to get the best deals.

  102. I subscribe to your e-mail.

  103. Tammi Johnson says:

    No – haven’t bought a single thing for Christmas yet!! I’m normally ahead of the game by now, but can’t seem to get my Christmas spirit on!!

  104. Nope, not yet. 🙂

  105. I have not yet started shopping for Christmas! Yikes!

  106. Some but need to get rest done.

  107. I follow you on pinterest and pinned your post

  108. I follow on Pinterest (sweetslady) and pinned –

  109. Not really! Have one thing for my 3 yr old…I gotta get busy!

  110. I liked you on facebook

  111. Jennifer D. says:

    I love Dayspring! I have already started shopping and have purchased some things from Dayspring!

  112. Jennifer D. says:

    I am currently a subscriber!!

  113. Yes, I have!

  114. I am a subscriber!

  115. I subscribe to your emails!!

  116. Haven’t started yet!

  117. Yes, I am about 1/3 of the way through with my shopping.

  118. I follow you on Pinterest and have several of your recipes pinned.

  119. I also follow you on Facebook, which is why I placed my Dayspring Super Deals order last night. 🙂

  120. I Subscribe to your daily emails as well.

  121. Sherrie Watson says:

    I have a list. Bought a couple of items. Would love to finish early so I can enjoy the holidays without pressure.

  122. Sherrie Watson says:

    Shared your deals on facebook page

  123. I have not started Christmas shopping yet! Need to remedy that.

  124. I am currently a subscriber.

  125. I have to finish getting something for my mother in law and then I am done.

  126. I have only got a few gifts so far but I need to do a lot more shopping.

  127. I am a Facebook Fan.

  128. I am an email subscriber.

  129. I have not started shopping

  130. I follow you on Pinterest.

  131. I like you on facebook

  132. I am an email subscriber

  133. Already done with most of my shopping.

  134. I have started my Christmas gift making – some sewing projects completed and one painted project hidden away to be wrapped! We don’t really shop much for Christmas – it’s homemade gifts, pj.’s and a few books and stocking stuffers for the children and that’s about all. Keeping the focus on Christ seems easier when we don’t focus on gifts.

  135. I have started ~ feels great 🙂

  136. Email subscriber

  137. I follow on facebook!

  138. I subscribe via e-mail

  139. I follow your FB page

  140. I follow on pinterest too!

  141. Facebook fan

  142. Linda Dietz says:

    I kinda shop all year long, however…we have really simplified things this year so our gift list to friends & family has shrunk. Thus, we will have more $ to invest in causes that reap eternal dividends!

  143. I’ve bought just a couple of gifts. So many more to go…

  144. I am an email subscriber.

  145. Rachel Harrison says:

    I’m about half-way finished with my Christmas shopping. With 15 children and 11 adults to buy for, I have to start ASAP!

  146. Rachel Harrison says:

    Following on Pinterest

  147. I also follow you on Pinterest, and re-pinned : )

  148. One more! I *like* you on facebook. 🙂

  149. Yes… almost finished 🙂

  150. I’ve got most of it done, and waiting on a few Black Friday deals and I’ll be done! When you have family that live overseas, you have to be on the ball and get it mailed sooner! Blessings!

  151. Yep, just recently started the shopping.

  152. Jennifer Roehl says:

    Yes, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping!

  153. Just starting

  154. I haven’t started yet, but I am stockpiling ideas in preparation for Cyber Monday!

  155. Yes, I just started on Friday and barely made it home before the kids got off the bus…I literally had minutes to throw my items into the attic before getting caught!!

  156. I am an email subscriber:)

  157. I have and haven’t started shopping yet. Basically, through the year I pick up items that can be used for gifts. So now I just need to see what I have and what I still need to buy.

  158. I’m an email subscriber.

  159. Yes I have!

  160. I’ve thought about Christmas shopping — does that count?

  161. I’m an email subscriber.

  162. Yes. I have bought a few gifts for our children.

  163. I Christmas shop throughout the year to help the checkbook at Christmas time 🙂

  164. I follow on Facebook

  165. I subscribe to your emails

  166. Almost done!

  167. Almost done…just a few little things left!

  168. Probably about half finished!

  169. E-mail subscriber

  170. Priscilla Randle says:

    I have not yet begun. I will in the next few days, however.

  171. Priscilla Randle says:

    I am also an email subscriber to your blog 🙂

  172. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    I have bought a few gifts already for Christmas. I like to buy along so I can pay cash for most of my gifts.

  173. I shop all year. Really wanting to have a more meaningful/giving Christmas this year.

  174. I am about half done with my christmas shopping,

  175. Yes, I’ve started with buying just a few gifts and my list is coming along. I’m watching for sales on some items.

  176. I like your page on fb~

  177. Yes, I’ve started and I’m almost finished!

  178. I have started, and am over half finished so far.

  179. I like you on Facebook.

  180. I subscribe via email.

  181. I have only purchased 2 small Christmas gifts. I really need to get busy!!

  182. Follow on Pinterest

  183. Follow on FB

  184. Subscriber… thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE Dayspring goodies!

  185. I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet.

  186. Following Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on Pinterest {CatOLuck} and repinned Easy Crock Pot BBQ Chicken.

  187. I Like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on Facebook.

  188. Following jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam on Instagram {catoluck}.

  189. Sheila Laurence says:

    I am quite a bit more than half-way done with my Christmas shopping! Woohoo!

  190. I have started!

  191. I am a subscriber!

  192. I am an email subscriber

  193. I started my Christmas shopping last weekend. Amazon had some great deals on toys and games last weekend (even the new lego sets were 30% off!)

  194. I follow you on pinterest

  195. I subscribe by email as well.

  196. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet—usually I do most of it in the last two weeks before Christmas.

  197. I subscribe by E-mail, also.

  198. Yes, I have bought a few things.

  199. Yes, we buy presents whenever we find them for a good price, and this year, thankfully, we had a good idea of what people wanted!

  200. I subscribe by email!

  201. I have a few gift books purchased, but I need to get shopping because I want to send a Christmas box to my daughter and her family in China and it usually takes three weeks for a box to get there!

  202. I like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on Facebook.

  203. yes i started christmas shopping last month!

  204. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, but I’m making a list and you can bet Dayspring items are on there. 🙂

  205. No shopping done yet!

  206. I follow you on Pinterest and I pinned this post:

  207. Jennifer M says:

    No, I have not started Christmas shopping. This gift card would really help!! 🙂

  208. Jennifer M says:

    I subscribe via email.

  209. Jennifer M says:

    I follow your fb page.

  210. Jennifer M says:

    I follow you on pinterest and have posted many of your yummy recipes.

  211. Mary Johnson says:

    Yes, I have started Christmas shopping

  212. Mary Johnson says:

    I follow you by E-mail.

  213. Andrea Williams says:

    We have just started our Christmas shopping.

  214. Andrea Williams says:

    Follow on facebook.

  215. Andrea Williams says:

    Subscribe via email.

  216. Elaine Pool says:

    Well, I’ve THOUGHT about my Christmas shopping!

  217. Elaine Pool says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  218. YES! This is the first year I have started early!!

  219. I am a year-round Christmas shopping. I’m always looking for good deals and the ideal gifts!

  220. I also follow you on Pinterest. Love your Freezer board, especially!

  221. I have bought one thing yesterday. Don’t have any ideas for anyone else…..

  222. I am currently a subscriber too!!

  223. No, I haven’t started Christmas shopping, but am thinking about it.

  224. email subscriber already.

  225. I haven’t started at all!

  226. Although I look for things year-around I haven’t officially started Christmas shopping yet

  227. I subscribe to emails

  228. jamie kelsey says:

    I have bought a very few things.

  229. jamie kelsey says:

    i follow you on pintrest and i pinned the dayspring giveaway

  230. jamie kelsey says:

    i am a fan of yours on facebook

  231. jamie kelsey says:

    i follow your daily email updates.

  232. jamie kelsey says:

    i follow you on instagram—-user name Sarahsmom76

  233. I follow you thru email.

  234. I shop for Christmas all year long!

  235. I like you on Facebook

  236. I am a Happy Subscriber!!!

  237. I have been buying small things for the last several weeks, as I wish to be done with my Christmas shopping earlier this year than last!!!! 🙂

  238. Christina G says:

    Shopping, what shopping? I have not purchased a single item.

  239. Christina G says:

    I already subscribe!

  240. I haven’t started yet.

  241. I like you on facebook.

  242. Christmas shopping…………..I do it throughout the year and do the handmade items as well. As always, there is still more…….especially for those who are difficult to buy for and for whom you want things to be special….BUT it’s fun. Love this blog. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. CR

  243. I am about 3/4 of the way done..yay!

  244. I am a FB follower, matthew n Carolyn stamper

  245. Subscribed to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam by email.

  246. jodi bradshaw says:

    yes, i have quite a few things… need to get more though!

  247. Emily Adams says:

    I have most of my Christmas shopping done! Yay!

  248. Emily Adams says:

    I follow you on FB and also shared this giveaway!

  249. Emily Adams says:

    I have been an email subscriber for quite some time now.

  250. I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done, thanks to Dayspring.
    I follow you on pinterest.

  251. I love Dayspring gifts! Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  252. I have only purchased one gift so I need to get busy.

  253. No shopping yet. I don’t have many to buy for and have no idea what they want. I’ll try to get some homemade things done.

  254. I’m a subscriber

  255. I follow on Facebook.What a lovely site. I have made some things already.
    Thank You
    It would be a blessing to win

  256. No, I haven’t. Praying for a job opening for my husband…would be a great gift.

  257. I pinned Day Spring Giveaway to one of my boards.

  258. I subscribe to you via email.

  259. I am an Instagram follower.

  260. I am a Facebook follower.

  261. haven’t bought one thing

  262. No actual shopping done yet, but plenty of ideas rolling around in my head 🙂

  263. I am subscribed to you by e-mail.

  264. No, but we usually make everything.

  265. I follow on Pinterest, and repinned your stuff!

  266. I “Like” you on facebook!

  267. no ihaven’t

  268. like on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  269. email sub

  270. I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

  271. Funny story about Christmas shopping! I went on the day spring site yesterday to see what they had to get ideas. I think I’m going to buy a girl I mentor the wallet/bracelet you featured. Such a good price!

  272. Kathy Davis says:

    Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping, if you count buying socks for my son!

  273. Kathy Davis says:

    I follow you on Pinterest as Kathy Davis, and I pinned your Texas Sheet cake recipe.

  274. Yes, I’ve been shopping a lot online.

  275. Follow on pinterest & pinned:

  276. Follow you on fb.

  277. I have not stated shoppin yet.

  278. I’m an email subscriber.

  279. I follow you on facebook.

  280. Christina Z says:

    Just started my Christmas Shopping this week

  281. Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping

  282. I like you on Facebook

  283. I am an email subscriber!

  284. I have bought a fee gifts here and there and I have probably covered like about a third of my list, we are a big family so we still have a long way to go

  285. Following you on pinterest as Neiddy

  286. Planning to start Christmas shopping this weekend! I like to start before Black Friday when things tend to get picked over and messy


  287. Amber Mejia says:

    I have not started yet, not sure I will. Too many bills this year, my children will be surprised with the lack of presents this year.

  288. I have not started it yet.

  289. yes, I have started shopping but I feel like I’m behind!

  290. I have only bought one gift. Yikes

  291. I follow you on facebook

  292. Have started my holiday shopping!

  293. I am a FB fan.

  294. Follow your boards on Pinterest… I repinned the homemade tootsie rolls, among others. 🙂

  295. I subscribe to your daily emails.

  296. No, I have not started shopping.

  297. like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam on fb

  298. I have bought one gift. This year is flying by!

  299. I also like you on Facebook!

  300. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet.

  301. I follow you on pinterest and pinned:

  302. I like you on facebook and shared

  303. I follow you on instagram @katladyu18

  304. I have started my Christmas shopping a little.

  305. I repinned your make ahead mashed potatoes.

  306. I’m a Facebook fan.

  307. I’m an email subscriber.

  308. I have not started any shopping.

  309. I have started my Christmas shopping. The big items are purchased.

  310. I started my Christmas shopping with your post about the Thanksgiving Hurricanes from Dayspring. They were my first purchases for gifts! I bought 5. One was for me, the rest are gifts. Thank you!

  311. karen medlin says:

    I have a few gifts tucked away,been a bit busy with babysitting little ones, so the adults can get on to cleaning up after the tornado, and don’t want the peekers to see what I picked up.

  312. karen medlin says:

    Pinterest follower and pinned-

  313. karen medlin says:

    new follower on facebook as Gumma Medlin and shared-

  314. karen medlin says:

    new email subscriber

  315. SYMONE MARTIN says:

    I have not…I will be shopping online

  316. Tara Liebing says:

    I have started shopping already.

  317. Tara Liebing says:

    I follow you on pinterest

  318. Tara Liebing says:

    I follow you on facebook

  319. Tara Liebing says:

    I am an email subscriber

  320. I’ve done a small fraction of my shopping. I also have a couple of items I know I’m going to get and the rest is still winging-it.

  321. I like the Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s Facebook Fan page

  322. We are trying to go easy on the gift this year, so I haven’t bought much yet. But I will get going sooon, if I could just figure out GREAT gifts to get my kids without spending a lot of money

  323. Facebook

  324. pinerest

  325. I have started but am far from finished!

  326. Yes I have started

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  327. email subscriber

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  328. like on facebook: michelle b

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  329. instagram follower:

  330. Michelle Young says:

    I have bought a few items for Christmas already!

  331. Michelle Young says:

    I followed you on pinterest

  332. Michelle Young says:

    I get your emails.

  333. Michelle Young says:

    I have friended you on FB.